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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

World Fight League - A New Professional Sports League Has Been Founded

For the first time in history a true league has been created for the sport of mixed martial arts LAS VEGAS, Oct. 13, 2021 - The World Fight League (WFL) is the world's first and only true mixed martial arts (MMA) league. The WFL's mission is to evolve and elevate the sport of MMA. This league's structure is directly based off of the NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB/FIFA/F1 model, wherein independent franchise owners have a limited roster of athletes that compete in an unbiased not-for-profit league against opposing teams in a traditional league format leading to a Championship. A growing number of influential entities within the sports industry are assembling to build this new and super-necessary league. Implementation of the historically proven league format will ultimately lead to solving many of the problems maligning the MMA industry today. The current single entity for-profit promotion format has a long list of fundamental flaws. The leading promoters are paying athletes less than 20% revenue while holding the rights to hundreds of sub-contracted athletes for multiple years. This inevitably leads to the unwarranted control of said athletes' careers and lifetime earning potential. The "Ali Act" was enacted in May 2000 to protect the rights and welfare of boxers, unfortunately this act does not cover MMA athletes. To date, MMA athletes have been unsuccessful in creating an athlete union, which has led to these athletes suffering, unlike their counterparts who compete in leagues that provide the WFL's aforementioned structure. Currently all WFL members are encouraging the future athletes to form a union. All league-approved members have agreed to offer a 50/50 Revenue Share, Guaranteed Contracts, Health Insurance, Career Ending Insurance, League Minimum Contracts and a Pension Plan in their initial collective bargaining proposal. The sport of MMA boasts over 600 million fans ranking as the third largest in the world. The foundation of sports fandom is built on civic, regional, and national pride; and the WFL platform will finally deliver this familiar concept to MMA fans. Ultimately, the WFL will consist of four Conferences (North America, South America, Europe/Africa, Asia/Oceania). Each conference will consist of a minimum of eight franchises, and never to exceed 24 franchises per conference. Each conference will annually compete simultaneously in their Regular Season and Conference Playoffs, which lead to the World Semi-Finals then a true World Championship Finals. At the time of this release, six league franchise members have been approved. Groups/Individuals seeking league membership to own and operate a franchise in the WFL may submit proposals to commissioner@mmawfl.com. SOURCE: World Fight League