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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FCW 10/23 Results From New Port Richey, FL

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

After a trip to Daytona for Biketober Fest, Florida Championship Wrestling returned on October 23, 2007 to Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey FL.

(1) “The Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee defeated Bryan Kelley.

Kelley seemed apprehensive locking up with Bowdee who complained about hair pulls, but Kelley fought back clotheslines but missed an elbow drop. Bowdee took over by trying to rip Kelley’s mouth apart with his hands and choke the breath out of the body. Bowdee hit a slam for one as Kelley tried to clear the cobwebs, while fighting out of a rear chinlock. Kelley escaped and hit a shoulder block but his second one was stopped as Bowdee hit a knee lift. Bowdee had a pin but picked Kelley up before the victory. Kelley made him pay with a jawbreaker and a shoulder spear to the corner. Kelley hit a corner splash but got hit with a head butt and a DDT to get Bowdee the win.

(2) Rycklon defeated “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne.

Osborne came to the ring carrying a copy of WWE Magazine with his photo on it; actually it was his photo over the Undertaker’s recent cover. Rycklon came with only his ring skills which he used to toss Osborne around for a while. Osborne bailed to the ring apron to regroup and it worked as he hit Rycklon with a Hot Shot followed by a clip to the left knee. Osborne took his time attacking the knee with a variety of moves, but he didn’t get Rycklon to say “I Quit.” Even the Spinning Toe Hold didn’t get the submission but it get Rycklon the win when he got the inside cradle pin as Osborne went to reapply the hold.

“Handsome” Heath Miller made his way to the ring to address the fans and the FCW locker room. He told the fans he had the look and the background to get him to the top of FCW. But Kofi Kingston interrupted him and their match began.

(3) Kofi Kingston defeated “Handsome” Heath Miller.

It began with Miller flexing his muscles for the ladies but he got caught in a side headlock that Kingston refused to let go. The whole time Miller refused to keep his mouth shut so Kingston just kept squeezing in the hold. Miller got control with a tight pull that sent Kingston to the floor and Miller got on the attack with shots to Kingston’s upper body. But Kingston fired back with kicks to Miller’s ribs, but his dropkick missed when Miller grabbed the ropes to slow his momentum down. Miller went back to the upper body offensive attack. Miller locked in a sleeper but Kingston escaped with a jawbreaker that sent both men to the mat. Kingston got on the attack first with a cross body block for two. Miller fought back with a pin for two but the referee saw Miller holding the middle rope for leverage. The referee stopped and tried to get Miller to let go of the ropes and when he did Kingston got to his feet and rolled up Miller.

(4) Hade Vansen & Sheamus O’Shaunessey defeated The British Lions (Chris Gray & Tommy Taylor).

I believe this was an all British Isle bout with Gray and O’Shaunessey starting for their teams. Early on it was the power of Sheamus against the quickness of Gray who got control with a dropkick after avoiding contact. Vansen came in as he tried to change the momentum for his team but instead he ended up on the mat in an armlock. Vansen got to his feet and got a kick to the gut that doubled Gray over. Vansen locked in an over hand wristlock but Gray escaped and hit a series of armdrags before tagging in Taylor. Taylor kept on the attack which meant Vansen was on the mat screaming in pain. The Lions control of the match ended when Vansen kicked out of a pin and Gray’s momentum took him to the wrong corner. When he turned around he was leveled by a Vansen running knee to the chest. O’Shaunessey tagged in rested and ready to beat on someone; the bad part was it was Gray who was tossed all over the ring. But when Vansen tagged in he hit a knee shot but got hit with a dropkick which allowed Taylor the chance to tag in. The Lions took over in and out of the ring as Vansen and Taylor fought on the floor while Gray tried to pin O’Shaunessey. But that backfired as O’Shaunessey hit a chokeslam into a sitout power bomb to win for his team.

(5) In a Diva’s match, Nicole of the Bella Twins (w/Bri)defeated Victoria Crawford (w/Lacey Von Erich) via DQ.

Crawford posed for cameras but that stopped when she took over on Nicole with a vicious forearm to the jaw. Victoria went for a bodyslam but Nicole slid off and got a two count rollup. Crawford went back on the attack with a back stretch with her knee in Nicole’s back. Nicole fought to her feet and hit a cross body block. But her offense was stopped when Von Erich tripped her from the floor. That was all the referee would allow and he called for the bell and awarded the match to Nicole.

(6) Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated “Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson.

Before the match DiBiase took some time to apologize to Wilson and the fans for his action last week. Both men agreed to have a good, clean match and it did begin that way with some chain wrestling that was controlled by Wilson. But DiBiase fought back with moves of his own only to see Wilson counter out. That didn’t sit well with DiBiase who snapped and slapped Wilson and laid in some hard forearm shots to the back. Wilson fought back and DiBiase bailed to the floor but Wilson followed with a between the ropes tope’. Wilson tossed DiBiase into the ring but DiBiase slid right back out so Wilson followed and slammed DiBiase’s face into the ring apron. Wilson tossed DiBiase in the ring and returned the forearm shots to the back, but DiBiase maneuvered Wilson to the corner where he hit his version of Snake Eyes. DiBiase’s killer mean streak came out as he laid in the boots to Wilson’s neck and he stretched out Wilson on the mat. Wilson fought to his feet but DiBiase sent him back to the mat. DiBiase kept the pressure on with a suplex and the fist drops for two. DiBiase went for another suplex but Wilson blocked it into a small package for two but DiBiase got to his feet and hit a clothesline. DiBiase decided to end it so he went up top for a move but Wilson blocked it and came off with a blockbuster. Wilson got his wind back and hit a series of moves trying to wear DiBiase down, getting two n a leg lariat. But Wilson missed a corner splash and both men fought for control of a backslide, which was won by DiBiase who got the pin with both of his feet on the ropes.

(7) In a number one contender’s match, “The Mastodon of Mayhem” G-Rilla and The Giant Titan (w/FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Afa Jr.) fought to a no contest due to outside interference.

Last week G-Rilla issued a challenge to the new champion and it looked like Afa decided G-Rilla would have to get through the seven foot monster. But G-Rilla seemed too focused on the champion as they argued on the floor, so Titan snuck up (as best a 7 ft man can) and attacked G-Rilla. The fight came into the ring where Titan hit G-Rilla with several power moves including a legdrop for two. Titan went for the submission with a neck based nerve hold but G-Rilla fought out only to have a choke laid on him. But G-Rilla got free with the use of an elbow to the head and a corner splash. The ring shook as Titan was slammed to the mat and it got Afa on the apron to argue. G-Rilla hit an elbow and went to the floor to confront Afa. He threw Afa into the ring and the fighting ensued. But Titan was still in the ring and he attacked G-Rilla. To the shock of everyone this brought out former FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Harry Smith who saved G-Rilla from a double team.

Remember to come out each and every Tuesday to see the athletes listed above plus Billy Kidman, “The Professional” Mike Mondo, “The Natural” Nick Nemeth, Moose Madison, Steve Lewington, Robert Anthony, Johnny Curtis and Mariouz Jablanski. Plus FCW Diva’s Nattie Neidhart, Lacey Von Erich, Victoria Crawford and the Bella Twins (Nicole and Bri) plus always be on the look out for some surprises.

Florida Championship Wrestling returns to its roots as it comes to the Crystal River on Saturday November 10. FCW will be part of the “Dave Williams Celebrity Tribute to Jesse’s Place.” The event will be at the Lecanto High School 3810 W. Educational Path, Lecanto, FL 34461. Majority of Funds will go to the Jessica Lunsford Charity. Tickets are $10. Doors open at 7 PM Show Starts at 8 PM. Just announced for the event: Former WWE Tag Team champions and current Smackdown superstars Deuce & Domino (w/Cherry). Plus from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offensive Guard #72 Dan Buenning and the one, the only Big Nasty! For more info Check out www.fcwwrestling.com