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Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Hat Thrown Into Pay-Per-View Ring

I only mention this because I think it will be made into a bigger deal than it really is, but, on Friday, October 12 (10 PM ET), Xtreme Entertainment (most famous for their "Backyard Wrestling" series) and iN DEMAND will be offering a one-hour version of XE's 'Road To Glory' releasee (issued on DVD in 2005), which features footage from Rick Bassman's UPW.

If you're interested (and you're probably the only one), here's a description of said program:

"Professional Wrestling's Hottest Stars - before they were stars! Now like you've never seen them before!!! For over 15 years, Rick Bassman's Ultimate University & Ultimate Pro Wrestling (TM) has shaped the careers of the world's elite pro wrestlers beginning with Sting and The Warrior and carrying through to today's superstars!!! Now, for the first time go inside this secret training camp and witness what they were like before they were famous -- and experience why their incredible talent, heart and determination landed them on the "ROAD TO GLORY"!!! This action packed event features the biggest, best and most brutal of them all, including: John Cena, The Road Warriors, Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Tommy Dreamer, DDP, Ken Shamrock, plus many more!!! Special "ROAD TO GLORY" bonus footage includes an eye-popping 22-Man Battle Royal! You won't believe your eyes!!"