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Sunday, October 21, 2007

10/20 NWA Anarchy Report

Courtesy of Larry Goodman:

Austin “Consequences” Creed, the wrestler that replaced Adam “Pacman” Jones at Bound For Glory, has been offered a TNA contract.

TNA Booking Director Bill Behrens handed Creed the envelope containing the contract in the ring at last night's NWA Anarchy show in Cornelia, Ga. Creed received a tremendous ovation from the the fans filling the NWA Arena, the same fans who had witnessed Creed's rise to stardom over the last 17 months.

Behrens called the contract offer an opportunity to fulfill a dream.

Behrens mentioned the other TNA stars that once called the NWA Arena in Cornelia home including A. J. Styles, Hotstuff Hernandez, Abyss and Ron Killings.

Creed made his Anarchy debut on June 3, 2006. Right from the get go, it was obvious that he was something special. Creed was paired with Hayden Young to become one of the hottest acts in the company as Awesome Attraction. Their current six month reign is the longest in NWA Anarchy history.

As for the rest of the evening, the fans got more than their money’s worth – plenty of in ring action and some killer angles. It’s a lock that this show will produce two jam packed hours of television.

There were over 200 people in the building. Coming off of a house of 290 for Fright Night, Anarchy has broken 200 at consecutive television taping. These people are hooked bad, and they need their biweekly fix.

(1) Wes Grissom & Chris King beat Talent and $ (J. T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) in 5:06. Another great pop for Grissom. He pulled off a major Lucha style satellite headscissors. Pendleton added the catch phrase “now that was money” and a heelish laugh when he did his neckbreaker spot. Pendleton tried to intimidate Grissom. He needs to lose those girlie slaps. The finish was nice. While Referee Ken Wallace was admonishing King, Pendleton planted Grissom on the top rope for Talent. When Wallace admonished Pendleton, King spilled Talent off the ropes and Grissom hit a Shooting Star Press for the pin. There was some serious contact on that SSP.

Melissa Coates crashed a backstage interview that John Johnson was fixing to do with Anger Alliance (sans Adam Roberts). She went ballistic on Johnson, accusing him of being the secret admirer that sent her flowers at the last TV (since day one, Johnson had been making suggestive remarks about Coates on commentary). Roberts showed up and argued with Chase about the leadership of the Alliance. Roberts said he would be thinking about the three of them when his hand was raised in victory as the new Anarchy TV Champion. Chase wondered how Roberts was able to finagle a title shot.

(2) Truitt Fields pinned Adam Roberts to retain the NWA Anarchy TV Title after Roberts was distracted by Brodie Ray Chase (8:42). Fields is over period. Roberts was good in the role of the wily veteran trying to capitalize on his opportunity. First, he succeeded in getting Fields pissed off. Then, Roberts posted Fields shoulder and followed up with a divorce court at two minutes into the match. I liked the aggressiveness in this spot. Roberts gave Fields a hammerlock slam on the floor. Just as Fields rallied with a middle rope bulldog, Chase walked out to ringside. Fields foiled Roberts’ finisher. Roberts dumped Fields out of the ring and had angry words with Chase. Fields caught Roberts with the Killing Fields, except this was Rockbottom style. Interesting timing since Rock was just elected into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame.

(3) Kory Chavis (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) decimated Billy Buck in 3:49. Crowd was hot and split for this one. The crowd popped for Chavis as the cool heel. This was a grade A squashing by Chavis. He’s really moving well at his lowered weight, while maintaining a degree of muscularity. All the fight had gone out of Buck by the 3 minute mark. Chavis hit a sitout gordbuster, a high boot and finished with the Spinesplitta.

Jeff Lewis jumped Chavis after the match. He was going crazy on Chavis until Abomination showed up. A-bomb hit Lewis with the Final Solution and Chavis locked in the Hillside Strangla. Chavis refused to break the hold until the refs came out. Bailey finally said enough and gave Lewis a parting stomp.

Backstage, NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer was interviewed by Greg Hunter. Palmer said he didn’t have any answers about the disintegration of Urban Assault Squad. Palmer said neither Nemesis nor Shadow Jackson would return his calls. Hunter said Jeremy Vain was still kavetching about the way he lost the TV title. Palmer said Vain lost on a level playing field and it was a closed book as far as he was concerned.

(4) Tony Santorelli and Sal Rinauro went to an alleged 10 minute draw (actual time of 8:50). The only match that didn’t work and it wasn’t a bad match. In fact, it was a very good match technically, just not the one this crowd wanted to see. Rinauro got a great pop coming out, but they went dead after the opening bell. The first five minutes was mostly on the mat, which is an acquired taste for most Anarchy fans. Santorelli assumed control and was able to thwart Rinauro’s comebacks. At one point, Rinauro took a bump out of the ring where his body made a sick thud when hit the wood floor. There was a mixup on the time, which voided Rinauro’s big comeback before the finish. Santorelli caught Rinauro coming off the ropes and applied his chickenwing crossface variant. He had it on like forever before the bell rang. Santorelli went nuts about not getting the win.

(5) Slim J & Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers & Patrick Bentley with Reverend Dan Wilson ) in 10:10. Bentley came to ring wearing a freaky mask. Once removed, his facial expressions were freakier than the mask. The pop for the babyface trio was amazing. Creed teased throwing a trinket into the crowd and the squealing about blew my eardrums out. J is solid muscle like an MMA fighter. There’s a reason for that. J nailed Tempers with a step up kick and pointed at Bentley. Then he pounded Tempers from the mount. Bentley ate a pair of dropkicks and a Vader bomb elbow drop from Young. But Bentley got an assist from Tempers, and Young crashed to the mat on an ill-advised aerial move in the heel corner. Azrael applied a choke submission, as the fans chanted for Young. Young went for a frogsplash and somehow altered it to avoid a kick from Azrael. Creed took the hot tag and his offense was inspired. Creed had Tempers pinned with a somersault lariat. Bentley broke it up. J attacked Bentley, and the place exploded as they spilled over the ropes. Iceberg came out to shield Bentley from further abuse. The other Rejects had Creed set up for the hellhammer, but it was Young to the rescue with a missile dropkick on Azrael, and Creed pinned Tempers with a huracanrana. Humongous pop for the finish. The way the match was built around J getting his hands on Bentley worked like a charm.

Palmer summoned Behrens to the ring to present Creed with the TNA contract offer. Behrens mentioned that TNA considered a number of options before settling on Creed. Young got on the mic to honor his parnter, but his emotions pretty much got the best of him. The babyface side of the dressing room hit the ring and hoisted Creed up on their shoulders. It was beautiful the way the fans got to share in the moment.

This was one of the most uplifting experiences in my 8 years of attending wrestling in Cornelia. The kid got the opportunity, and he made the most of it. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

(6) Todd Sexton beat Jesse Emerson via submission in 3:40. Emerson looks like a pro wrestler and showed some skills here, something he didn’t get a chance to do against . Sexton started out pure technico. Emerson stayed pretty even with him. Sexton decided to take the low road and beat up on Emerson outside the ring. Sexton got the tap out with front guillotine.

Wes Grissom hit the ring to confront Sexton. In a repeat of the last show minus the verbiage, Sexton blew off Grissom’s challenge.

(7) Derrick Driver & Steven Walters beat The Anger Alliance (Don Matthews & Brandon Phoenix with Brodie Chase) in 7:30. The babyface duo got their two minutes of fame before the Alliance put them through their paces. Matthews was the offensive star. When I watch him now, it’s hard to believe I once wrote that his chops looked lame. Matthews was killing them with strikes and his power game was spot on. Driver took the heat. Driver eventually made it to his corner, but Chase had pulled Walters off the apron. Phoenix dropped Driver on his freaking head with a release German suplex. Roberts came out and got into it with Chase. Matthews tried to play peacemaker. While this was going, Driver rolled Phoenix up. Roberts walked off on the other three, as the Alliance continues to crumble.

Eddie Rich threw it to the back where Nemesis was about to do a sitdown interview with Greg Hunter. This was an awesome segment. Nemesis glanced at the three security guard standing behind him and said he was feeling paranoid, like he was about to go to jail. Nemesis got in the big security guard’s face and started talking trash, challenging the hard guy to try him. The security guy didn’t move a muscle. Nemesis moved on to another, less imposing security guy and got a thrill when he made the “chump” jump. “This gorilla is no longer locked in a cage,” said Nemesis. He threw a chair at the wall. Security stepped forward. Nemesis (wearing a “Free T. I.” t-shirt) said he wasn’t Rodney King. Security backed Nemesis out of the interview area, down the ramp, through the ringside area and out the front door. All the while, Nemesis was issuing challenges and telling them not to step in his space. A tour de force performance by Nemesis.

(8) World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) in a tornado tag match in 10:39. This was a wild, back and forth, spotfest of a brawl. They took full advantage of the rules. Brunettes came out in streetfight gear. Non-stop action. I’ll just hit on a few of the more brutal highlights. Brunettes gave Delay a double back suplex on the rail. Then they took turns choking him with a belt. Hawkins gave Matthews a snap suplex on the ramp, while Delay catapulted Alexander into the post. Alexander bled heavily after that one. Hawkins took a flying leap off the announcer’s booth to hit a double plancha. The finish went like this: WP2T kicked out of simultaneous pin attempts by the Brunettes. Brunettes went for the Sheeney Curse on Delay, but Hawkins broke it up. WP2T came back with an Overnite Sensation (Delay) and Unprettier (Hawkins) but Brunettes kicked out. WP2T blasted Brunettes with stereo knock out chairshots for the win. Revenge is sweet…and sick.

Jeremy Vain was accompanied to the ring by Rob Adonis. Vain accused Jerry Palmer of screwing him every way possible. He said the lumberjack strap match at Fright Night was “15 minutes of total unfairness,” and Truitt Fields had the help of seven people to beat him for the TV title. Vain ordered Greg Hunter to come down from the announcer’s booth to interview him. Vain berated Hunter. Adonis ripped Hunter’s suit and stomped on his glasses. Vain smacked Hunter in the face HARD, knocking him to the canvas. Palmer and the Attraction hit the ring to chase Vain and Adonis out of there. Hunter needed help getting to the back and did not return to his announce position. Vain crossed a line that hasn’t been crossed in Anarchy by getting physical with an announcer. I’m guessing that Palmer may have to revisit that closed book.

(9) Iceberg (with Reverend Wilson) & Mikal Judas beat NWA Elite (Shatter & Abomination with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) in 10:19 when Judas pinned the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Shatter with El Crucifijo. Judas is over for sure but in a unique way. They stand (literally) in awe of the larger-than-life quality of his entrance before they pop. Wilson joined Johnson on commentary. That should be very interesting. Shatter wanted no part of Judas. Iceberg tagged himself in to face Abomination, who ended up on the receiving end of the most gargantuan top rope crotch ride I’ve even seen. Interference by Bailey set up a huge lariat on Judas by Abomination. The spot was timed and executed in such a way that Judas didn’t look stupid. The heels trapped Judas in the corner and worked him over. Iceberg would distract the ref with a wry smile in face, as if he might purposely be adding to Judas’ misery. Shatter was very impressive here. He was hitting power moves on a guy that is 6-7 and close to 300 pounds, and he’s gotten more animated with his facial expressions. Shatter goozled Judas. Judas goozled a stunned Shatter. Double lariats. Both men staggered backwards. Iceberg tagged in and hit the Ground Zero splash on Shatter. But Judas had made a blind tag. Abomination pulled Iceberg out. Dominous entered through the front door. Abomination went after him. Judas picked Shatter up like he was nothing (and he’s a good 275) and LAUNCHED him with the crucifix powerbomb for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Iceberg confronted Judas. When Judas dropped down to go under the ropes, Iceberg hit the Thigh Drop of Doom and the Ground Zero on him. Bailey and Shatter stood on the ramp laughing and applauding. Wilson and Iceberg glared at Bailey and Shatter, each side trying to creep the other out and neither having any success at it. They made their respective exits. Judas recovered for one final pop and left through the front door.

For photos of the show by Blake Arledge go to http://www.ringsidephotos.net.

NOTES: North Georgia wrestling fans will have the opportunity to double their Halloween wrestling pleasure next weekend. APW presents “Nightmare on Cherry Street” on 10/26 in Royston headlined by Shadow Jackson defending the APW title against Abomination. Then, on 10/27 GWP has their first annual “Monster Mash Spooktacular” at the Waleska Ballpark with Brunettes vs. Regular Guys(c) in a Barbwire Death Match (the entire ring will be wrapped in barbwire), Tempers(c) vs. Slim J in a Casket Match and D. L. Norris vs. Leatherface in a Four Corners of Pain (weapons in all four corners)…NWA Anarchy returns to the NWA Arena on 11/3 with Iceberg vs Judas, Awesome Attraction vs. Vain & Adonis, Sexton vs. Buck and Rejects vs. Brunettes.