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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

High-Profile Doctor Agrees To Name Names In Steroid Investigation

When it comes to this case, I'm not as "in-the-know" as I should be, but yesterday morning, Dr. Claire Godfrey pleaded guilty to charges of basically writing illegal prescriptions.

Surprise, surprise, Godfrey's believed to have written close to one-and-a-half-million-dollars worth of scripts for steroids to, among others, two of WWE's (unnamed, although neither of them were Chris Benoit) wrestlers.

As part of Godfrey's plea bargain, she will fully cooperate with David Soares (Albany's DA, who's presently working on a related investigation), thus avoiding any jail time (which could've seen her face up to twenty-five-years in prison).

WWE's Gary Davis was quoted in today's edition of the New York Times, saying, "We applaud the efforts of government officials to shut down the illegal use of steroids and those doctors who illegally prescribe them" (which is only slightly better than saying, "Who cares?").