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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ric's Quick Picks: 'UFC Fight Night' (Tomorrow Night, 9 PM ET, Spike TV)

Just what the title says:

Dark Matches
* Welterweights: Jonathan Goulet vs. Dustin Hazelett - Goulet.
* Welterweights: Thiago Alves vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka - Tough to call, but going with Alves.
* Lightweights: Gray Maynard vs. Joe Veres - Veres.
* Lightweights: Leonard Garcia vs. Cole Miller - Miller.
* Welterweights: Luke Cummo vs. Edilberto Crocota - Cummo.

Main Card
* Middleweights: Pete Sell vs. Nate Quarry - Sell (Quarry's gonna be too rusty).
* Lightweights: Nate Diaz vs. Junior Assuncao - Diaz.
* Middleweights: Chris Leben vs. Terry Martin - Martin.
* Lightweights: Kenny Florian vs. Din Thomas - Another tough one, but going with Florian.

* If you're interested in how well the Combat Hooligans fare, click here.
* See you at about 11 PM ET, with my recap of the show.