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Friday, September 28, 2007

Watch Dan Lauzon Vs. Wayne Harnois FREE At WCFighting.com!

Courtesy of World Championship Fighting:

As a thank you to all of the fans in attendance at the inaugural World Championship Fighting event we'd like you to have a chance to re-live some of the excitement of that action packed night by viewing Dan Lauzon vs. Wayne Harnois for FREE at WCFighting.com. For those of you who were unable to attend the show, consider this a teaser of the action coming out on DVD in the near future. You won't want to miss our next show because we will most likely sell out of tickets even faster than our first show! Go to www.WCFighting.com to watch the fight!

In one of the most anticipated fights of the night, UFC veteran Dan “The Upgrade” Lauzon came out like a ball of lighting landing a ferocious right hand which sent Wayne Harnois crashing to the canvas. Lauzon quickly followed up with punches to the head of his opponent to earn a 14 second TKO victory. After the stoppage Lauzon climbed the ropes and performed a high intensity back flip which further excited the crowd.

In the night’s co-main event, Bobby McMasters and Bobby Dias put on what was easily the fight of the night. The first two rounds saw an absolute grappling clinic from both fighters with each fighter reversing each other and constantly going for submissions. After two rounds of fighting, the bout was ruled a draw and therefore went to a third and deciding overtime round. The overtime round was once again very close until McMasters landed a crushing left hand which ended the night for Dias.

The nights full results are below:

Greg Sterns def. Mike Deleo by decision.
Mike Curtis def. Seth Davis by decision.
Ronnie Wuest def. Jesse Petersoon by TKO.
Dan Bonnell def. Geo Sontay by decision.
Greg Croteau def. Jim Gonzales by decision.
Adrian Fulk def. Jonas Fernandez by arm bar.
Dan Lauzon def. Wayne Harnois by TKO.
Belleton Frederic def. Jerry Spiegel by head kick KO.
Jason Dolloff def. Charlie Thomas by TKO.
Jamie Campbell def. Steven Stengal by TKO.
Bobby McMasters def. Bobby Dias by KO.
Joe Cushman def. Aguilano Brandao by decision.

Based on the success of the promotion's first event, the WCF looks forward to putting on four shows in 2008. World Championship Fighting would like to thank our fighter's sponsors: Flex Appeal, Align Health, CryoGel, American Fighter, and Hostile Fight Gear.

For more info contact: WCFinfo@comcast.net