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Thursday, July 26, 2007

TUF Alumnus Set For Surgery

Best of luck to Rory Singer (of 'The Ultimate Fighter's' third season), who's literally just about to have arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder.

For about four-and-a-half-months, Singer (recently told he'd have to work his way back up to fighting for the UFC) has been suffering from impingement syndrome.

Since I know nothing about nothing, let Singer's own words (courtesy of his MySpace page, meaning any typographical errors are not my fault) describe what that means: "My rotator, labrum, and biceps tendon are all fine. What I have amounts to a bone spur on my clavicle (near the AC joint) which catches the humoral head when it rotates into certain positions. Which as of late feels like any position. Basically it causes me extreme amounts of pain. It severly limits my ability to lift and leaves me in much pain after every training session. It absolutely sucks. The doctor said that he will have to file down the bone and clean up a little. My recovery should be about 2-4 weeks before I can get back into training again. I need to have this done. Although nothing major is damaged it was explained that in time an impingement like this can lead to something rupturing. I was also told that I should notice immediately the benefits of this surgery. I will look to fight again in late October, early November if my healing allows me. I will be going under general anesthesia in a few hours. That will be a first for me. I had my right shoulder done in 1995 and I had a local block. One of my good freinds and training partners is actually a CRNA and will be doing the procedure. I feel confident I am in good hands."