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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FCW 10/30 Results: 3rd Generation Championship Match!

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

On Tuesday October 30, 2007 Florida Championship Wrestling held their weekly event at Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey, FL.

(1) Mariousz Jablonski defeated Hade Vansen.

Vansen went right to work with European forearms and kicks to Jablonski’s head but got taken to the mat with an armdrag. Jablonski kept on Vansen’s left arm even as Vansen hit chest chops and knees to the gut. Jablonski’s attack kept Vansen slowed down and got two with an exploder suplex. But the attack was stopped with a Vansen Hot Shot and a flying clothesline for two that got the crowd booing. Vansen hit a running knee to the corner but his next move was stopped by a Jablonski dropkick which sent both men fighting to their feet. They both got up and began a chest chopping contest which was stopped by a Jablonski belly to belly suplex and a superkick to win the match.

(2) “Handsome” Heath Miller & “the Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee defeated Johnny Curtis & Robert Anthony.

Before the match Miller thanked the ladies for their admiration but he nearly got his ass kicked by his own partner for calling the team “Beauty & the Beast” with the Beast being Bowdee. Curtis and Anthony did their talking with wrestling moves that kept Bowdee and Miller on the defensive for several minutes. That momentum was brought to a crashing halt when Anthony took his focus off Miller and went to the floor after Bowdee. When Anthony tried to come off the top Miller dropkicked him off making Anthony fall to the mat out of control. Bowdee and Miller did their worst to Anthony but it wasn’t good enough as Bowdee missed a corner move and it allowed Curtis to tag into the match. Things broke down as Anthony stopped his partner from being pinned and helped Curtis get Miller for two but Miller countered the pin into a double leg pin with the possibility of tights being pulled.

(3) “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne defeated Kevin Kiley.

Osborne came dressed in his Halloween costume, a priest and he mocked his opponent who was debuting in FCW after being a referee for several weeks. The mocking continued in the opening minutes of the match as Osborne took Kiley to the mat. But Kiley hit Osborne with an armdrag and two slams which sent Osborne to the floor. Osborne returned to the ring and the games were over with forearms and slaps to Kiley’s face. Kiley fought back with shots of his own but was defeated by a Rude Awakening.

(4) In a mixed tag match, Kofi Kingston & Brianna of the Bella Twins (w/Nicole) defeated Sheamus O’Shaunessy & Victoria Crawford.

I think this match was sponsored by Walt Disney World with Crawford dressed like Pocahontas and the Bella’s dressed in Alice in Wonderland outfits. Kingston and O’Shaunessy started the match as Victoria attacked Brianna but the referee was able to get some order. Kingston controlled the match with his speed and a flying head scissor sent SOS to the floor to rethink things. He decided to tag in Crawford who squared off with Brianna actually she ran to her corner and tagged SOS right back in. SOS tried to use his power but got hit with a Kingston dropkick. We were witness to the first FCW chicken fight which saw Brianna smack Crawford and Nicole sneak in and undercut SOS. But SOS recovered and went on the attack hitting Kingston with a series of power moves with some aid from Crawford’s choke holds. Crawford felt she could hang with Kingston so she tagged in and hit a slap to the face but the second one was stopped by Kingston who tossed Crawford to the corner where Brianna was waiting to fight. All four competitors in and out of the ring but it was Brianna who got Crawford’s shoulders to the mat with a double leg pin.

(5) “Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson defeated Jake Hager via DQ.

Despite being outsized, Wilson went hold for hold with Hager keeping his taller opponent grounded with an attack to the left arm. Hager kept trying to get a waistlock takeover on Wilson but Wilson fought back with holds of his own which frustrated Hager to no end. Hager thought he escaped a pin but Wilson was waiting with a spinning heel kick which sent Hager heading to the locker room. Wilson went after him and that was a mistake as Hager grabbed him and drove Wilson’s face into the ringpost. Once back in the ring Hager went to the power moves including a standing suplex for two. Hager went for a chinlock submission hold but Wilson escaped and got two with a sunset flip but Hager got to his feet fist and hit a gutwrench suplex for two. Hager went back to the head with a neck vise like submission hold but Wilson escaped from that too and fought out of a power move into a crucifix for two. Hager tried to recover from the hold as Wilson hit him with a series of kicks. But Hager ducked one and tried to sneak in a crotch shot thinking the referee was blocked by the bodies. He wasn’t and the referee called for bell for the blatant illegal move.

“The Professional” Mike Mondo & “The Natural” Nick Nemeth made their way to the ring and reminded the fans that they were the two top wrestlers in FCW. They issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room and it was answered by two of the FCW powerhouses Steve Lewington and Rycklon.

(6) “The Professional” Mike Mondo & “The Natural” Nick Nemeth defeated Rycklon & Steve Lewington.

Immediately Nemeth and Mondo realized they had bitten off way more than they could chew as Rycklon and Lewington showed their tremendous strength advantage. After getting their butts kicked for several minutes Nemeth and Mondo isolated Lewington with a cross armbreaker. Nemeth and Mondo made several tags taking time dissecting the injured arm and upper body as Rycklon could only cheer his partner on. The good news was Nemeth and Mondo did some damage the bad news was nothing they did got Lewington’s shoulders down for three nor did it get him to submit. They made a tactical error in their corner with a missed double team move and it allowed Rycklon to tag in and toss Nemeth and Mondo around the ring. But Rycklon was outsmarted when he went to suplex Nemeth into the ring from the ring apron and Mondo tripped Rycklon. This allowed Nemeth to pin Rycklon as Mondo held both of Rycklon’s feet down.

(7) In a 3rd Generation match, Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Afa Jr. via DQ.

DiBiase showed up Afa by dissing a handshake and it allowed Afa to attack from behind. The fight went to the floor where DiBiase fought back driving Afa’s head into the ringpost followed by a slam on the floor. DiBiase tossed Afa back to the ring for a two count pin and some trash talking followed by a dropkick for two. DiBiase went for a back stretch submission but Afa fought to his feet only to be hit in the head which did no damage to the champion. DiBiase got in a gut shot and a pin for two with both feet on the ropes. DiBiase followed with a suplex but his top rope move was stopped by Afa who sent him to the floor. Both men traded chest chops but it was Afa who came back to the ring in control working over DiBiase’s left arm and shoulder with a nerve hold but DiBiase refused to submit and got his foot to the bottom rope causing a break. Afa brought DiBiase to his feet only to send him back down with a superkick for two. Afa went for a move but DiBiase ducked and in avoiding Afa he sent him to the floor. DiBiase waited for Afa and hit him with a stunner on the ropes and a shot to the throat with the bottom rope. Afa countered a corner move but missed a splash and it allowed DiBiase to lock in the Million Dollar Dream. But before Afa could submit the Giant Titan hit the ring and the referee called for the bell. The double team went on until G-Rilla came out to attack Titan as DiBiase locked Afa in the Million Dollar Dream.

After the match DiBiase called out Afa for having someone save his title and demanded a rematch. The FCW Commissioner made a quick ruling and ordered a Texas Tornado Tag Team match for next week with Afa Jr. and Titan taking on Ted DiBiase Jr. and “the Mastodon of Mayhem” G-Rilla! For more info check out www.fcwwrestling.com