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Friday, August 10, 2007

Funk's Corner - The Largest Sports Memorabilia Convention On Long Island Ever

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

Friday and Saturday August 24th and 25th, Turnbuckle Promotions memorabilia Convention will have special meaning for many reasons. Just like the wrestling fans, Marti and I will have the opportunity to speak with friends who have been special in our life that we haven't seen in years.

It could also be the last opportunity to appear at a wrestling event with my brother Terry Funk. It will bring back many memories.

When Terry broke into the business, I had already been wrestling two years. As I watched Terry wrestle his first match with Sputnik Monroe at the Amarillo Sports Arena, I knew my little brother had what it takes.

In the early days we teamed together in the Amarillo Territory often. Even though we were individuals and had different styles and separate careers in the wrestling business. I always knew Terry was at my side and when necessary, had my back covered.

Our days in Japan as the premier American Tag Team and our feuds with Abdullah the Butcher and The Sheik were memories I could never forget. As a team in Japan, we were the only three time All Japan Pro-Wrestling World League Wrestling Champions.

Here in America we had separate careers but at times there was a team so dominating that wrestling fans demanded they face the "Funk Brothers." Teams like the Brisco Brothers, Sheik and Abdullah the Butcher and maybe the most dominating team in wrestling, The Road Warriors.

Turnbuckle Promotion's Largest Wrestling and Sports Memorabilia Convention on Long Island will be special as once again I will be making a public appearance with the man who never ceases to surprise and entertain me in professional wrestling, Terry Funk.

For more information on Turnbuckle Promotion's Largest Wrestling and Sports Memorabilia Convention visit their website at www.turnbucklepromotions.com/.

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