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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Missy Hyatt Speaks On Incident With Bischoff, WWE, Divas, Drugs & More

Courtesy of Andy Steven:


Interview With: Missy Hyatt
Interview By: Andy Steven of www.PWMania.com
Date: January 16, 2008

Professional wrestler and valet, Missy Hyatt, who gained the majority of her fame while working for WCW and ECW as well as briefly worked for the WWE, recently took some time out of her scheduled to speak with www.PWMania.com. She speaks on several topics from her days in WCW including the incident which got her fired, her time in WWE and ECW, drugs in wrestling, today’s wrestling divas and much more. Below is the complete interview:

Andy Steven: Hello Missy Hyatt, I would like to thank you very much for taking this time to take part in an interview for www.PWMania.com, what have you been up to recently?

Missy Hyatt: I am back in college, I moved back to NY and just launched a new website missyhyatt247.com, where you can watch a webcam in my house pretty much all day. I have also been painting again and am looking at selling some of my art too.

Andy Steven: How did you break into the wrestling business?

Missy Hyatt: I was dating Hollywood John Tatum, we moved to Dallas when he got a job at World Class. David Manning, one of the bosses, asked if I wanted to be a valet since Sunshine was a babyface she had no one to fued with.

Andy Steven: You had a brief spell at WWE at the start of career, what are you memories from working with the company and Vince McMahon?

Missy Hyatt: I was not there that long but I do remember how even back then, the attitude was very professional. It was obvious that it was “the big leagues.”

Andy Steven: You also worked for WCW and ECW, what are you memories from working with them and how different were the backstage atmospheres between the three companies?

Missy Hyatt: I have 5 years of memories from WCW but I would say the main difference was all the guys starting out in ECW had such dreams and everyone in the dressing room had so much pride in the fact that they were ECW talent. In WCW, we were always compared to WWF and perceived to be not as good as WWF. I liked the TBS/WCW thing, I thought we ruled.

Andy Steven: During your time at WCW, you jumped off the ring apron and your breast popped out of your top, reports suggest that the next day a blown up photo of it was on the wall of WCW offices, when you requested to take it down, Eric Bischoff refused and later ended up releasing you. You later took sexual harassment legal action against WCW, can you clear this story up?

Missy Hyatt: What actually happened was that I had to stop the 3 count because Jerry Sags of the Nasty Boys got hurt again. (I was not supposed to be in the finish) I jumped on Stings back. The top of my breast showed and this buttface photographer took a picture and it was blown up and put up in the office of all places. When I saw it I took it down. I asked Bischoff to get the negative and any copies and give them to me...he told me to F-off. I waited and when he did nothing, I went over his head. That really pissed him off and I ended up getting let go from WCW.

Andy Steven: In 2001 you started a website called Wrestling Vixxxens as a paysite, you later went on to open your own paysite also featuring other girls. Who came up with the idea and what went wrong with the first site you opened ‘Wrestling Vixxxens’?

Missy Hyatt: I had the idea for Vixxxens for over 5 years before it was done since naked babes is the way to make money on the internet. Back then I did not know how to start a business, I am more creatively inclined. This mark named Sal emailed me through my missyhyatt site said he could help do some of my school work (and he did). I told him of my idea and he was like “I can do all the business part.” I got the start-up money from an investor and called in favors from friends. My nephew built the site with everyone getting paid after it started. This person ended up stealing almost a million bucks from Tammy and me. The Tampa ADA explained how he did it after I showed her the books. He is a thief and a liar; he had been arrested 2 or more times for stealing, I was shown the arrest warrants. I had no idea he was a con man. He got caught cheating and selling tests at Steton Law School his last semester and even if he took the bar he can't pass the ethics in Florida to become a lawyer. He would trash Tammy to me and vice versa and destroyed our friendship.

Andy Steven: During your wrestling career, was there ever a moment when there was drug use involved and you were aware of it?

Missy Hyatt: No the only drug use was mine but I have not had a drink or anything in 4+ years now and I am glad since I feel like I lost a few years.

Andy Steven: What is your opinion on the current WWE Divas and how much do you think the wrestling business has changed since the 80’s?

Missy Hyatt: They are young and beautiful. Some of them are great (I was and am a big fan of Trish Stratus) and some of them are interchangeable. Honey there is not enough space to explain the differences between the 80's/90's and today. I don't want to sound like a “Old-timer" but it sure has changed.

Andy Steven: If you could go on a date with any wrestler, past or present, who would it be and why?

Missy Hyatt: The sexiest guy in the WORLD to me and the only one who I would mix my DNA with is Dwayne Johnson. The Rock! Now he is hot.

Andy Steven: What is your opinion on the internet wrestling media?

Missy Hyatt: Some are good and some are just so totally off base, I don’t know where they get their information.

Andy Steven: Do you have any funny road trip stories you can share with us?

Missy Hyatt: In the UWF riding with One Man Gang talking about ghosts and aliens eating homemade sandwiches! Then seeing Grizzly Smith driving at night with the dome light on the whole time and by himself. Lol FUN

Andy Steven: I would like to thank you very much once again for taking this time to take part in this interview for www.PWMania.com, I wish you the best of luck in the future and do you have any messages to say to your fans and what is next for Missy Hyatt?

Missy Hyatt: Thank you! I want to finish my Masters and start my own non-profit rescue group for Jack Russells and other dogs and also a summer camp for pre-teens with disablities. Don't forget missyhyatt.net & missyhyatt247.com!