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Monday, August 13, 2007

Attorney For Chris Benoit's Doctor Questions Legality Of Evidence Search

Earlier today, Manny Arora, attorney for Dr. Phil Astin, asked for evidence to be thrown out of his client's impending trial on charges of unlawfully prescribing drugs to three patients.

According to Aurora, evidence seized at Astin's offices on June 27, "was done without probable cause," and “grossly exceeded the scope of evidence sought and authorized to be seized” (because much of that evidence had nothing to do with Chris Benoit's case).

Federal charges, which would supersede the ones presently hanging over Astin's head, are still being planned, which, should that occur, are believed to involve roughly the same charges (just in greater numbers).

Sadly, Aurora had to address whether or not any new charges would involve blame in the killing of Benoit and his family, as if anything Astin prescribed shaped Benoit more than genetics and/or society, which is ridiculous. I'm not making light of what's happened (or, for that matter, the problems plaguing pro wrestling), but where do we draw the line?

In the meantime, Astin is free on bond, but needs permission to leave his to his home, until, at least, his pretrial conference, which is set for September 18.