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Monday, October 29, 2007

Marcus Kool And Moralez Tear It Up In AWW! By Oliver Newman

Company: AWW
Date: Thursday 25th October 2007
Time: 8:00pm
Attendance: 123
Price: £5
Location: Irish Centre, Digbeth, Birmingham, West Midlands.

Stu Smith is your Ring Announcer for the evening.

Tommy Gunn vs. ‘Desirable’ Danny D

The fans show who they support right from the very start with “Tranny D” chants at Danny D (Danny still wears the dress he was forced to wear months earlier) and “Tommy Gunn” chants for Gunn. Lock up, Danny pushes Gunn off. “I don’t hit girls” Gunn retorts, Danny replies with punches that floor Gunn. Danny whips Gunn into the ropes, Gunn ducks the clothesline and returns with a hurracanrana and a head scissors in quick succession. Gunn then low bridges Danny to chants of “Easy” from the AWW fans. The fans continue to rally behind Gunn with chants of “Tommy, Tommy”, Gunn responds with punches and a leg lariat to Danny’s face. A clothesline, drop toe hold and 6-1-9 follow and with a springboard splash Gunn has it won! No it’s only a two count, Danny returns with a vicious clothesline that flips Gunn in the air and sets up for a tombstone piledriver but somehow Gunn reverses into a pin for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winner: Tommy Gunn

My Thoughts:
Good opening match which the AWW fans seemed to enjoy! Gunn and Danny put forth a good display and it transferred into a good match. Gunn has a lot of potential as both a single’s wrestler and tag team wrestler (with Geraden as The Young Gunns), Danny is a good wrestler in his own right and the character works well. I was disappointed that Geraden was missing from the show after The Young Gunns strong showing against Ronin and Derice Coffie last month.

8 Man Battle Royal (For the last spot in Rumble at Aston University)

Mark Clarke vs. Matt Clarke vs. Jekkel vs. El Nacho vs. Lord Graham Thomas vs. Lee Hunter vs. Derice Coffie vs. Nick Knight

This match was fast and furious with action all over the ring! Matt Clarke tries but fails to eliminate Knight, Coffie hit’s a vicious high knee in the corner and then is gorilla pressed and thrown out of the ring by Jekkel!

Derice Coffie has been eliminated.

Jekkel tries to eliminate both Clarke’s but they low bridge him and he too is eliminated.

Jekkel has been eliminated.

LGT quickly eliminates El Nacho

Knight eliminates Matt Clarke shortly after.

Knight is alone with Mark Clarke & Lee Hunter. The fans show their disrespect to Knight by chanting “You fat f***” Knight shows his power advantage by gorilla pressing and the slamming on Clarke, a face wash follows (on both men). Before Knight summoning his Cruiserweight power hits two awe inspiring tumbling splashes on Clarke & Hunter! Knight calls for a power bomb but only receives a step up Enzuguri from Hunter, two double dropkicks follow on Knight and he to is eliminated.

Nick Knight has been eliminated.

Hunter pie faces Clarke leading to both men trading punches, Hunter atomic drops Clarke almost over the top rope. Clarke returns with a leg lariat and a power slam on Clarke, before throwing Hunter but not eliminating him. Hunter replies with a leg lariat of his own and tries to eliminate Clarke. Clarke summons strength and back body drops Hunter over the top rope to win the Battle Royal.

Lee Hunter has been eliminated.

Match Time: 9 minutes
Winner: ‘Star man’ Mark Clarke

My Thoughts:
Well that was chaotic! With so much action going on it was very difficult to keep up with it all, most of the eliminations were blink and you might miss it. All the competitors put forth a good performance especially Nick Knight, Clarke and Hunter showed intensity that I haven’t seen before in the finale between the two. With the match going 9 minutes (for 8 men) it was never going to be a classic, with more time a better match could have happened for sure, with that said this was fun and a different element to the show.

‘The Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine vs. British Born Steele

Devine attacks BBS before the bell even sounds, BBS rallies and hits a few chops as the fans chant “BBS”. Devine backs off and even pleads with BBS for a sportsman like handshake, BBS asks the crowd and then shakes Devine’s hand. Devine tries to gain an advantage but BBS catches his boot and swings to the ref before kicking Devine’s leg and taking him down to the mat. Devine locks in the Boston Crab but BBS manages to get the escape via a rope break. Devine comes back with a sunset flip for a two count, BBS returns with his finishing move (The back-cracker) but doesn’t have enough left to cover Devine and when he does it’s only a close near fall. BBS shows frustration by pulling Devine’s hair and sets up for a victory roll but Devine reverses and with his feet on the ropes takes the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winner: ‘The Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine

BBS takes the microphone and asks the referee “What the bloody hell was that” before pushing him down! He continues “It’s been 8 months since I last won a match here” The fans show their disdain with “Who are ya” chants, BBS retorts with “Shut your mouth son”. BBS continues “I was the 1st ever AWW Champion, you should respect me! You fans haven’t helped me regain MY title so I’ll get it myself!”

My Thoughts:
I have to say I was disappointed with this match, because I expected a wrestling clinic based on the superb match Devine and BBS contested last month! Don’t get me wrong it was still a good match, with great story-telling (BBS’s growing frustration, Devine’s cheating and then BBS turning his back on the fans). For me BBS and Devine are two of the best pure wrestlers in the Midlands (If not the entire UK), they could have produced a classic but with a 10 minute time limit they produced a good match which the fans seemed to enjoy! It will be interesting to see where BBS goes from here, and that is something I will be watching intently.

Chained Match (First to touch all 4 Corners, wins the match)
Mad Dog Maxx vs. Dan Ryder

Maxx tells the fans “Ryder’s going down, scumbags!” the fans chant “Mad Dog has rabies” Maxx retorts “Mad Dog doesn’t have rabies, swig your point and watch wrestling!”. The fans start chanting “Ryder, Ryder”, there is a feeling out period to start the match with neither man wanting to make a mistake. Punches are traded with Ryder getting the best of it, ramming Maxx head first into the steel ring post. Ryder follows up with a clothesline and a hurracanrana before he touches 3 out of the 4 Corners, Maxx cuts him off with a chain assisted throat chop. Ryder blocks a clothesline and returns with a couple of his own, following with a 10 punch in the corner and a monkey flip. Ryder follows with a back body drop but misses the resulting 450, both men are down Mad Dog has something in his hand! FIREBALL to Ryder!! Maxx then touches all 4 corners for the win. Maxx then continues the assault and drags Ryder by the chain away.

Match Time: 12 minutes
Winner: Mad Dog Maxx

My Thoughts:
That was a very good match, the best of the night thus far! It was intense, had comedy-esque moments, good wrestling and a truly WOW finish to the match. The fans are a little fickle in AWW, when I lsaw Ryder in April he was the biggest star in the company. The fans went crazy for him, now he’s competing for cheers with Maxx and at times is losing out. I’m slightly fearful for Ryder as the fans seem to be slowly turning their back on him. Maxx was exceptional once more proving that he is a very good wrestler with a great character (The fans seem to love him for the latter). The finish came out of nowhere and brings an even higher level of intensity to the most intense feud of 2007 in AWW.


Ronin vs. Carnage

The wrestlers lock up, with Ronin getting the best of it (pushing Carnage down). Second time around neither man budges so they say “Sumo” and in sumo stance try to knock each other down. A test of strength proceeds which Ronin gets the advantage of and with a kick downs Carnage. Carnage rolls out to strategise, and comes back with kicks to Ronin’s leg trying to knot it up. Ronin attempts the 10 punch in the corner but Carnage power bombs him to the mat! Carnage quickly follows up with a leg drop and top rope elbow drop but can only get a two count. Spud enters and spits at Carnage, Ronin hits Carnage with his Singapore Cane and with a big splash it’s over 1, 2, and 3.

Match Time: 9 minutes
Winner: Ronin

My Thoughts:
That wasn’t a very good match, both styles clashed and in the end I was glad the match was over. Ronin’s more of a Character than a Wrestler so it’s understandable that his wrestling skills aren’t as good as say a Danny Devine or BBS. Carnage is use to wrestling good ‘pure’ wrestlers and this wasn’t the case tonight. On the plus side the ending to the match has advanced the Spud vs. Carnage storyline and that is good for AWW.

Moralez vs. Marcus Kool

Morales shows complete disrespect for Kool by slapping him across the face, it turned out to be mistake as it just fired up Kool! Who returned with a slap and punch of his own, a clothesline and dropkick followed in quick succession. Kool drop toe holds Moralez but when attempting the 6-1-9, Moralez rolls to the outside. Kool not perturbed quickly follows with a slingshot splash over the ropes, then the two competitors take the match around the Irish Centre. Kool calls for “Sweet chin music baby!” Moralez blocks but Kool reverses into a side effect for a close near fall. Kool goes up top but misses with a Swanton Bomb, Moralez makes Kool pay with a vicious club and sit-down power bomb but Kool kicks out! Moralez sets up another power bomb but Kool reverses Moralez onto the middle rope, and quickly follows with a 6-1-9 but that only gets a 2 count (Kool can’t believe it!) Moralez goes for Kool but he ducks, Moralez viciously clubs him to the back and gets the 1, 2 and 3. The fans show their appreciation to Kool with loud clapping as he leaves the ring.

Match Time: 12 minutes
Winners: Moralez

My Thoughts:
That was a superb match! I wasn’t sure what match of the night would be but it’s going to be incredibly hard to top this match. Kool and Moralez brought their ‘A’ game to the Irish Centre on this night and produced a breathless match for the fans in attendance. The near falls towards the end of this match made the fans gasp, and move to the edge of seats. Moralez showed why he is one of the best big men in the UK and Kool shows why he has potential to become one of the best in the UK also. That was a match that made me proud to report on Professional Wrestling, and I would love to see a rematch at some point down the road.

Spud vs. ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm

Duelling chant between the two bands that are playing at AWW’s Aston University show, “1 inch pisser” chant was once more directed at Spud. Then duelling chants of “Emo and Spud for champ”. Storm takes the microphone “It’s good to be back in AWW and Spud has a 1 inch pisser” Fans speculate it may be smaller with “½ inch pisser” chants, even a “Super Gran” chant starts up after a lady attacks Spud. Storm and Spud contest a hiptoss, reversing until Spud goes over the top rope to the floor below. Spud runs away from Storm, Storm catches up with him and after an arm drag applies the armlock, paint brushing Spud’s head as he does, hilariously Spud tells the referee “It hurts!”. An aeroplane spin knocks the ref down, Spud hit’s a jumping DDT but when he covers the ref is down, he blows snot on Storm! Storm replies with a wonder whirl but once again the ref is still down. Spud low blows Storm and hits with a Stunner, Carnage enters allowing Storm to roll Spud up for the 1, 2 and 3. “½ inch pisser chants once more” Spud chokes the ref and then hilariously trips himself up as he leaves the ring.

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner: ’The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm

My Thoughts:
Another electric atmosphere created by the AWW fans, the duelling chants and entire noise made it difficult for me to think! Spud and Storm took part in a fine contest and a good way to finish the wrestling action for the night. Spud’s Rockstar character is like a breath of fresh air and Storm was just his usual entertaining self. Once again the Spud vs. Carnage storyline has been progressed, so this match had good wrestling and booking which is just what the fans want from Pro Wrestling show.

Dan Ryder’s Announcement:

Ryder comes out with a bandage over his eye and takes the microphone “I’ve never had my face burnt! I have been given opportunity to pick the match of choice, Hardcore (nope), TLC (loud cheer) not that either, at Aston University Me vs. Mad Dog Maxx in a Steel Cage!” The fans love that. Maxx interrupts and with a lariat levels Ryder! “You’re a silly little piss-ant Ryder” Maxx shouts, “Dan Ryder you have just signed your death warrant” Maxx concludes.

My Thoughts:
That was an effective segment, Ryder showed no fear by challenging Maxx to a Cage Match. Maxx’s beat down was pretty brutal including the lariat that flipped Ryder. Ryder is a crazy S.O.B. in the ring and I can’t even imagine what he will do in his quest to beat Maxx in the Cage Match (30th November 2007). In a match I will be watching with baited breath.

Overall Thoughts:
Tommy Gunn has a lot of potential and Danny D’s entertaining as hell creating a good match between to two. I hope to see the Young Gunn’s (Geraden/Gunn) tagging once more soon though! The battle royal was rushed but produced some WOW moments like Knight’s tumbling splash. BBS vs. Devine wasn’t as good as last month’s perfect match, but it was good in its own merit and I wonder where BBS will go (after he turned his back on fans). Ryder vs. Maxx was intense and had a WOW finish to end the match, Moralez vs. Kool was a superb match with incredible near falls. Spud vs. Storm was a good match with an electric atmosphere, to end the wrestling on the show. Maxx vs. Ryder in a Cage should be a treat come (30th November), another very good show put forth by AWW. They also deserve to be congratulated for the increase in attendance from 72 (last month) to 123 this month!

Match of the Night:
Moralez vs. Marcus Kool

Next Show:

Thursday 15th November 2007
14-20 High Street Derit End,
Irish Centre,
West Midlands,
B12 0LT

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