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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All-Star Championship Wrestling Results – Carrollton, GA

Courtesy of Georgia Wrestling History:

All-Star Championship Wrestling results from Carrollton, GA, on July 17: the Nightmare over Seth Cruise; Brad Thomas over Frankie Valentine; Arsenal over Pretty Boy Floyd; Doug Somers over Kenneth Timbs; Frankie Valentine over Billy Knight; Chic Donovan over Seth Cruise; Kenneth Timbs over Pretty Boy Floyd; Brad Armstrong & Brad Thomas over Chick Donovan & the Nightmare; Tommy Rich over the Masked Superstar in a falls count anywhere match to win the All-Star Southern Heavyweight Title (Superstar had been billed as champion in their debut card in May); Brad Thomas over Arsenal (in a match where Thomas would have to leave had he lost, and since Arsenal lost, he had to unmask); and Ricky Morton over Bobby Eaton.

Charlie Smith, Spanky Emerson, and Rob Russo were credited as being referees on this card. Bill Dromo was in attendance and got a mention and a huge ovation, as did Ole Anderson, who sat in and did announcing duties with Bobby Simmons and promoter Rock Parsons. It was mentioned that these matches, in addition to the ones from the May event, were being taped for television. A return match between Morton and Eaton was promised. There were at least 650 people in the venue, with other estimations as high as over 700.