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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tonight's Episode Of 'ECW On Sci Fi' Is In The Books

The lowdown from Fresno's Save Mart Center at Fresno State:

- John Morrison had Justin Roberts read an elaborate intro, which extolled Morrison's virtues. Hell, those virtues are still on RAW. Morrison went on to brag about defeating CM Punk (not much of a feat, really) and retain the ECW title. According to Morrison, Punk will never again get a shot at his belt. Even though he's already wrestling on the show, Morrison, as a way of moving on, issued an open challenge, saying if someone could beat him, or even last fifteen-minutes in the ring with him, he'd give them a shot at his title. Morrison claimed to be intimidated by a local (no name given), who was very tiny, but still looked like he could take Punk. Punk ... I mean, the guy, only lasted about thirty-seconds. This segment, 'Fifteen-Minutes of Fame,' reminded me of that shit Kurt Angle used to do, except Angle had charisma, so his segments were fun to watch.

- (What's left of) Stevie Richards defeated (speaking of guys who've recently been separated from their charisma) Kevin Thorn, confirming my belief that Stevie-lyte is still better than many of those the company chooses to push. Thorn went for what looked to be a version of the 'Razor's Edge,' (I think, as Mordecai, he used that as a finisher), but Richards slid out, caught Thorn with a backslide, and scored the pin.

- After rambling about being something and inviting Extreme Exposé to sit at ringside, The Miz defeated Nunzio. Miz' new, potent finisher involves a running-kneelift/swinging-neckbreaker combo. As a victory surprise, Miz "danced" with EE. Why, oh, why?

- We saw Big-Daddy-V and Matt Striker on their way to the ring. Feel free to fill in your own joke.

- Handicap match: While Striker joined Joey Styles and Tazz, BDV went on to fustigate Jimmy Cruz & Victor Calmiho (or something along those lines). Because BDV wasn't wearing a shirt, I tried not to look directly at him, so I have no idea exactly how he beat them.

- Tommy Dreamer's bald spot & Punk defeated Elijah Burke & Morrison. Morrison spent the majority of time trying to avoid Punk. In the end, Punk nailed Burke with the 'GTS,' then scored the pin. Burke's great, and all four of these guys have shown they can work, but this just didn't click for me (with the exception for the minute or two after Punk's hot tag). If anything, Burke's personality was being sucked out of him, as if the main event was being held in a vacuum.

I found myself doing a lot of clock watching. Geesh, they could've at least humiliated Striker for me, so I'd have had something to enjoy.