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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Funking Conservatory Press Release - More On Congressman Cliff Stearns

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

Congressman Cliff Stearns will be a guest at the Funking Conservatory, Friday Morning. Word from Congressman Stearns' District Director, John Konkus, "We would like to see the fun back in professional wrestling."

Congressman Stearns has spoken about the fact that Millions of young wrestling fans look up to professional wrestlers as role models.

At the Funking Conservatory we have a safety program and a zero tolarance policy at the work place.

Our next !BANG! TV Taping, Support the Troops 19, “Hard Labor” comes to the Funking Conservatory Sunday September 2nd. Funking Conservatory World Champion, Johnny Magnum will defend against the challenge of the U.S. Navy’s Shane Chung. In a Women’s Three Way Championship, the current Champion, Vickii Von will defend against Claudia “The Claw” Reiff and Lady Kimberly. Also on the card, Blain Rage, Cowboy Cory Squires, Flyin’ Ryan “Air” Mitchell with Sandii Skye, Elvis Sharp, and more.

For ticket purchase information and training schedules, go to www.dory-funk.com or call - 352-895-4658.