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Monday, August 6, 2007

Programming Alert: Matt Anoai On 'Fat March'

Today's edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer chronicles the former Rosey's appearance on ABC's latest (tasteful) reality program, 'Fat March' (which was filmed from April-June, and premieres tonight at 9 PM ET, meaning it's direct competition for the first hour of RAW), which will see twelve contestants attempt to walk five-hundred-seventy-miles (over the course of the series, should it somehow manage to last an entire season) and win their share of one-point-two-million-dollars.

Anoai's angle is that he was fired from WWE for being too heavy (although a WWE publicist denies that charge), and he talks about his hope for an eventual return, or a move into acting.

The rest of the article focuses on unimportant stuff, like Anoai's personal life, but should care to read about that, feel free.