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Sunday, September 23, 2007

LPW Report By Oliver Newman

Leicester Pro Wrestling
Date: Friday 21st September 2007
Time: 8:00pm
Attendance: 50
Price: Adults £5, Kids £3
Location: Minworth Social Club, Robinson‘s Way, Sutton Coldfield.

AJ Kid Irish is your host for this evening

John Bull vs. Gangsta

The Firm enters (Jay Icon/LGT/The Bouncer/The Boss), The Boss takes the microphone “As a result of not beating Jay Icon (Fans chant “Gay Icon”) here is the newest member of the firm corporate John Bull”. AJ “With 5 of you, you could be a Spice Girls tribute band” then quickly exits the ring. Gangsta makes his way to the ring, the fans cheer. The bell rings Bull attempts to tie-up but Gangsta is too quick, he evades the tie-up on two separate occasions. Bull finally gets a hold of Gangsta but not for long as Gangsta forces him back into the corner and quickly hits Bull with a super kick to the back of the head, sending Bull to the outside. Bull re-enters the ring, Gangsta hits a kick to the stomach and a swinging DDT which sends Bull to the outside once more. As Gangsta attempts to capitalize The Bouncer trips him up. Bull seeing the momentum has shifted quickly hit’s a big power slam, and a big splash for a two count. LGT distracts the referee (this allows Bull to choke Gangsta), when Bull is done choking The Bouncer takes over.

Bull locks Gangsta in the camel clutch, the fans rally behind Gangsta. As Gangsta looks to be fading he finds some energy and fights back with a barrage of punches and a knee to the head. With Bull in the corner Gangsta hits with a step up kick, Bull quickly returns though with a vicious clothesline! Bull follows up with a suplex and a big splash but only manages a two count. First rope splash by Bull 1,2 Gangsta is able to get his shoulder up, Bull attempts a second rope splash and misses. Fans rally behind Gangsta once more as the ref counts both men out, he manages to get to 7 before Gangsta nips up. Gangsta hits Bull with a clothesline, shoulder block and a step up kick in quick succession. Bull hits Gangsta with a spear for the 1,2 and 3.

Winner: John Bull

Match Time: 7 minutes

This was a good big man vs. little man match, Gangsta against all odds (mainly The Firm’s interference) almost pulled out the win but Bull’s strength advantage told in the end as he was able to gain the victory.

The Metal Militia (Axel Adams & Pure Xtasy) vs. Tucker & Poison

Militia attack Tucker and Poison from behind, Tucker takes a spill to the outside. Xtasy locks Poison in a full nelson, Axel attempts to punch Poison, Poison moves out of the way and Adams almost hits his tag partner. Poison stamps on Adams’s toes and tags in Tucker. Tucker hits an Arm drag, Japanese arm drag, kick to the back and a dropkick to Adams’s face in quick succession. Tucker tags in Poison who goes to work on Adams’s arm with a wristlock, twisting it in different directions before tagging Tucker in once more. Tucker takes Adams to the mat and hit’s a knee drop to the arm, he then takes the arm and hit’s a variation of the dragon screw, as Tucker is setting up another attack Xtasy grabs him and drops him neck first on the top rope. Adams tags in Xtasy and they quickly hit a double clothesline on Tucker, Adams chokes Tucker and then distracts the referee (by taunting Poison) allowing Xtasy to do the same. Adams pins Tucker but only manages a two count (Militia complain about a slow count).

Adams tags in Xtasy, they continue to isolate Poison whilst trading tags back and forth. Nonchalant cover by Adams gains a two count, Poison tags in Tucker. Fans chant “Tucker”, Tucker hit’s a double cross body block on the Militia, Tucker tags in Poison whilst Xtasy tags in Adams. Poison hit’s a double noggin knocker on the Militia, Tucker out of nowhere hits Poison with an enzuguri and leaves ringside! Seemingly come back to his senses he returns only to get downed with Poison’s TKO (Poison leaves ringside), the Militia take advantage of the situation quickly hitting the D.O.A. for the 1, 2 and 3.

Winners: The Metal Militia

Match Time: 11 minutes


First time seeing Tucker, I was impressed. Pretty solid tag match, Tucker turning on Poison came out of nowhere, I hadn’t noticed any bad feeling between the two.

British Iron Man Championship Match


LGT w/The Firm vs. Jekkel ©

LGT enters with The Firm but decides to go it alone (sending The Firm to the back) LGT stretches as Jekkel waits in the ring. Jekkel charges at LGT, LGT quickly exit’s the ring. LGT returns, walking straight up to Jekkel before spitting in his face, and then runs away. Jekkel catches up him with a couple of shoulder blocks and a power slam, LGT retreats once again (this time Jekkel follows). LGT attempts an Irish whip but Jekkel reverses sending LGT head first into the steel ring post. Jekkel asks if anyone has a shoe! A fan gladly obliges (Jekkel hits LGT with said shoe to the head). The two wrestlers continue brawling until they leave the room, moments later they are back. LGT rams Jekkel’s head in an ice bucket. Both men return to the ring, LGT hit’s a chop block on Jekkel (as he is entering the ring). LGT then focuses his entire offence on Jekkel’s legs grounding the big man.

LGT chokes Jekkel with his boot and hands and then leaves the ring in search of a weapon. He comes back with a steel chair, LGT throws the chair at Jekkel (Jekkel catches it and throws it directly into LGT’s face). LGT hides behind the referee, so much for non interference (The Boss & Corporate John Bull make their way to ringside), LGT takes the chair and aims for Jekkel but hits Bull in the head, Jekkel quickly follows up with the Jekkel driver for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 6 minutes

Winner and still British Iron Man Champion: Jekkel


Decent match, Jekkel’s power vs. LGT’s brains and The Firm’s interference. LGT almost had it won but Jekkel’s power allowed him to pull out the win and retain his British Iron Man Championship.

Jay Icon w/The Firm vs. Ronin w/Mini Ronin

The fans chant “Gay Icon” towards Jay, “I’m Jay Icon” shouts Icon. Mini Ronin takes the microphone “Ronin is so fast that when he turns off a light he is in bed before it goes dark”. Icon attacks Ronin from the start (to little affect) sensing this Icon backs away, Ronin follows and hits Icon with clubs to the neck and back. Ronin Irish whips Icon and follows up with a big splash in the corner. Icon’s down but Ronin isn’t finished, big elbow and power slam on Icon, Ronin locks in an armbar but The Firm help Icon to the ropes. Ronin slaps on a full nelson changing into a half nelson/chinlock, Icon rams Ronin back into the corner following up with elbows to the face and attempted punch which Ronin catches and locks in the chinlock once more. Ronin hits his patented swinging rock bottom 1,2 no the firm interfere again!

They ram Ronin groin first into the steel post, Icon repeatedly stamps on Ronin’s legs and then distracts the referee allowing The Firm to continue their attack, Icon pins Ronin 1, 2! “Ronin” chants from the fans, Icon continues his assault to the legs of Ronin, Figure four leg lock by Icon, Bouncer pulls on Icon’s arms to give leverage. Ronin is able to use his strength to reverse the pressure onto Icon (Icon is able to get to the ropes). Ronin fires back with two chops to the throat, repeated stomps and a kick to the back of Icon’s legs. The Boss distracts the ref allowing LGT to hit a low blow, Mini Ronin hits Icon with the Singapore cane, Ronin hits the big splash 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 10 minutes

Winner: Ronin


Good big man vs. little man match, Ronin’s weight advantage was the difference in this match despite Icon’s sound offence to Ronin’s legs and interference from The Firm.

Handicap Match

Mad Mike vs. Carnage & Aphrodite w/?

Mad Mike takes the microphone “I’d be pissed off if I was Irish” toward AJ “Run along and find your pot of gold” “Mad Mike” chants from the crowd. Mike and Aphrodite start the match, Mike attempts to tie up but Aphrodite ducks out. Mike has Aphrodite in a waist lock then changes into a headlock Aphrodite grabs the ropes and tags in Carnage. Kick to the stomach, back chop and choke on the ropes allows Carnage to change the momentum of the match. Mike fights back, with Carnage down in the corner Mike hits his patented dropkick to the groin, Carnage struggles back towards his corner to make a tag to Aphrodite. Mike stops Carnage in his tracks with an atomic drop and an Manhattan drop in quick succession. Carnage relieves the pressure with a club to Mike’s neck followed by a pump handle slam allowing him to make the tag to Aphrodite. Aphrodite hits an elbow drop and tags back out to Carnage. Carnage nonchalantly covers Mike (Mike’s foot is on the ropes) so the ref breaks up the count. Chants of “Benoit” are directed towards Carnage.

Carnage tags back out to Aphrodite, Mike attempts a kick Aphrodite catches it and reverses into a leg lock, Mike tries to reverse the pressure by any means necessary (pulling Aphrodite’s hair at one point) to no avail. Mike makes it back to his feet and while looking at Carnage delivers a huge power slam on Aphrodite, a Russian leg sweep follows but as the pinfall is being made Carnage pushes Mike off. “Mike” chants from the crowd, Aphrodite makes the tag. Mike gets a second wind hitting a running clothesline on Carnage and a belly to back suplex on Aphrodite, before nailing a back body drop on Carnage’s & Aphrodite’s second at ringside. Fans chant “She’s a he she” at Aphrodite as the match breaks down, Mike springboards of a ringside chair to hit Carnage with a dropkick to the face. Carnage returns to the ring and quickly tags in Aphrodite, Aphrodite slaps Mike across the face and lands a running leg drop for a two count, Mike reverses into a two count of his own.

Aphrodite makes the tag, Mike runs at Carnage and with a clothesline sends himself and Carnage over the top rope to the floor. Mike climbs from a chair to a wooden ledge, running and connecting with a double axe handle to Carnage, he attempts to do the same once more. This time Carnage catches Mike and rams him back first into the steel ring post. Carnage rolls Mike into the ring and tags in Aphrodite, she poses for the crowd, Mike regains some composure and attempts a power slam, Carnage grabs Mike’s legs allowing Aphrodite to fall on top of Mike and gain the 1, 2 and 3!

Match Time: 13 minutes

Winners: Aphrodite & Carnage


Carnage isn’t done though and lands with a second rope slingshot body splash to the fallen Mike, Carnage and Aphrodite make their way to the back. Mike follows and brings Carnage back to the ring quickly locking on a crossface to Carnage which makes him immediately tap out. Some of the crowd chant “You’ve killed Benoit” Mike takes the microphone “Me and You Carnage last man standing at Shard End” Carnage accepts.


Good match between two of the premier LPW wrestlers, Aphrodite looked decent in the limited time she spent in the ring. Mike being pinned by Aphrodite was a huge shock!

Dante Corinthian Vandal vs. Silverado

Vandal while posing for the crowd hits his head on the ceiling, Silverado enters to “Silverado” chants from the LPW fans. Both men lock up in the centre ring Vandal drops down and trips Silverado, Arm drag and a dropkick in quick succession by Silverado in return. Silverado poses for the crowd, Vandal attempts a sneak attack from behind but gets hit with an elbow, after a delayed reaction he falls to the canvas (this elicits laughter from the crowd). Vandal returns with a European uppercut and a big boot sending Silverado to the outside. Vandal Irish whips Silverado, Silverado reverses and Vandal runs shoulder first into the steel ring post. Back in the ring Vandal downs Silverado with a series of power moves (power slam, backbreaker and sideslam in seamless fashion). Fans clap for Silverado, Silverado responds with a head scissors to Vandal, attempting a spear but Vandal is unmoved. Vandal points to the crowd, Silverado slaps him on the back of the head. Silverado attempts a sunset flip but instead of the pin Silverado pulls Vandal’s trousers down!

Fans laugh hysterically but Vandal’s anger allows him to turn the match, clubs to the neck and back (Vandal pulls his trousers back up) are quickly followed up by a release German suplex. Vandal measures Silverado and hit’s a number of short arm clotheslines with the last one flipping Silverado! 1, 2 but Vandal pulls Silverado up off the canvas “Silverado” chants once more, Vandal locks Silverado in the cobra clutch submission and repeatedly drops Silverado’s head onto his knee, with the cobra clutch still locked in the ref checks the arm, it drops three times and the match is over!     

Match Time: 7 minutes

Winner: Dante Corinthian Vandal


Vandal whips Silverado into the turnbuckle upside down, and poses for the crowd. Once again hilariously he bangs his head on the ceiling! Vandal picks Silverado up and hit’s a big boot. Fans clap for Silverado.


Pretty good back and forth match for a short while, Dante’s embarrassment was the turning point of the match, his anger fuelled him towards victory.

LPW Championship Match

Derice Coffee v The Bouncer w/The Firm ©

AJ Kid Irish asks a fan at ringside “What’s better English or Irish” to which the fan responds “English” which causes the fans to laugh. LGT and Jay Icon enter the ring they want to do the introductions of The Bouncer “Entering is the Phoenix City Champion and LPW Champion The Bouncer, accompanied by the greatest manager ever The Boss!” “Coming from the 1988 Olympics, Jamaica‘s No1 Bobsledder” Derice Coffee. Both men lock up, Bouncer gets the advantage and dumps Coffee to the outside although The Firm is on that side of the ring they strangely decline to interfere in the match, Coffee decides to attack them all and returns to the ring. Coffee hits with a shoulder block but bounces directly off The Bouncer. Coffee follows up with a dropkick and an arm drag with better success. “Make some noise” Coffee asks the crowd, they gladly oblige. Coffee runs towards the ropes, LGT trips him and LGT and Icon attack Coffee as Bull distracts the referee. Bouncer responds with a punch to Coffee’s head and a backbreaker for a two count.

Bouncer follows up with a kick to each of the different pressure points on Coffee’s body. “Coffee” chants from the crowd, Bouncer quickly hit’s a knee to the head and with his knee exposed another knee to Coffee’s head. Bouncer Irish whips Coffee into the ropes and locks in the sleeper hold, Coffee looks like he is fading, but suddenly springs to life with a wheelbarrow into a bulldog “Baldy” chants from the LPW fans directed at The Bouncer (Bouncer puts on a cap!) Coffee attempts a high cross body but Bouncer catches him and dumps him to the outside (on top of The Firm), The Firm ram Coffee back first into the ring post and throw Coffee back in the ring. Bouncer hits with a neck breaker as The Firm taunt the crowd. Leg snap by Bouncer, Coffee struggles to his feet and is met with a fireman’s carry onto Bouncer’s knees for a two count. Coffee is back on his feet once more and with a series of quick punches downs the Bouncer, Coffee ascends the turnbuckle and in the process knocks a light bulb and the lights in Minworth Social club go completely out!

The Firm sense the opportunity to once again interfere, this time Coffee is wise to the situation and trips each member as they enter. With all of The Firm in position Coffee sits down and directs a bobsled run! Although difficult to see, the fans who did laugh hysterically once more. The lights come back on, the LPW Championship is in the ring, Coffee annoyed at the constant interference looks like he is going to take matters into his own hands (as he picks up the Title belt) The Firm distract the referee once more, Coffee and Bouncer throw the title at each other and fain injury and when the ref turns around threw the title at him! With the referee distracted once more Bouncer hits Coffee with the Phoenix City Championship, 1,2 and 3! Fans clap for Coffee as he leaves and chant “Gay Icon” towards Jay Icon.

Match Time: 11 minutes

Winner and still LPW Champion: The Bouncer


This match had it all from interference, good wrestling, a bobsled run in a wrestling ring is something I never thought I would see! The lights going out and back on again added to the drama, trading the title back and forth while faining injury elicited a lot of laughter from the crowd.

Overall Thoughts:

Pretty solid show from top to bottom, there wasn’t anything that you would say wow that was great, but the wrestling was of a good standard, the comedy was tremendous and all in all it was a fun show.

Next Show:

Friday 19th October 2007
Shard End Social Club,
Brookbank Avenue,
West Midlands
B34 7RN

Card thus far…..

Last Man Standing

Mad Mike vs. Carnage

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