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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Undercard Of EliteXC's 'ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series' Is In The Books

The lowdown from Santa Ynez, California's (said-to-be-sold-out, though I doubt it) Chumash Casino (as seen on proelite.com):

- This time, the hosts were some guy and $kala. They also said a lot of shit, but I tuned out most of it.

- In what was, for me, the most-anticipated fight on the card, Shayna "Mac-O" Baszler defeated (submission, 2:40, 1st) Jan Finney "Cent." They were only given three-minute rounds, but that never played a role, since Baszler was able to secure a takedown and armbar, which caused Finney to tap. Please feed Gina Carano to Baszler.

- It was announced, that on Saturday, August 25, the next edition of 'ShoXC' would feature the long-anticipated rematch between Charles Bennett vs. Victor Valenzuela. Seems as if I've heard that before. Anyway, this airs on Showtime at 11 PM ET, which is way too fucking late, so one of the Combat Hooligans http://www.combat-hooligans.com/ may have to handle the recap. This might just be me, but shouldn't this have been mentioned on Showtime?

- Josh "Vince" Neal defeated (KO, 2:56, 1st) Eric "Vinnie" Biondo. Neal survived a close call in the first, and even reversed position on the grappler, although he also grabbed the fence (which Cecil Peoples entirely missed) to avoid a takedown. A standing Neal began raining down punches on the fallen Biondo, prompting Peoples to stop it.

- Anthony Ruiz defeated (TKO, 5:00, 1st) Jason Geris. These two are actually friends and have even trained together. Geris was winning, but about three-fourths of the way in, something was noticeably wrong and he just managed to hang on until the end. Just before the second, the doctor stopped the fight, because of a knee injury to Geris.

- Anthony Rubalcava defeated (TKO, 4:19, 1st) Drew Montgomery "Burns." I know, I know, but that's better than his real nickname of "Scobby-Drew." Impressive MMA debut for Rubalcava! Takedown, ground and pound, finish. Montgomery had some good defense on the ground, but he eventually succumbed to Rubalcava's strikes from the top, so the ref had to step in. Three-in-a-row for Team Voodoo. Rubalcava didn't say much in his post-fight interview, but look for more from this kid.

- Brian Cobb defeated (submission, 4:09, 1st) John Reedy. This time, Team Voodoo wasn't so lucky. I figured Reedy could avenge his earlier losses to Cobb, but shows you what I know. Cobb, apparently a world-class wrestler, used that edge to control Reedy and secure a (third) win by rear-naked choke. As with Rubalcava (the only other fighter on this portion to have a post-fight interview), Cobb didn't say much, but is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Not sure if it was just being wide awake, but much easier for me to watch than the televised portion.