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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Story Lines, To Real Life. Is Wrestling Over Now?

Courtesy of Wacko Bob:

In the months since Wrestlemania 23 we have seen a major fall in wrestling. From the drop in ratings, to the list of injuries, to the deaths to do drugs alot, and media exposer of it all. You wonder if wrestling could be running on life support in the next year when you see some of the things going on on all the shows on TV and to what you read and hear about in the news as well. And with the success with MMA is wrestlings time rapidly running out.

When we were nearing the end of 2006 and going into 2007. It was thought that wrestling would make an impact once again as the future was looking promising then anything else. Going into Wrestlemania 23 interest looked like it could be up everywhere in wrestling. But with everything selling on Donald Trump and Vince McMahon and nothing else really stealing the show there it really was the start of the down fall in wrestling once again. And with TNA not doing anything themselves to shake things up during that time TNA also missed the boat on this as well too. The fact to the matter is that creative for both TNA and WWE has not dazzled th fans like they think they can and want to with only what they think is good story telling now. From a Draft Lottery that was also over shadowed by Vince McMahon and an angle involving his death that was put into a story line. On top of that he had it done in a fashion that you would hear about on the news all the time in The Middle East. Most of all this angle did not work as no one in the news recognized his death a being real at all. It was looked down upon and listed as just plan stupid.

When news broke out about Chris Benoit killing himself after murdering of his Wife Nancy and there Child. And it looked as if Chris Benoit did it all and killed himself. Vince McMahon immediately dropped the story line about his death. Because of the media attention that was gonna come out of all of this now. And the issue of Roid Rage became an issue once again in wrestling. With Fox, MSNBC and CNN coming out with all the reports and reviews on it wrestling suffered yet another black eye. With Vince McMahon refusing to go on with anymore special tributes to Benoit to ultimately hope it will all go away. Well a year and a half earlier after Eddie's death there was also a wellness program put in place by Vince McMahon. And this was done by Vince McMahon so that he would not go through what he's going through now with WWE now having Congress on his back now. Should Congress been looking into this after Eddie's death? Probably! But should Vince McMahon and the WWE be singled out? If so! Why? Because he's also the one who's the most to police drug out in wrestling too! And drugs and steroids are used rite across the board in sports. But its killing the wrestlers more then it is football players and baseball players. And TNA, ROH and Indy Promoters need to be looked at as well too. Because Its not just wrestlers in WWE dying. The last point here is that the list of wrestlers dead now are into the sixties. But a lot of those deaths are not wrestling related deaths with these wrestlers that have passed away too and not all of them can be pinned on Vince McMahon as well. But the media is gonna look at wrestling for all the causes of death. And Vince McMahon will be the target as well.

But has that stopped Vince McMahon from letting his writers write bad story lines? The answer we all know is what we all know it to be. Because from his Vince being murdered story line. Its now a Vince McMahon with a bastard child now. And this person who's is his son or daughter is a wwe superstar. Another story line that just does not make people want to watch wrestling once again with Vince McMahon at the center of attention once again. And in TNA we saw something just as pathetic in Kurt Angle and his wife doing a story line that had him defacing her and Samoa Joe taking her side. Only to have her turn on him just to fool him into helping Kurt Angle holding all the titles in TNA. Another bad storyline buy TNA making them just as bad as the WWE. And TNA's rating has only stayed the same with a low 1.1 average rating even with named talent showing up there. And if you look at the drop in ratings for RAW, Smackdown, ECW and TNA too. You gotta wonder if wrestling will be around in another 5 years.

When you look at wrestling now with everything going on now and you see the interest in fans going down as well. And you see The UFC and MMA getting more and more attention has wrestling and Boxing too been replaced now. Well it has been said on my show The Dark Match "more people seem to care about Tito Ortiz in UFC then they care for John Cena in wrestling and Oscar De La Hoya in boxing' And speaking for wrestling its not looking like its gonna get any better any time soon for wrestling. Unless lives can be saved and logic is brought back into wrestling. And when you see whats going on with WWE with Summerslam coming up and the interest not being there now too. It looks more like wrestling is gonna fall more now then it did after wrestlemania 23. Theres not enough positive in wrestling rite now and wrestlings future has gone from promising, back to status quo after wrestlemania, to Cloudy now.

Will wrestling ever recover from all this?