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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spoilers For This Weekend's Edition Of 'Saturday Night's Main Event'

Taped (for August 18) while last night's episode of 'RAW' aired:

- With Jerry Lawler still selling the Booker T attack, Jim Ross, Michael Cole and JBL served as announcers.

- Batista & Kane defeated The Great Khali & Finlay. Shock of shocks, Finlay did the job.

- Non-title: John Cena defeated Carlito. After the bout, Randy Orton made my proud by kicking Cena's ass!

- Boxing match: Matt Hardy defeated Evander Holyfield (subbing for the "still-ill" MVP) - DQ. Holyfield was dominating, but not being aggressive enough, so MVP stepped into the ring, prompting the decision. Holyfield then turned on and KO'ed MVP. They actually brought in Michael Buffer for this.

- CM Punk & The Boogeyman defeated John Morrison & Big-Daddy-V.

- As part of the "this person could be Vince's kid" deal, Steve Austin decided to stop by and low-blow Mr. McMahon, then hit Jonathan Coachman with a 'Stunner.'

Sounds like something I should ask one of the Combat Hooligans to cover for me.