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Sunday, October 14, 2007

FCW 10/13 Results: Santino Marella Plus 8 Man War!

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

On Saturday October 13th Florida Championship Wrestling returned to the Jewish Community Center, 9841 Scenic Dr of Port Richey, FL. The event was a fundraiser for the Shady Hill Raiders of the Pasco PAL (Police Athletic League).

(1) Hade Vansen defeated Bryan Kelly.

Kelly got hit with a sucker punch in the gut and Vansen went to work with chops in the corner but Kelly fought back with a series of hip tosses and a clothesline that sent Vansen to the floor. Vansen used the referee’s ten count to keep Kelly guessing when he was going to re-enter and he did but not before dropping Kelly’s throat on the top rope. Vansen came back in and went right to work on the injury with a fury all the while the fans jeered him accordingly. Kelly fought back with punches but got hit in the throat with a double knife edge. Vansen went for the submission with a rear chinlock but Kelly fought to his feet and both men knocked the other down with a clothesline. The race was on to see who would get to their feet first and it was Vansen but Kelly matched punch for punch and chop for chop. Vansen hit a running knee to the chest and a clothesline for two but it was Kelly who hit a Stinger Splash and a bulldog for two. Vansen ducked a move and leveled Kelly with a devastating DDT.

(2) Rycklon defeated Johnny Curtis.

Early on in the match it was Rycklon’s power against the speed and agility of Curtis, which was won by Curtis who kept forcing Rycklon to the floor to reformulate a game plan. Curtis tried and temporarily succeeded in working over Rycklon’s huge left arm. Rycklon resorted to an eye rake to get some distance from Curtis and he went to work on Curtis’ left arm. Curtis tried to fight back but was taken down with a short arm scissor for two followed by a back stretch from Rycklon. The crowd got behind Curtis as he fought to his feet only to be tossed back down. Rycklon went back to the stretch hold but once again Curtis was able to get to his feet and get a kick to the mid section. But when Curtis came off the ropes he ran right into Rycklon’s knee. Rycklon didn’t learn anything and went for the back stretch again and Curtis fought out this time hitting a leg lariat and a dropkick for two. But the end came for Curtis when his cross bodyblock was turned into a Rycklon shoulder breaker for the victory.

(3) In a special challenge match, England’s Steve Lewington defeated Ireland’s Sheamus O’Shaunessey via DQ.

After a staredown both men went for the power move to the corner and each got it, surprisingly both times we got a clean break. Lewington got a quick one count on an armdrag take over, seeming to let O’Shaunessey know it could end that fast. O’Shaunessey hit a kick to the gut and backed Lewington to a corner but he was reversed and whipped to the far corner crashing into it. O’Shaunessey took a ringside stroll to figure out how to take Lewington of his feet and it wasn’t the drop toe hold that’s took him to the mat as Lewington used his power for a front facelock. O’Shaunessey countered into a hammerlock but couldn’t stop the momentum to the corner that let Lewington hit a spinning head scissor. Lewington went for a float over but O’Shaunessey stopped short of the corner and when Lewington came over he got leveled with a clothesline. O’Shaunessey resorted to chokes but locked in a rear chinlock but Lewington got to his feet, but O’Shaunessey got a knee lift in the gut sending Lewington back to the canvas. O’Shaunessey went to drive his boot into Lewington’s throat but Lewington grabbed it and tossed O’Shaunessey to the mat. This allowed Lewington to get on the offensive with a series of moves including a gutwrench suplex and a hangman’s neckbreaker each for two. Lewington hit a dropkick which sent O’Shaunessey to the floor and his trusty axe in the corner which both men tried to use. But the referee ruled that Lewington won since O’Shaunessey introduced into the match first.

(4) “The Professional” Mike Mondo & “the Natural” Nick Nemeth defeated Robert Anthony & Tommy Taylor.

At the bell Mondo and Nemeth jumped their opponents but it came back to bite them in the behind as Anthony and Taylor cleared the ring. Mondo finally entered and locked up with Taylor with some chain wrestling but Taylor and Anthony took over frustrating Nemeth who tagged into, only to be hip tossed to the canvas. Anthony and Taylor were in total control until Taylor as sent to the ring apron and Nemeth hit him with a cheap shot. Nemeth and Mondo took turns and several minutes beating up Taylor but nothing seemed to get the pin or submission. Their big mistake came when Nemeth’s top rope move met Taylor’s boot instead of his upper body. This allowed Anthony to tag in and clean house as Nemeth and Taylor fought to the floor. But as the referee was checking on Taylor, Nemeth snuck in and hit Anthony with an Acecrusher followed by a Mondo bulldog headlock.

(5) Mariouz Jablanski defeated “The Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee.

Bowdee went for the cheap shot kick to Jablanski’s gut but his foot was caught, surprisingly Jablanski let Bowdee got for the moment. But he refused to let go of the side headlock he slapped on Bowdee. Bowdee got a shot in but got hit with a standing suplex that sent all the blood rushing to his brain. Bowdee forced Jablanski to a corner hitting a chest chop and a punch to the chin. All these shots did was make Jablanski mad as he hit a series of power moves which sent Bowdee to the floor. Jablanski powered Bowdee back in the ring and hit a series of chest chops but ran right into Bowdee’s elbow on a corner whip. Bowdee absorbed several of Jablanski’s punches to hit a Russian legsweep into a stretch hold but Jablanski fought to his feet and hit a Hot Shot. Jablanski hit more power holds reminiscent of Ivan Putski but got stopped on a top rope move by Bowdee. Jablanksi fought backj and hit a sunset flip for two. Bowdee hit a forearm to the jaw but fell to a dropkick which caused Bowdee’s head to smack the canvas with a sickening thud allowing Jablanski to pin him.

“Handsome” Heath Miller came out to the ring to restate his argument from Tuesday night that he should be the number one contender to FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Harry Smith. He also claimed he would be headlining WrestleMania 24 which is based in Orlando this spring. That didn’t sit well with Kofi Kingston who interrupted Miller’s soliloquy and told him how he felt about the title situation. To the shock of all that brought out Raw Superstar Santino Marella who said he still had the taste of gold in his mouth after holding the WWE Intercontinental title. He challenged Kingston to the number one contendership and then told Miller he would be next.

(6) In a # 1 contender’s match, Kofi Kingston defeated WWE Raw Superstar Santino Marella.

Marella took Kingston down two times and he celebrated like AC Milan won the championship. But when Kingston scored a takedown Marella bailed to the floor. Marella came back in and buried a kick to the gut and avoided a dropkick which sent Kingston crashing to the mat. Marella locked in a chinlock that looked more like a chokehold. Kingston was hit with a suplex for one and fought back with punches to the gut but Marella hit a knee to the gut. Marella Irish whip was countered into a crucifix for two but he got to his feet fast and leveled Kingston with a kick. Marella’s suplex was countered into a Kingston neckbreaker but Kingston couldn’t get the pin. Both men got to their feet and traded moves but Kingston hit a legdrop for two. Kingston got confidence and went up top but Heath Miller came out and distracted him long enough to allow Marella to sneak up from behind. But it backfired and Marella punched Miller instead allowing Kingston to the get the biggest upset win in the short history of FCW.

(7) The Bella Twins (Nicole & Bri) defeated Nattie Neidhart & Victoria Crawford.

The match was refereed by FCW Diva Lacey Von Erich who lost a tough match to Neidhart this past Tuesday. Neidhart began with Nicole but Crawford tagged in only to allow Bri to enter the match with no damage done to anyone yet. That was until Bri walked into a boot from Crawford. But Nicole stopped a corner move from doing damage by sacrificing her body for a moment. Bri hit a corner monkey flip for one but her attempted head scissor found her being dropped throat first on the tope rope. This allowed Crawford and Neidhart to make several tags working over Bri for several minutes. With help from Nicole and the fans cheering, Bri survived the beating and she hit a double team move on her opponents to tag in Nicole. Neidhart blocked a victory roll and pinned Nicole but referee Von Erich saw Neidhart holding the ropes for leverage. As Neidhart and Von Erich argued, Nicole snuck up from behind and scored the pin.

(8) In a No DQ match; New Generation Hart Foundation members TJ Wilson, Ted DiBiase Jr. and FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Harry Smith & surprise partner Billy Kidman defeated G-Rilla, Jake Hager, Afa Jr. & “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne.

To the shock of the audience and the seven competitors in the ring Kidman made his way to the ring before the bell. He said was tired of listening to G-Rilla acting like he was the godfather of nothing. Despite having issues with the Hart Foundation, Kidman volunteered his services to make the match even. The Foundation agreed and it was G-Rilla taking on Wilson and then DiBiase. G-Rilla survived the attack to his arm and tagged in Afa who leveled DiBiase with a clothesline for two. But Afa missed a corner splash and Wilson tagged in only to be hit with a Samoan Drop for two as Hager tagged in for his team. But Hager put his head down expecing to hit a backdrop and got Wilson’s boot instead. Kidman tagged in and went to work on Hager but his springboard bulldog was blocked and Hager hit a running knee lift. Osborne tagged in and went to work on Kidman but Kidman fought back and allowed Smith to tag in. But Osborne hit a corner whip clothesline. Smith reversed an Irish whip and hit a back suplex as all eight men got involved and fought in and out of the ring. Osborne went to hit Smith with a cookie sheet but Wilson stopped him and Smith hit Osborne followed by a running powerslam but G-Rilla broke up the pin. The fighting continued as DiBiase locked Osborne in the famous Million Dollar Dream which caused the submission victory.

Remember FCW’s official website is now open and operational at http://fcwwrestling.com/main.htm

A friendly reminder Florida Championship Wrestling will be holding shows every Tuesday night at Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey FL. FCW is an official developmental territory to World Wrestling Entertainment. The shows will begin at 8:30pm with tickets at 7 dollars.