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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

WWE Raw Report (Monday 3rd September 2007) By Oliver Newman

Before I start my Raw report, I have to talk about a very good wrestling match that was shown on WWE Heat.

Mickie James v Jillian Hall

The match started of with a feeling out process as both women looked for the advantage, lots of reversals as neither woman could take control of the match. James attempted a victory roll which Hall turned into a backdrop, this gave Hall control of the match. Not for long though as James came back once more, the match goes back and forth as both women try to put the other away, James attempts a tornado ddt but Hall shoves her off for a long 2 count. James regains her composure and hit’s a dropkick to Hall’s knee and follows that up with a roundhouse kick for the 1,2 and 3. Now this is what women’s wrestling in the WWE should be! A tremendous showcase of both women’s wrestling skills and athletic abilities.

Now onto WWE Raw…..

This weeks Raw emanates from Columbus, Ohio. The show starts with a recap video of Randy Orton’s brutal assault on John Cena’s Dad from last week.

WWE Intercontinental Title

Before the match a recap video is shown of Hardy’s return to Raw last week (v Mr Kennedy) and Umaga’s surprising subsequent attack on Hardy.

Umaga © v Jeff Hardy

This match is a question of Umaga’s power v Hardy’s speed. Umaga’s power advantage allows him to dominate the early going of the match, Hardy tries to rally on numerous occasions but Umaga keeps cutting him off (in this instance with a cybot kick which sends Hardy to the arena floor).Umaga believes the match is over and signals for his flying head butt….but Hardy manages to move out of the way. Hardy continues his offence by hitting his patented whisper in the wind for a long two count. Umaga comes back strong and looks like he will finally put Hardy away….. but Hardy manages to straddle Umaga on the top rope and goes for the pin 1,2 and 3! Jeff Hardy is the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Footage is shown of Umaga going crazy at ringside. Vince McMahon and The Coach are talking about the McMahon family confrontation that will take place tonight. McMahon talks of having a good offence against his family. Carlito enters the room…..McMahon makes Carlito’s match v HHH tonight into a handicap match (Carlito & Umaga v HHH). Carlito says “That’s cool”.

Maria and Santino Morella are shown backstage, Maria seems confused as to why Santino has booked a rematch between her and Beth Phoenix (after Phoenix assaulted her last week on Raw) Santino says “I know you better than you know yourself”. Melina is shown talking with William Regal, she whispers something in his ear about her ’meeting’ with Mr McMahon. Regal is mortified! Stephanie McMahon enters looking angry, despite Melina’s feeble apology Linda McMahon (who had entered moments earlier) slaps Melina across the face. Ron Simmons appears and shouts out “DAMN”.

In the ring Santino takes the microphone and states that when his arm is 100% he challenges Ron Simmons, when the fans boo Santino he tells them to “shut up ya face” and then calls Columbus a “disgusting dump of a city”. The Sandman enters (through the crowd). The Sandman paces around the ring as Santino asks him “Why are you here”. Santino knows “Your jealous of Santino, while I get to make love to Maria you get to make love to your stick”. At this point Sandman levels Santino with his Singapore Cane, Sandman continues the attack until both men have left ringside.

Maria v Beth Phoenix

Maria attacks Phoenix from the bell but each time she is easily brushed of by the stronger Phoenix. Phoenix lands her cradle suplex and gains the 1,2, and 3 for the emphatic win. Phoenix takes the microphone “I’m the uber diva, I have strength, confidence, class and beauty. I’m the Glamazon” Phoenix then cashes in her No1 contender ship to the WWE Women’s title v Candice Michelle at Unforgiven. Phoenix isn’t done though and hits Maria with another cradle suplex, this causes Michelle to run in to the aid of Maria.

Photos of Cena’s father’s eye are shown.

Regal is standing in the middle of the ring with the microphone “I denied Orton a rematch v Cena”. Vince McMahon then stated to Orton “Show me you deserve a shot”. They then show a recap video of Orton’s attack on Cena’s father. Regal makes the rematch between Orton and Cena for WWE Unforgiven. Regal states that Orton isn’t there tonight but will be here via satellite. Orton blames Cena for his father’s injuries and states “I hope your father never forgives you for what you have done”.

Cena comes into the arena and enters the ring. Regal warns Cena off but after contemplating what he is about to do (for a few seconds), Cena attacks Regal and they fight to ringside with Cena applying the STFU on Regal, that is until he is forced to break it by a number of referees.

World tag team champions Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade join Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside. Lilian Garcia announces “This next match is for no1 contender ship to the World tag team titles at Unforgiven”

No 1 contender ship to World tag team titles

World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) v Paul London & Brian Kendrick

The match starts with Haas grounding London with his amateur wrestling skills, London is able to regain his composure and begins a serious of quick tags with Kendrick isolating Haas from his partner Benjamin. Haas is able to reverse the trend with a release German suplex on Kendrick and is able to tag in Benjamin. Benjamin gorilla presses London into a vicious gut buster.

The W.G.T.T. take control of the match….that is until an accidental clash of heads between Haas and London. London finally has a chance to make a tag, and despite Haas’s best attempts he is able to do just that. Kendrick comes in and cleans house with his patented high flying arsenal (taking out Benjamin with a dive over the top rope to the arena floor). Haas attempts a splash in the corner, Kendrick moves and hits his slice bread number 2 for the 1,2,and 3. London & Kendrick are the new No1 contenders to Cade & Murdoch’s World tag team titles.

Murdoch and Cade are impressed as they lead the fans in applauding London & Kendrick, although weary at first London & Kendrick accept the handshakes offered by Cade & Murdoch.

The camera shows Regal being attended to by the EMT’s as Shane McMahon makes an appearance.

Carlito tries to psyche Umaga by stating that “HHH has been laughing at you”, after Umaga lost the WWE I.C. title earlier. Vince McMahon and Coach are talking once again (this time with McMahon’s lawyers), one of the lawyers advises McMahon to pursue a settlement. McMahon becomes angry and fires the lawyer.

Jillian Hall & Davari are in the ring. Hall takes the microphone saying “Even though I have just had my wisdom teeth removed, I will sing for my adoring public”. Hall starts singing a rendition of ’Summer loving’ and Davari joins in. Mickie James & Cody Rhodes bring an end to the festivities as they enter the arena.

Jillian Hall & Davari v Cody Rhodes & Mickie James

Hall and James square off, but as James has the advantage Hall screams out “Not the face” and then sucker punches James with a kick to the ribs. Hall tags in Davari, James leaves the ring as Rhodes enters. Davari is able to ground Rhodes with his offence targeting Rhodes’s neck and back. Rhodes refuses to give up though, and comes storming back, while (James and Hall fight to the arena floor) Rhodes hits Davari with a DDT for the 1,2 and 3.

Carlito is shown continuing to psyche Umaga in the back.

HHH v Umaga & Carlito

Carlito attacks HHH from behind, HHH is able to retaliate and disposes of Carlito. Then proceeds to invite Umaga into the ring, as HHH has the advantage Umaga and Carlito double team him causing the ref to call for the bell. Umaga and Carlito continue the punishment with Carlito hitting the backstabber and Umaga following that up with his flying head butt. Carlito takes two steel chairs from ringside and renters the ring, with HHH in place Umaga runs towards him, HHH moves and then takes Carlito out with a steel chair shot.

HHH whacks Umaga with numerous chair shots forcing a bloodied Umaga to his knees, HHH leaves the ring and picks up his trademark sledgehammer. He returns and hits Umaga with it. HHH shows why is the cerebral assassin by hitting Umaga in the back of the head with a second sledgehammer shot (as Carlito watches from the ramp).

J.R. and Jerry Lawler run down the Unforgiven card:

WWE Title
John Cena © v Randy Orton

Mark Henry v The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Title
The Great Khali © v Rey Mysterio

Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring (with Coach and his lawyers). McMahon says “This paternity suit is all about the money! They want what each and everyone of you want a handout”, Linda McMahon enters and refutes this statement “Being the C.E.O. of the WWE I have money, and based on the women you have flaunted with I could take you for every penny you have”. McMahon talks of how the road is a lonely place and how he was working his fingers to the bone creating the WWE.

Stephanie McMahon enters…. before she is allowed to talk Vince states although they have had their differences there have also been some good moments shared between the two. He then asks her to watch a video ‘A fathers love’ on the titan tron. The video showed isn’t what Vince intended (it is a recap of the I Quit match he had with Stephanie from WWE No Mercy 2005). Vince is fuming “Someone must have switched the tape”. HHH is shown on screen but refuses to take the blame “I had nothing to do with that”. Stephanie states “I do still love you but you need help if you don’t get help you should step down as Chairman of the board”.

Shane McMahon enters….. “On one hand my dad is a pioneer and leader but on the other hand he is an arm flapping, ego maniacal, lunatic”. Fans chant obscenities causing Vince to state “Next time you call my wife that, I’ll beat the hell out of all of you”. Vince admits that the flaunting of women he has slept with was a lie, used to build his own ego, the only time he has been unfaithful was with his illegitimate son’s mother. Vince “I will change and I’ll become a better person”. Mr Kennedy enters…Coach asks what he is doing here, “Everything happens for a reason” Kennedy says “There is a reason I was there when you found out your illegitimate child was a son and there is a reason why you were going to find out who your son was next week in my hometown of Green bay, Wisconsin” Kennedy states that he is Vince McMahon’s son. Stephanie fumes “Where’s your proof” “Chill out Sis” Kennedy replies.

Kennedy states that Vince inspired him to become the greatest WWE superstar of all time and his name is Mr Kennedy………….Kennedy-McMahon. A man enters and states that Mr Kennedy is not Vince’s son! The son will be named next week, the man then gives Vince a clue as to who his son is ‘Things are looking up’. The McMahon family and Mr Kennedy stand bemused as Raw goes of the air.

Overall Thoughts:

An enjoyable Raw, highlighted by two good matches (Jeff Hardy v Umaga and tag team no1 contenders match). A lot of entertainment as well with numerous funny moments throughout the show and a cliff-hanger of an ending…… if Mr Kennedy is not Vince McMahon’s son then who is!?