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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

UFC Fighter Alessio Sakara Has No Beef With Houston Alexander

Courtesy of Fight Management Group, LLC:

Miami, FL, August 01, 2007 -- UFC Fighter, Alessio Sakara, understands that no matter how prepared you are for battle, it all comes down to physical conditioning. That is why, in preparation for his fight against newcomer Houston Alexander at UFC 75, Sakara is going to incorporate American Bison into his training.

Sounds like a scene from Rocky.

Sources close to Sakara suggest that Sakara has signed a sponsorship deal with Gold Ribbon Valley (www.goldribbonvalley.com), a food manufacturing company, specializing in Bison “Buffalo” products.

Because of the incredible health attributes of Bison, his fight management team and trainers feel that a proper Bison Diet, “as opposed to beef”, will give Sakara an additional edge in his overall stamina and conditioning for future fights. Sakara is extremely excited about this opportunity, and feels his “relationship with Gold Ribbon Valley is another perfect piece to his fight team puzzle.”

A representative of the Fight Management Group states, “That on September 8 the mixed martial arts world will be introduced to a new and improved Alessio Sakara, who is on his way to dominating the 205 weight class.” That may not be good news for his opponents.

If all continues to go as planned, Alessio Sakara fans may just be celebrating with him, in the Octagon, over a delicious Gold Ribbon Valley Bison Tenderloin and a nice glass of wine.

For More Information, please contact Joe Spiriti of Fight Management Group, LLC, at 305-899-5115; jspiriti@fightmanagementgroup.com; www.fightmanagementgroup.com.

Note from Ric: I really wish Casey, Art, or Euan were with me, so they could help me come up with a better way of describing this as one of the strangest things I've ever posted.