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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Review Of Vince Russo's Attitude With Terri Runnels

Bro “the man” is back with another edition of his Kayfabe Commentaries series where he spews about how great he was as the sole writer of the Attitude Era in World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment. It is Vince Russo and his Attitude talking with the former Marlena AKA Terri Runnels who managed her now ex-husband Goldust AKA Dustin Runnels in the promotion. Since the first release in the series with Ken Shamrock, Russo has been fired by his podcasting network for being a douchebag, been featured on Something Else to Wrestle with former KC.com guest Bruce Prichard on WWE Network and I re-read both of his books, most likely sold on his website and Amazon. So this is interesting to watch indeed especially when Runnels brings out her dog Mozart.

Surprisingly Russo admits Vince McMahon had the idea for Goldust but nothing more than a “Hollywood Golden Era” persona. McMahon also had the idea for Marlena but didn’t have someone to play it. Runnels shares how she created the overall look including fighting with cigar/cigarette phobic McMahon about taking one to ringside. They bring up how Marlena was involved in the debut of Chyna in WWE, an unannounced visit to the Academy Awards, being on the road with Dustin and Dakota (their daughter), issues from WWE TV sponsors in reaction to the slight homophobic tendencies of the character plus issues with Sable (Rena Mero/Lesnar) and Sunny (Tammy Sytch). She also discusses Dustin’s battle with substance abuse (thankfully he has somewhat conquered them), working with Ultimate Warrior, Roddy Piper (Goldust’ WrestleMania 12 opponent), Val Venis, the PMS angle with Jacqueline and the late Brian Pillman (who dated Terri before she married Dustin). Runnels does give great detail into her relationship with Pillman and the angle where she was under his control.

Only because of my loyalty to the Kayfabe Commentaries product and Sean Oliver did I review this DVD. This is a car crash from the moment you push play. There is hardly any format kept to by Russo especially when we are subjected to a story of Runnels getting a piercing in a place I really didn’t want to know about. Some of this was brand new to me because during the Attitude Era I watched more of WCW than WWE.

The www.KayfabeCommentaries.com site lists upcoming releases as YouShoot with “Wildfire” Tommy Rich May 29) and Supercard with “Hacksaw” Butch Reed (June.) There will also be YouShoot episodes with Justin Credible and Mikey Whipwreck released in the summer. For information on Alan Wojcik’s wrestling coverage, check out
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SOURCE: Alan Wojcik

Monday, May 21, 2018


Las Vegas, NV -- May 21, 2018. Las Vegas, NV - LFA CEO Ed Soares announced today that the promotion has joined the London Trust Media Holdings group of companies. London Trust Media Holding is a diversified corporation with a primary focus on the Internet, entertainment and media industries.

London Trust Media acquired a majority ownership stake in LFA which is expected to stimulate the growth of LFA through revitalized branding and an expanded reach across all Internet and social platforms. Additionally, the LFA team will gain access to a diverse network of LTM owned companies building an international presence for a stronger position in the market place.

"This is a great day for LFA and MMA," said Ed Soares, CEO of LFA. "We now host thirty MMA events across the United States which makes LFA the fastest growing MMA promotion in the world. Our strategic partnership with London Trust Media ensures that LFA will continue to grow as we develop the top prospects in the sport." Soares noted that when the RFA and Legacy FC 2016 merger formed in 2016-2017, they became the premier developmental organization in MMA. Since then, RFA and Legacy FC have launched the careers of over 130 athletes that have reached the pinnacle of MMA by competing in the UFC.

"London Trust Media has high hopes for the MMA industry and LFA specifically. We anticipate tremendous growth in viewers, sponsors and attracting new generations of athletes and fans through our strategic alliance." stated Ted Kim, CEO of London Trust Media.

LFA will continue to produce as many as 30 live MMA events per year in multiple markets across the USA, all broadcast live on AXS TV. The new partnership with London Trust Media will allow LFA to expand its footprint by creating special interest content focused on its many athletes and their lifestyles and history.

The LFA leadership will continue with Ed Soares as CEO and Sven Bean, former LFA COO, has been named as President. Mark Bieri, a founding partner in the organization, will assume the role of Vice President of Talent Relations.

"I cannot be more pleased and excited with this new partnership," stated Bean, "When we originally formed the LFA our single most important goal was to create the premier developmental organization in the sport of MMA. We were able to do that in less than a year. Now with the expertise, experience and assets through London Trust Media, our growth as a brand will be unstoppable!"

Please visit LFAfighting.com for bout updates and information. LFA is on Facebook at Legacy Fighting Alliance. LFA is also on Instagram at @LFAfighting and Twitter at @LFAfighting.

About LFA:

LFA is a professional Mixed Martial Arts promotion that gives rising stars and top contenders the opportunity to prove their talent to fans and leaders in the industry. LFA was formed by the powerhouse merger between RFA and Legacy FC. LFA presents live Mixed Martial Arts events on a monthly basis around the United States including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, and Houston. LFA can be seen live in over 53 million homes nationally through its television deal with AXS TV. Based in Houston, TX, LFA is one of the most active and respected MMA organizations in the fastest growing sport in the world. (The Octagon, Ultimate Fighting Championship®, UFC®, and the eight-sided competition mat and cage design are registered trademarks owned exclusively by Zuffa, LLC. All rights reserved).

About London Trust Media:

London Trust Media is a diversified business focused on the Internet and media industries - bringing the Internet back to its original state and bringing power back to the people. London Trust Media runs the leading no-log VPN service provider in the world Private Internet Access (PIA) as well as Kore Asian Media, Linux Journal, freenode, Snoonet, JOG, BlockExplorer, and Provocateur. Please visit their website at www.londontrustmedia.com for more information.