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Monday, October 15, 2007

1PW 2nd Year Anniversary Report By Oliver Newman

1 Pro Wrestling
Date: Saturday 13th October 2007
Time: 6:00pm
Attendance: 1,600
Price:  £10 - £65
Location: Doncaster Dome, Herten Way, Doncaster, Yorkshire.

Sweet Stevie Aaron is your Ring Announcer for the evening.

Best of 3 Matches Decider
Mark Sloan vs. Wade Fitzgerald

Going into the match Sloan and Fitzgerald had traded pinfall victories on the previous 1PW Invincible and Underground shows and this match was to be the decider. The match starts off pretty evenly as Sloan and Fitzgerald trade holds, it continues that way because the two competitors just know each other so well. When a punch, kick, move was made it was usually reversed out of. The fans were admiring a good contest with loud applause for both men. Neither man can gain a clear cut advantage as they mirror each other with counters and reversals, until Fitzgerald manages to trap Sloan in the dragon sleeper the fans chant for Sloan to "Tap", but Sloan manages to reach the ropes. Fitzgerald continues the pressure with a reverse DDT to his knee followed up quickly by The Eye of Hurricane for a two count. Sloan fights back and shows his technical skills once more by locking Fitzgerald in the Gory special but Fitzgerald escapes once more. Fans chant "Wade" as Sloan continues control in the match, Fitzgerald sees a chance to beat Sloan, after knocking Sloan down he ascends the turnbuckle and hits a picture perfect Shooting Star Press (unfortunately for him Sloan moved), Sloan quickly follows up with a brain buster to the knee (causing the fans to "Ohhhh" loudly) and a Jay Driller (once again to the knee) for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winner: Mark Sloan

My Thoughts:
That was a great way to start the show, Sloan showed once more why he is one of the best wrestlers in the U.K. Fitzgerald showed why he could join Sloan in that bracket some day soon. A good technical wrestling match which the 1PW fans thoroughly enjoyed and so did I.

Dean Ayass returns…… The fans cheer and chant "Welcome back", "Fired by Curtis" and "Twisted Genius". Ayass takes the microphone and states "I'm so happy to be back in 1PW" causing the fans to chant "1PW" G-Man enters the ring (with birthday cake and balloons) to chants of "G-Man". Fans clap for the cameraman, G-Man says he has a video to show the 1PW fans (the fans act all shocked!) "Not that kind of video" G-Man replies "We want porn" chant from the 1PW fans. The video plays highlighting the key moments in the last year, like Spud & Luke Phoenix winning the 1PW Tag Titles and Darren Burridge beating James Wallace for the 1PW Openweight Title. The fans once again chant "1PW" Ayass then tells the fans the reason he is here is to join Luke Phoenix and Spud. Two men make their way down to the ring, Ayass asks the question I was thinking "Who the hell are you?".  They introduce themselves as Fight Club, the fans chant "You suck d***" and when Fight Club start talking "Shut the f*** up" Fight Club reply "All you retards can understand me" to which the 1PW fans reply "We speak English". G-Man states that Fight Club are boring and that nobody cares about them, Fight Club respond with Total Elimination on G-Man. Pain Inc storm the ring and take out Fight Club with a spear by Ruffneck. "1PW" chants once more as Ayass looks into the camera and shouts "Damned Nation bring it on!". "G-Man" chants from the crowd once more.

My Thoughts:
Good to see Dean Ayass back in 1PW hopefully not just a one off, the fans are warming to G-Man which was a pleasant surprise. Fight Club look like they could make an impact in 1PW and Pain Inc showed why they are the team that takes care of business (by taking out Fight Club), a good segment.

James Wallace vs. Gary Player

Wallace makes his way to the ring to chants of "We don't need you", Wallace states "I'm going to make this short and sweet" much to the fans delight "I was 11 and a half months undefeated in 1PW, I had 15 defences of the 1PW Openweight Title in just two and a half months" fans chant "You tapped out". He calls Ulf Herman "A big blonde German c***" He then goes on to talk about the missed matches he was suppose to have "Trent Acid was too stoned and missed his flight, Joey Matthews is heading to TNA Bound For Glory" 1PW Academy Student Gary Player makes his way to the ring "Who the f*** are you" Wallace asks. Player answers with a forearm and a chop, quickly following up with a clothesline and bulldog combination. Player continues the flurry of offence with a second rope backcracker, and a running forearm of the apron. Player then rolls Wallace back in the ring, Wallace recovers and quickly hits with forearms and an arm wash in the corner.

Wallace then focuses all of his offence on Player's arm, Player shows he has remarkable strength by hitting a one arm northern lights suplex on Wallace for a two count. Wallace returns with a Fujiwara arm bar but Player reaches the ropes. Player continues to fight back, Wallace throws Player injured arm first into the turnbuckle and downs Player with a release German suplex. Wallace hit's a swinging uranagi and quickly follows up with the Anaconda Vice for the submission victory.

Match Time: 6 minutes
Winner: James Wallace

My Thoughts:
Another good match, good showcase for the youngster Player who showed a lot of potential against the 1PW mainstay, Wallace performed adequately well also, Player was not a bad replacement for Joey Matthews after all.

6 Man Tag (under Survival of the Sickest Rules)
Darkside, Stixx & Bad Bones vs. Keith Myatt, El Ligero & Iceman

The fans chant "F*** you Darkside" as Darkside, Stixx and Bad Bones make their way to the ring, the fans chant "Keith, Keith" as Myatt, Ligero & Iceman make their way to the ring. The match starts even before the bell as all six men fight in the ring, Myatt's team have the advantage and with all three of their opponents down in separate corners, they setup a triple move but Stixx, Dark side & Bad Bones roll out before they can execute the moves. Myatt quickly follows with a suicide dive through the ropes knocking Darkside, Bad Bones and his own partner Iceman into the 1st row ringside. Ligero and Stixx square off in the ring, Stixx picks Ligero up and gorilla press slams him onto the other four men in the match. Stixx leaves the ring also and all six men fight in the crowd, the action goes to all parts of the Doncaster Dome as the teams square off. At this point I'm watching the video screens on the entrance ramp, Ligero was the cameraman's favourite to follow (proving the camerman correct, Ligero connected with a moonsault off the ring steps onto Bad Bones). Darkside runs away from Iceman causing the fans to chant "F*** him up Iceman, f*** him up!" Stixx locks Ligero in the Cattle Mutilation, Ligero reaches the ropes. Ligero fires back with punches on Darkside and attempts his springboard DDT Darkside skilfully reverses that into the GTS!

Myatt attacks Darkside with a Spear and all six men are down once more. Darkside sets up a chair with Iceman on and hits a top rope double stomp for a two count. Ligero brings a ladder into play, after knocking Stixx down Ligero climbs the ladder and comes off with a big splash from the top of the ladder for another two count. Tables are then brought into play as Bad Bones suplexes Iceman through one and Darkside DVD's Ligero through the other! Leaving Stixx against Myatt, Stixx rolls up the chain and connects with Myatt's head busting him open, Stixx brings in yet another table, the fans chant "Keith" Stixx hits with a Razor's Edge on the ladder and chokes Myatt with the chain. Myatt fights back with a low blow and with the chain around Stixx's neck a stunner, before placing Stixx on the table. Myatt ascends the top rope and hit's a senton on Stixx through the table for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans cheer loudly with chants of "That was awesome" and "1PW".

Match Time: 25 minutes
Winners: Keith Myatt, El Ligero & Iceman

My Thoughts:
I have to agree with the fans that was a pretty 'awesome' brawl, all six men looked pretty good, lots of craziness and high impact manoeuvres left the fans in awe and produced a very good match.

The Asylum

Madman Manson is your host

Manson states "I sold out and brought proper ring gear" causing the fans to laugh. Manson then points to the cameraman who he calls "This guy" causing the fans to chant "This guy, this guy". Manson then introduces his guest for this evening Delirious, the fans chant "Bah"

Manson then talks of tough questions:

Steroids - Delirious responds like only he can!

Steel Cage - Manson talks about how Delirious knows Keenan well after travelling on a bus this morning, after asking how much it cost Delirious said "Free". Which caused the fans to laugh once more.

Lawrence Sweens - At this point Larry Sweeney enters the ring, taking the microphone "You limeys are not quick on the uptake" he goes on to say "U.S.A. is superior to England" causing the fans to boo loudly. He then attempts a George .W. Bush chant to which the fans add "Sucks", Sweeney then states that the three way match is for his Tex-Arkana T.V. Championship which is fought under 24/7 rules.

3 Way Match for Tex-Arkana T.V. Title
Delirious vs. Madman Manson vs. Larry Sweeney ©

Sweeney asks the fans to stand for the American national anthem, the fans boo loudly and as Sweeney sings Manson and Delirious combine for a battering ram on Sweeney, Delirious then bites Manson's hand. Manson asks the ref to kiss it better, which he does. Delirious then stamps on Manson's foot, once again the ref kisses it better causing the fans to chant "You sick f***" Manson and Sweeney then team up on Delirious with Sweeney ripping a tassle of Delirious's off. Delirious fights back and with Sweeney down clotheslines Manson so he and Sweeney are in a '69' position, the two men roll back and forth trying to get the other off, causing the fans to laugh hysterically. With Delirious and Sweeny on the outside of the ring, Manson wants to follow and hilariously throws himself out to the other side of the ring! Causing the fans to chant "Holy s***" Sweeney gets caught trying to use a chair, Manson pulls his tights down and Delirious and Manson double team Sweeney as his ass hangs out. Sweeney takes off the referee's shirt and gets rolled up by Delirious for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winner and NEW Tex-Arkana T.V. Champion: Delirious

Delirious doesn't have long to gloat about the victory as Sweeney rolls him up for the 1, 2 and 3.

Winner and NEW Tex-Arkana T.V. Champion: Larry Sweeney

My Thoughts:
That was hilarious, just a fun comedy match with lots of laugh out loud moments. It added that element of fun to a pretty serious show thus far, good stuff.

Quick announcement regarding 1PW's upcoming Underground show on Friday 26th October 2007.

Martin Stone vs. Scorpio

Crowd are appreciative of both men with "Welcome back" chants and "Let's go Scorpio/Let's go Stone" duelling chants before the match starts. Stone gains advantage of the first lock up and backs Scorpio into the corner and slaps Scorpio's chest before breaking. On the second lock up Scorpio reverses and Stone goes into the corner, Stone pushes Scorpio down and Scorpio shows Stone the finger. Like Fitzgerald vs. Sloan before it this was a pretty even match with neither man gaining a clear cut advantage as the match progressed. Scorpio and Stone are pretty evenly matched with no one winning the test of strength battle, Scorpio hits Stone with a top rope leg drop, Stone wisely rolls onto his front, Scorpio can only get a two count. Scorpio motions for the 450 but is caught in a roll up pin by Stone for a two count.

"Let's go Martin/Let's go Scorpio" chants once more as the fans can't decide who they like best. Stone hits Scorpio with a German suplex for another two count, Scorpio fires back with a punch and a roundhouse kick downing Stone. Scorpio motions for the 450 once more but instead hits Stone with a moonsault leg drop for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans clap as both men shake hands, chanting "1PW" and "Please come back" as both men bow to each other.

Match Time: 19 minutes
Winner: Scorpio

My Thoughts:
That was a very good match, evenly contested from the start. Good wrestling from both men and the fans cheering for both added to the atmosphere, either man could have won that match and if a rematch happens at some point down the road, I welcome it.

Quick announcement regarding 1PW No Regrets (Friday 25th January 2008) featuring Abyss, Jerry Lynn (fans chant "Jerry") and The Sandman (video of Sandman's previous 1PW tenure plays)

My Thoughts:
Great to see Jerry Lynn back in 1PW, I feel that is long over due. Good to see Abyss back as well, and The Sandman's return was a big surprise.

Losing Team Must Wear a Dress
Iron Lions (James Tighe & Andy Boy Simmonz) vs. Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick)

Iron Lions take the microphone "Keep the noise down, we left you laying Hamrick" "Who are ya" chants from the 1PW fans. "Your old, washed up, former stars" Hamrick fains sleeping in the corner "We're going to send you packing back to the USA" "Shut the f*** up" the fans reply. Smothers takes the microphone "How are you Doncaster Donkeys" he continues talking about how 1PW is 2 years old before calling Simmonz and Tighe fagots. Hamrick takes the microphone "You two are ass down, face up, pillow facing homosexual fags". Smothers then calls for a Dance -Off! Simmonz and Tighe dance a little too close to each other, causing the fans to chant "Fagots". Smothers dancing causes everyone to cheer but once again Hamrick won't dance! The Iron Lions leave the ring, Smothers motions for a 6-1-9 but stops, Hamrick comes off the top rope with a high cross body. Smothers attempts to follow but is thrown into the guardrail, Hamrick is thrown back into the ring and quickly double teamed.

The Iron Lions successfully cut the ring in half, as they continue the beat down on Hamrick. With numerous two on one beat-downs as the referee is distracted, Hamrick finally makes the tag to Smothers, whilst Tighe tags in Simmonz. Tighe hits an underhook slam on Hamrick for a two count as the match breaks down. Smothers hits Tighe with a flatliner, Simmonz hits Smothers with a missile dropkick. Tighe is down so Hamrick double jumps for a moonsault (but slips and lands awkwardly!). At this point the match stops, the fans clap for Hamrick, then out of nowhere Hamrick hits a super kick and Smothers hits a Spear 1, 2 and 3. "Put your dresses on" chant from the crowd, Iron Lions attempt to leave so Hamrick and Smothers lock them in sleeper holds and put the dresses on. Hamrick calls Iron Lions "A couple of queers, don't act like it's the first time you have worn a dress" "Fagot" chant from the fans.

Match Time: 9 minutes
Winners: Southern Comfort

My Thoughts:
A thoroughly enjoyable old school tag team match, the dance - off is always fun. Hamrick's fall looked scary and seemed legit, and added a lot to atmosphere of the match. If a rematch were to occur, I would like to see it.


45 Minute Iron Man Match for 1PW Openweight Title
Nigel McGuinness vs. Darren Burridge

The fans once again have no clear favourite as they chant "Let's go Darren/Let's go Nigel". The competitors lock up Burridge pushes McGuinness into the ropes and breaks cleanly. McGuinness comes back with an armlock but Burridge quickly gets to the ropes, McGuinness breaks cleanly also. McGuinness locks Burridge in a foot lock, Burridge reverses out into a waistlock takedown, the fans chant "Woo, woo". Burridge turns the waistlock into an armlock but McGuinness rolls out into a waistlock of his own, transferring into a full nelson, Burridge rolls McGuinness up for a two count. "Lets go Nigel/ Let's go Darren" duelling chants once more, McGuinness has Burridge in a leg scissors cleverly Burridge rolls himself into a medicine ball and escapes! European uppercuts are traded and then a series of pinfalls which McGuinness gets the best of for the 1, 2 and 3.

1st Fall Time: 11 minutes
Winner: Nigel McGuinness

The competitors shake hands to chants of "Nigel/Darren". A test of strength follows Burridge rolls out, trips McGuinness and applies the armlock once more, McGuinness rolls through and escapes. "Let's go Nigel/Let's go Darren" chants once more, Burridge locks McGuinness in the Haas of Pain but McGuinness manages to get to the ropes. Once again Burridge breaks cleanly, Burridge and McGuinness then do a series of old school British wrestling manoeuvres with Burridge getting the better of McGuinness and a quick pinfall equals the match up.

2nd Fall Time: 7 minutes
Winner: Darren Burridge

McGuinness throws an elbow at Burridge, and then throws Burridge out of the ring. McGuinness rams Burridge's head off the guardrail and then rolls in and out (breaking up the referee's count), McGuinness runs at Burridge and with a lariat knocks Burridge and the guardrail up in the air! "Nigel/Darren" duelling chants once more, back in the ring McGuinness gets caught by a discus lariat of Burridge for a two count. McGuinness tries for a suplex but Burridge blocks, causing McGuinness to once again elbow Burridge in the head. McGuinness attempts the Tower of London but misses, Burridge seizes the opportunity but gets crotched on the turnbuckle, this time McGuinness hits the Tower of London for the 1, 2 and 3.

3rd Fall Time: 5 minutes
Winner: Nigel McGuinness

McGuinness throws Burridge head first into the turnbuckle, and quickly follows up with a two count. Burridge comes back with a roll up of his own for a two count also. McGuinness hits a trip and elbow to Burridge for another two count. "Let's go Nigel/Let's go Darren" chants once again. Burridge hits an uppercut on McGuinness who responds with a club to the back and uses up the referee's 5 count. Burridge zeroes in on McGuinness's arm and with the Rings of Saturn locked in McGuinness taps out.  The fans chant "F*** him up Burridge, f*** him up", finally deciding to lend their support to Darren Burridge in this contest.

4th Fall Time: 6 minutes
Winner: Darren Burridge

Burridge and McGuinness take it to the outside, Burridge slams McGuinness's arm on the guardrail, following up with an arm breaker on the apron as the fans chant "F*** him up Burridge, f*** him up" Burridge applies the Fujiwara armbar, shaking the arm as the fans chant "Easy" Burridge traps McGuinness's arm but McGuinness rolls him up for a two count. Back slide by Burridge for a two count,  McGuinness rolls Burridge up even grabbing the tights but can only manage a two count. "Let's go Nigel/Let's go Darren" chants from the 1PW fans, both men trade slaps and then Burridge hit's a lariat of his own for the 1, 2 and 3.

5th Fall Time: 8 minutes
Winner: Darren Burridge

McGuinness hangs Burridge on the top rope, following up with an uppercut and a back elbow before both men exchange chops. A suplex follows by Burridge for a two count, Burridge once again locks in the Rings of Saturn but McGuinness reaches the ropes, so Burridge pulls him back to the centre of the ring and applies it again. "Let's go Nigel/Let's go Darren" chants once more, Burridge stretches McGuinness like a pretzel. Fans chant "Woo, Woo" McGuinness returns with a chin breaker and crotches Burridge on the ropes, McGuinness misses the follow up lariat but nails Burridge with a lariat to the back of the head for the 1, 2 and 3.

6th Fall Time: 6 minutes
Winner: Nigel McGuinness

McGuinness doesn't have much time to celebrate as Burridge quickly applies the small package and gets a 3 count of his own!

7th Fall Time: 1 minutes
Winner: Darren Burridge

With a minute left in the match, Burridge decides running is the best course of action, McGuinness follows and connects with a lariat for a two count only. McGuinness quickly follows up with a short arm lariat but can only get a two count once more! Both men trade slaps and McGuiness connects with a vicious third lariat and gains 1, 2 and 3 with just seconds remaining! "That was awesome" chants from the 1PW crowd as they clap both men, "That was Wrestling" chant starts up, and as both men shake hands and hug, the fans chant "One more time".

8th Fall Time: 1 minute
Winner: Nigel McGuinness

Match Time: 45 minutes
Winner: Draw

My Thoughts:
WOW! That was a fantastic match and well worth the £10-£65 admission fee alone, both men brought their 'A' game to the Doncaster Dome tonight and produced a match of the year candidate that left the 1PW fans in awe. I loved how the story progressed in the match, a matter of respect in the first couple of falls, McGuinness then using legal but cowardly tactics in the next few falls and finally the desperation in the last minute to equal the match. The fans really came alive in this match with constant chants for both competitors for the entire 45 minutes. I echo the fans who chanted "One more time" as I could probably watch Burridge and McGuinness wrestle all day!

Tag Team Lumberjack Match for 1PW Tag Titles
Damned Nation (Dragon Aisu & Majik w/Gabriel Grey and 5 lumberjacks) vs. Dragon hearts (Spud & Luke Phoenix w/Dean Ayass and 5 lumberjacks)

A video shows highlighting the Dragonhearts vs. Damned Nation feud. Britrage (Mark Sloan & Wade Fitzgerald) watch on from the entrance ramp.

The Dragonhearts have a disagreement with some of the 1PW fans at ringside. Phoenix and Majik start the match to "Let's go Phoenix/Let's go Majik" duelling chants. Majik hooks Phoenix in a waistlock and brings him to the mat, they tie up again and this time Phoenix brings Majik to the mat and adds a few slaps to head just for good measure. Another waistlock attempt follows, it's reversed out of and into a two count by Phoenix, Majik recovers and applies the abdominal stretch but Phoenix once again turns it into a pinfall for a two count. Majik counters with a cradle of his own for a two count, Phoenix hits Majik with a snapmere into a pin for another two count. The fans are split on the two teams with "Damned Nation/Suck" duelling chants, Aisu applies the figure four on Phoenix as the fans chant "1PW" Phoenix's shoulders hit the mat and the referee reaches a two count. Phoenix manages to reverse the pressure, Spud pulls the rope back. Majik enters and kicks Phoenix in the head, Spud chases after Majik and is pulled to outside, cue an all out war between the lumberjacks!

Stevie Aaron makes his way into the ring, removing his shirt to reveal a Damned Nation T-Shirt! Superkick by Stevie to Aisu!! He takes off Damned Nation shirt to reveal a 1PW one. Spud follows up with a splash but it is only a near fall, Grey enters with a cane, Ayass cuts him off and then hits Spud! Ayass takes jacket off to reveal a Damned Nation T-Shirt, Ayass follows up with a cane shot to Phoenix's injured knee, Majik pins Spud 1,2 no Spud gets his shoulder up. Damned Nation berate referee as they are in disbelief, fans chant "1PW" once again. Aisu and Majik hit the elevated flatliner for the 1, 2 and 3. "There are champions", "Thank you Ayass", "Twisted Genius", "Damned Nation/Suck" duelling chant, "Your our Champions", "We want tears" directed at Spud and finally "1PW" chant during the aftermath of the match. Spud spits on the Damned Nation flag and throws it into the section who was hassling him before the match, as the fans chant "F*** you w******".

Match Time: 31 minutes
Winners and NEW 1PW Tag Team Champions: Damned Nation

My Thoughts:
That was a fantastic match! A great advertisement for tag team wrestling, the lumberjacks added a lot to the match as the fans went crazy when they fought each other as it felt like an all out war. The atmosphere was the greatest I have heard in the two year history of 1PW, it was absolutely electric. The fans were divided between the Dragon hearts and the Damned Nation, and became pretty pro Damned Nation during the match. Everyone believed Aaron was the mole, so his super kick to Aisu was a huge surprise as was Ayass turning his back on Spud! The near falls that followed created an edge of your seat ending to the match, Damned Nation vs. The Dragonhearts or even Damned Nation vs. Britrage would be two matches I would like to see in the future.

Brief Intermission

Cage Match for 1PW World Heavyweight Title
Sterling James Keenan vs. Ulf Herman ©

Keenan and Ulf circle each other as the fans chant "SJK/Ulf", Herman and Keenan show respect to each other (by slapping hands). Herman backs Keenan into the turnbuckle but the follow up punch misses, allowing Keenan to fire back with one of his own. Herman backs Keenan into the corner once more and misses the follow up punch, Keenan downs Herman with one of his own. Chin-breaker by Herman followed up by a suplex for the two count, Herman applies the headlock as the fans duel chant once more "SJK/Ulf". Herman fireman carries Keenan straight into the Cage, Herman follows up by shoulder blocking Keenan straight through the Cage! James Wallace enters and nails Herman with the 1PW World Title and throws Herman back in, Keenan covers for a two count.

Herman crotches Keenan on the turnbuckle and goes for the Muscle Buster but Keenan reverses into a small package for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans chant "New F'N' Champ" Herman takes the microphone "I was your Champion for 9 months, but today wasn't my day it was yours (pointing to Keenan) and I'm proud to give this title to you" fans chant "Ulf" as he hands the 1PW World Title to Keenan. "He's our Champion" chant follows, the 1PW lockeroom comes out to congratulate Keenan. Keenan takes the microphone "Listen up you limey crumpet suckers! We bust our asses in this ring and being 1PW World Champion is the greatest feeling on earth". Keenan goes on to thank Steven Gauntley for taking a chance on him, the fans chant "Steven" Keenan even states "It was worth eating the terrible English food for this moment" Keenan then shockingly says "You can all go to hell, ever since Abyss last year I have been plotting this, I'm going to rape and pillage this company and there isn't a god damn thing anyone can do about it!"

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner and NEW 1PW World Heavyweight Champion: Sterling James Keenan

My Thoughts:
That was pretty intense, once again the fans added a lot to the match with their chanting. Good match between two of the 1PW favourites followed, shocking moment when Herman shoulder blocked Keenan through the Cage. Wallace hitting Herman with the belt came out of nowhere also! Keenan thoroughly deserves the 1PW World Title as he has come from nowhere to be one of the best in 1PW within the two year history of the company. With Abyss returning in January, the fans may finally get to see Abyss vs. Keenan.

Overall Thoughts:
That was a tremendous show from top to bottom. Sloan and Fitzgerald contested a good opening match, it's great to see Dean Ayass back, Player showed he has a lot of potential in a good match vs. James Wallace. The six man tag that followed was a brutal and intense battle, Sweeney vs. Delirious vs. Manson brought the comedy to the show. Stone vs. Scorpio was a good technical wrestling match, Southern Comfort vs. Iron Lions was a good old school comedy tag match. The 45 minute Iron Man was absolutely superb and a must see when the show comes out on DVD! Damned Nation vs. Spud not only produced a very good match but the greatest atmosphere in 1PW history. Keenan vs. Herman produced a good intense battle and Keenan is a worthy 1PW World Champion. That felt like a 1PW show of old! The show ran just under 6 hours though, which meant people had to leave during the show, which is a shame. The only advice I can give is to book of find somewhere to stay when a 1PW show is taking place. After a shaky start to the year I think it's fair to say 1PW is back. Joey who?

Match of the Night:
45 Minute Iron Man Match for 1PW Openweight Title
Nigel McGuinness vs. Darren Burridge ©

Next Show:

1PW Underground
Date: Friday 26th October 2007
Time: 6.30pm
Price: £7-£12
Location: The Granby, Edlington

For more information on 1PW check out their website: www.1pwonline.com or http://www.myspace.com/1pw

If you would like to contact me: www.myspace.com/brummieol