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Monday, September 10, 2007

Triple X ’Jakked Up’ Report By Oliver Newman

Triple X

Date: Sunday 9th September 2007

Time: 4pm

Attendance: Near capacity a few empty seats.

Price: £7

Location: Jumping Jaks, Coventry Skydome, Coventry.

Triple X ‘Jakked Up’

Gabriel Grey makes his way to the ring, he is the host for the night’s proceedings.

‘The Rockstar’ Spud vs Devilman

Fans boo loudly as Spud enters the ring. Spud takes the microphone “My name is Spud, I’m here for rock and roll” he continues “Devilman represents each and every one of you”. Devilman enters the ring (the fans cheer loudly) and start a “Devil-man” chant, the fans continue to taunt Spud with chants of “Midget” Spud retorts “I’m not a midget, I’m just a very small man!”. Devilman attempts a lock up with Spud but Spud ducks and hits Devilman with 2 kicks to the leg. Another kick by Spud this time Devilman is unfazed and returns with a lariat, uppercut, suplex and front suplex in quick succession for a two count. Spud rakes Devilman’s eyes and follows that up with a dropkick to the knee, Spud then focuses his attack on Devilman’s leg with a chop block, leg breaker and a leg snap. Spud poses for the crowd, fans chant “Devil-man” once more. Spud kicks Devilman in the back, Devilman returns the favour with two vicious kicks to Spud’s back. Devilman’s momentum is almost derailed when Spud hit’s the code red for a close near fall, but Devilman rallies with a hurricane DDT for the 1,2 and 3.

Winner: Devilman

Icons of Dominance (Scott Grimm & John Bull W/The Boss) vs CK Light & ‘That 70’s’ Andy Shoes

Gabriel Grey announces that I.O.D. weigh in at 1300 buckets of KFC which elicits laughter from the crowd. Grimm and Bull attack Light and Shoes before the bell, Bull & Grimm double team Shoes after dumping Light to the outside. “Shoes” chant starts up, the ref is distracted by Light allowing I.O.D. to double team Shoes further, fans start chanting “Bull-s**t” at John Bull. Finally Shoes tags in Light who has a barrage of forearms for the I.O.D. he then attempts to take Bull off his feet (to no avail), Bull hit’s a knee to the face followed by a suplex to down Light. Light attempts a tag but Shoes isn’t close enough I.O.D. hit a side slam and leg drop combination on Light for a two count. Bull taunts Shoes, who retorts with “You big fat man” which the fans pick up on starting a “Big fat man” chant. Light struggles once more for the tag but is caught in a bear hug by Bull, Grimm distracts the ref who doesn’t see the tag to Shoes. Shoes finally tags in and quickly hit’s a boot to the face and his patented bulldog to the knee on Bull. Light enters the fray as all four men fight in the ring I.O.D. are able to dominate once more and hit Shoes with their spike Pedigree, but decided that wasn’t enough punishment and hit Light with the same move and then simultaneously pinned both guys for the 1,2 and 3.

Winners: Icons of Dominance

Dragon Aisu vs Jekkel

Gabriel Grey shows favouritism towards his Damned Nation co-member “Current 3CW Champion, 5 Time 3CW Champion and 1PW Tag Team Champion” Jekkel’s introduction is pretty abrupt. Match starts with both men chopping the hell out of each other, Aisu misses a lariat unfortunately for him, Jekkel doesn’t. Aisu comes back with a kick to the leg and then grapevine’s Jekkel’s leg as the fans rally behind Jekkel. Uranagi by Aisu only manages a two count, Grey interjects himself in the match (distracting the referee) which allows Aisu the opportunity to attack Jekkel from behind with a chop block. Spinning toe hold by Aisu is quickly turned into a figure four as he looks for the submission victory, Jekkel is able to edge close (but not close enough) to the ropes before Aisu drags him back to mid ring once again.

Jekkel seeing his predicament decides to reverse the pressure by rolling to his side (Aisu quickly grabs the ropes to escape the hold). Jekkel and Aisu exchange vicious kicks to the back, the fans chant “One more time” attempting a third Aisu lies down so Jekkel hit’s a senton splash. Jekkel hit’s a German suplex and huge power bomb for a very close near fall. Aisu is able to rally though and hits his face forward DDT but on this occasion that only manages a near fall. A michinoku driver stops Aisu in his tracks, Jekkel then hit’s a double stomp off the top rope but amazingly that garners a two count only. Aisu distracts the ref allowing Grey to hit Jekkel with his Cane, Aisu follows up with a dragon suplex for the 1,2 and 3.

Winner: Dragon Aisu

Fans boo loudly! Jekkel is able to gain a measure of revenge with a tombstone piledriver on Grey. Grey then makes the match Damned Nation v Jekxodus for October 7th, fans voice their approval with chants of “Jekxodus” Grey explains that Hugh Mungus isn’t here (because of car trouble) but he still has an opponent for Exodus, enter ’Mr bad attitude’ Martin Kirby.

Exodus vs. ’Mr bad attitude’ Martin Kirby

Fans chant “Martin Furby” at Kirby, Kirby kicks Exodus and slams him to the mat. Aisu distracts the referee which allows Kirby to hit Exodus with a chop block and kicks to the leg. Kirby continues the attack with a spine buster which has seemingly setup the people’s elbow (instead of dropping an elbow he proceeds to slap Exodus across the face), that was a bad move! Exodus hits Kirby with a vicious lariat and then a boot to the face, a choke slam shortly follows and then Exodus puts Kirby down with the F6 for the 1,2 and 3. Fans clap loudly and chant “Jekxodus” as the match ends.

Winner: Exodus

Intergender Tag Match

Jetta & ‘King of Funk’ Cameron Kraze vs El Ligero & Violet

Kraze takes the referee’s glasses, puts them on and asks “How blind are you?”. Ligero checks the ref for illegal objects. “Huss” chants are directed at Kraze (who is wearing furry boots), the match starts with Jetta and Violet in the ring (not for long though) as Jetta ducks the lock up and tags in Kraze, Violet tags in El Ligero. Kraze attacks Ligero with a knee to the stomach and a fist to the face but as he attempts to ‘huss’ he misses an elbow (which allows Ligero back in the match) Kraze covers his head but is caught with a dropkick to the back of his head followed by a standing moonsault for a two count. Kraze tags Jetta, Jetta attempts Ligero’s clapping flying head scissors but Ligero just throws her off (Jetta lands on her face, I believe that is when she bloodied her nose). Ligero tags in Violet once again Jetta tags out to Kraze, “I can’t chop a girl” Kraze shouts and then proceeds to punch Violet in the face!

Jetta distracts the ref which allows for the double team, the fans rally behind Violet, Jetta suplex’s Violet and stands on her hands. Jetta and Kraze double team once more (Jetta whips Violet into Kraze’s elbow), this works on two separate occasions but on the third Jetta hits Kraze’s elbow and with that the momentum has shifted to Violet and Ligero. Violet drop toe hold’s Jetta and hit’s a short arm clothesline before tagging Ligero (somehow the ref missed it!), double clothesline has both women down. Violet finally makes the tag to Ligero, Jetta tags in Kraze, Ligero turns a wheelbarrow into a stunner and hit’s a running boot for the 1,2 Jetta breaks up the fall. Ligero hits her across the face, Violet then takes Jetta out with a spear, Kraze rallies with a suplex to his Knee on Ligero. Fans chant “El-Ligero” Ligero manages to fight back whipping Kraze into Violet who hit’s a jumping tornado DDT, Ligero follows this up with a top rope splash for the 1,2 and 3.

Winners: El Ligero & Violet

4 man elimination match

‘100% focused’ Stiro vs ‘Self professed iron man’ Chris Stone vs ‘Team Cream leader’ Ashton vs NWA UK Junior Heavyweight Champion Zach Sabre Jr

Stiro enters the ring (to loud boos) “I’ve come to Coventry to pay £1 for parking and wrestle three guys I have already beaten!”, Chris Stone enters the ring next (Stiro and Stone shake hands), Ashton makes his way to the ring  with chants of “Ashton” ringing in his ears, Zack Sabre Jr is the last to make his entrance, the fans greet him with “Zach” chants (Sabre and Ashton shake hands). Sabre and Stone start the match, Sabre is able to out muscle Stone and hits some vicious kicks before tagging in Ashton, Stone tags in Stiro. Ashton attempts a leglock, Stiro rolls through into an armbar, Stiro synchs in the waistlock Ashton reverses this into a drop toe hold. Stiro locks in a headlock and then an armbar but once again Ashton rolls through, this time Stiro is wise to a possible reversal and drops his knee on Ashton’s arm. Stiro puts Ashton in a chinlock but Ashton manages to reverse that too (into a pin for a close near fall). Stone pulls the rope and is admonished by the ref, Ashton slaps Stone (ref counts that as a tag) fans chant “You both suck” at Stone and Stiro. Stiro and Stone tag straight back out and Ashton and Sabre square off, Sabre locks in a Chicken wing on Ashton (but Ashton is able to reach the ropes).

Ashton and Sabre exchange punches and kicks, Ashton whips Sabre into the ropes and hit’s a dropkick on Sabre for a two count. Sabre tags in Stone (Stiro taunts Ashton), Stone chokes Ashton with his boot and then leg drops Ashton’s arm. Stone climbs to the top rope and hit’s a double stomp directly on to Ashton’s arm and tags in Stiro. Stiro and Stone isolate Ashton with consecutive tags, fans chant “Ashton” Ashton hit’s a bulldog and leg drop combination and tags in Sabre. Sabre runs through both men with vicious forearms, Ashton re-enters the ring but is quickly dumped out (with a back body drop on the wooden stage). Suicide dive by Sabre almost takes out the unsuspecting front row at ringside, all four men are back in the ring Ashton goes up top but Stone quickly follows and with a top rope Japanese arm drag Ashton’s participation in the match is over, Stone covers him for the 1, 2 and 3.

Ashton has been eliminated at 16 minutes 31 seconds into the match.

Stiro and Stone double team Sabre. Stiro hit’s a Gory Guerrero special onto Stone’s knee but as Stone attempts the pin Stiro stops him, Stiro attempts the pin (Stone stops him) and both men argue. Sabre kicks Stiro and quickly locks on the cross armbar which makes Stiro tap almost instantly.

Stiro has been eliminated at 18 minutes 41 seconds into the match.

“Zach” chants start up once more, Zach responds with a roaring forearm that almost knocks Stone’s head off, tiger suplex into a schoolboy roll up only manages a two count. Japanese arm drag by Stone (Sabre reaches the ropes), both men roll into a pin somehow Stone manages to lift his shoulder off the canvas before the 3 count and wins the match. Fans show their appreciation to Sabre (with loud clapping) as he leaves.

Winner: Chris Stone

Omar Ibrahim vs Edgar Stryfe

Omar takes the microphone “I have travelled all the way from Turkish Cyprus to wrestle for you” Omar then berates Stryfe as a “Big fat gothic mess” before stating “I don’t need to panic, I’m Islamic”, Stryfe enters to “E-Train” chants. “E-Train/O-Mar” duelling chants from the Triple X crowd. Stryfe takes Omar down with a waistlock he quickly changes into a headlock. Stryfe boots Omar in the stomach and then stands on him before hitting a big splash. Stryfe continues the attack with an inverted DDT leg drop combination. Omar comes back with a face wash variation (instead of using his boot, he uses his hand). Omar reverses Stryfe’s attempt at a diamond cutter into a spear but Stryfe lands too close to the ropes. Omar attempts a spear once again (although he hit it to perfection Stryfe amazingly brushes it off) and hit’s a diamond cutter/stunner for the 1,2 and 3! The fans have a very mixed view on the ending with both boos and cheers directed towards Stryfe.

Winner: Edgar Stryfe

Main Event

No DQ match

‘Bad boy of British wrestling’ Jon Ryan vs. ’Suicidal, Suicidal, Suicidal’ Jimmy Havoc

“Jimmy” chants greet Jimmy Havoc as he makes his way to the ring, fans also get behind Ryan (clapping loudly as he enters the ring). Both men exchange forearms to start the match, Havoc hit’s a dropkick (Ryan just brushes him off) a spinning wheel kick has more success. Ryan shows his strength by Gorilla press slamming Havoc from inside the ring to the wooden floor below! A Chair comes into play and is quickly smacked against Ryan’s head but that only manages a two count. Havoc looks under the ring and pulls out a crutch and a frying pan, Ryan takes the crutch and smacks Havoc with it and then uses it to choke him. Ryan manages to break the crutch over Havoc’s back with a third shot! Havoc is able to rally though and quickly uses the frying pan to good effect (with two vicious shots to Ryan’s head). Havoc ascends the turnbuckle for a splash but is met by a chair to the face. “Jimmy/Ryan” duelling chants from the Triple X faithful, Havoc sets up the chair while Ryan is crotched on the top rope (Havoc uses the chair to springboard and hits Ryan with a kick knocking him to the outside). Havoc follows that with a high cross body, Ryan recovers and both men proceed to brawl around Jumping Jaks.

Havoc is able to reverse Ryan’s momentum with a backdrop on the wooden floor! Ryan frustrated throws Havoc down the stairs to the wooden floor below. Ryan then picks up a wooden board (from under the ring), Ryan then places the board between a chair and the turnbuckle, with Havoc down Ryan climbs the turnbuckle. Havoc crotches Ryan and then hit’s a double stomp through the board and chair on Ryan but only manages a two count. Havoc pulls out another wooden board and sets it up in the opposite corner this time Ryan is able to hit Havoc with a T-Bone suplex through the wooden board 1,2 but Havoc is able to get his shoulder up. Ryan returns under the ring once more ( he picks up three steel chairs and a metal case) Ryan hits Havoc’s head with the metal case three times!! He then sets up the chairs, Ryan picks Havoc up and stands on the chairs and hit’s a Ryan-oku driver for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner: ‘Bad boy of British wrestling’ Jon Ryan

Fans clap loudly for Ryan, Ryan shows Havoc respect by shaking his hand, which elicits a loud cheer for Havoc also followed by “Jimmy” chants from the fans. “Triple X” chants follow and as Grey returns to the ring the fans chant “Omar’s better” (Omar has been a ring announcer at previous Triple X shows).

Overall Thoughts:

The match I paid to see (four man elimination) was worth the price of admission alone, it was a tremendous match between four of the best up and comers in the U.K. Zach Sabre Jr v Chris Stone is a match I may just pay another £7 to see! Ryan v Havoc was the other stand out match as the two absolutely brutalised each other for the fans entertainment. Lots of entertainment and two top notch matches made Triple X ‘Jakked Up’ a very good show.

Next show:

Sunday 7th October 2007,
Jumping Jaks,
Coventry Skydome,

Card thus far:

Damned Nation (Majik & Dragon Aisu) v Jekxodus (Jekkel & Exodus)