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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

!BANG! TV Report - Support The Troops 18, "Fight For Freedom "Webbies" Now Up

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

!BANG! TV cameras take you behind the scenes at the Funking Conservatory in Reality Format for an In Depth look at the Funking Conservatory athletes in preparation for the next !BANG! TV Taping coming Sunday July 29th.

Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell - Slapped in the Face
Flyin' Ryan "Air Mitchell is training under the watchful eye of Sandii Skye for Sunday July 29th Support the Troops 18, Fight for Freedom where Air Mitchell with Sandii Skye will have two matches and the opportunity to become a Triple Crown Champion. Air Mitchell and Sandii Skye are rudely interrupted by the garbage mouthed Blain Rage and what follows is "Despicable."

Elvis Sharp is Goin' to a Party

Elvis Sharp has his guitar in hand and is wooing the Pop Tarts with promises of a trip to the Bahamas on his Lisa Marie (Elvis' Private Jet). Elvis promises the Pop Tarts champagne, money, gambling and the opportunity to meet John Travolta at the air strip. Just as Elvis starts to strum a tune, Elvis' Opponent for Support the Troops 18, Fight for Freedom, Cory Squires walks on the scene and garners the attention of the Pop Tarts with his cool country talk. Elvis's strumming of the guitar turns to jealousy of the popular Cory Squires and then-------.

Mario Benedetti, Straight Talk from The Claw, Deception by "Air" Mitchell and Sandii Skye

Young and brash newcomer to the Funking Conservatory, Mario Benedetti complains to The Claw, Claudia Reiff about unnecessary roughness on the part of Blain Rage in a training match at the Funking Conservatory. After being informed by The Claw that this is a rough game, Young Benedetti offers up some gossip about Blain Rage and the Pop Tarts. The Claw introduces Mario to Veterans Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell and his beautiful valet Sandii Skye who feign friendship with the young Englishman.

Shane Chung Snaps

Shane Chung complains to Miss Vicki about lack of support in his match on !BANG! TV in which Shane lost his Florida Championship to Blain Rage. When Miss Vicki shows Shane Chung Her championship belt Shane "snaps" and goes into a temper tantrum not seen since the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin followed by some special comments for "Air" Mitchell.

Blain Rage - "Shocking Behavior"

In the latest !BANG! TV Webbie, Blain Rage stiffens up on a young trainee (Mario Benedetti of the UK) in a training match officiated by The Claw. Blain Rage then faces the wrath of Dory Funk Jr. and is sent to the dressing room for picking on someone with less experience. An inconsiderate Blain Rage has some insulting words for The Pop Tart's Lady Kimberly then asks something about a sandwich. Lady Kimberly tells Blain Rage in no uncertain terms just where He can stick the sandwich. Unbelievably, Blain finds his way to Dory Funk Jr.'s dressing area where he places a porno 900 call on Coach Funk's cell phone to the tune of $5.00 plus a minute. Blain's phone call is interrupted by newcomer Cory Squires who has some admiration for Blain's wrestling skills. They make friends and as a token of their friendship, Blain Rage gives Cory Squires a present to confirm their friendship, Coach Funk's cowboy had and $2,500.00 Lucchese Classic Alligator cowboy boots. As coach Funk enters the scene he is met by an apologetic Blain Rage then Coach Funk sees Cory Squires wearing his cowboy hat and cowboy boots.

You can see all of the above "Webbies" and check out Coach Funk's reaction now on !BANG! TV at www.dory-funk.com. If you would like to train at the Funking Conservatory and appear on !BANG! TV Call 352-895-4658