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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bret Hart On Prime Time Sports Available Online

Courtesy of Adam Lebow:

The Fan 590 in Toronto, the radio home for Prime Time Sports, has posted the full hour conversation that was had today (actually about an hour and 15 minutes ago) with Bret Hart. The podcast, which aside from Bob McCown also is with this weeks co-host Stephen Brunt (of the Globe and Mail newspaper) and Gordern Kirke (Bret Hart's former agent and "legal council to the stars") is available at http://www.fan590.com/mediaplayer/audioplayer.jsp?mediaFile=http://qml.quiettouch.com/files/audio/podcasts/fan590/pts/pts_2007-10-23.mp3

It is a rather interesting listen, something that really stimulates interest in the book