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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Most CowPalaceFiasco Cks Still Bouncing, Chuck Zito Allows Thieving Promoters Outed On His Nat'l Show

Courtesy of Dr. Mike Lano:

Disclaimer: all the following is what I believe to be true in my heart, and am alleging only

Daily 10/30 Lano update on thieving CALIF "wfanfraudfest" promoters-DA's here now deciding whether to charge the case, issue arrest warrants-again, anyone ripped off: boys, MMA's, boxers, vendors, fans; please contact Daly City Police/DA-Sgt Drexler asap particularly if you received a rubber check(criminal in this state as opposed to our civil action aka class action vs Chris and Jasmin Salisbury(Manteca) and Jay Cohen(even bigger scumbag in Monterey, Marina, CA) at 650-991-8170.

*To date, only the smallest of the checks to just 4 former ECW stars have finally cleared. This after daily checking and remember Salisbury told everyone "don't cash the checks until Monday the 22nd since money's in transit. On Monday, they'll all clear." Of course they didn't but yday the 29th, the 4 small checks(all from a brand new personal cking acct that didn't even have their name or address on it at all) cleared. Odd that Burlingame Police to date have shown 5 different Salisbury personal checks(all bounced) from 5 different printed home addresses in Manteca and Modesto, one with a po box there and then the one with no address whatsoever. None of the larger-amount checks to people like Debiase, Williams, Race, Bockwinkel, etc have gone beyond insuff funds. Many paid daily bad-check fees trying to deposit them they'll never see back.

*Before I forget, yet another alias for scumbag Jay Cohen has been "Jason Jensen" with respect to WFFest, SPUSA.

A majority of names weren't even given cash or bad checks(the only ones who got anything had to threaten violence-the Salisburys and Cohen NEVER offered anyone cash or checks willingly or voluntarily). As with Piper's case when he
and Mitch twice tried to cash their check on 10/19 and early 10/20; he had to "give them an offer they couldn't refuse" and then duressed Salisbury into finally giving him cash. Which makes Piper and Goldberg(paid well in advance) stand up guys for joining our hotel lobby sit-down strike when I called their rooms.

*TNA boys were paid lumpsum to the office but only for the wrestling portion. Most all of them owed money for separately doing the autographs are still unpaid reportedly(confirmed with each and every. The only one I've confirmed as having gotten paid for the separate autograph portion is Buh Buh who wisely demanded Salisbury take care of business early Friday before things got bad later that night at the Cow Palace and the innocent female wrestling person who Chris kept getting numbers from, etc; Chris begged her to go out and calm down the boys. They'd all been in a line demanding their money, but were told "there isn't any money. My (sic) partner didn't come thru. Jasmin will go to the bank tomorrow(Saturday the 20th)." That was more bullshit as most figure she never went anywhere. A few checks were given out to the most vocal but we'd warned them all, from Friday morning on, to demand cash and accept no checks. The one female said "at least If I had a check and it bounced, I could sue and have some recourse since a lot of us didn't sign contracts. We'd at least have some proof. But we were nervous even accepting checks with no name or address on them, and a few digits off according to the fraud person at his bank." And many uncovered an old scam of the Salisburys misspelling their names intentionally, over and over on checks making it harder to collect. Piper nailed Salisbury on trying to pull that scam right away before even cashing check #1 and made him write out another telling Chris "this better not bounce."

Again, the majority of wrestlers who even got checks(many didn't get anything and left SF emptyhanded) have reported they're still ISF and no good.

*Chuck Zito let me on his national Sirius radio show y'day(on H Stern's network/family of related shows) after I emailed him asking if I could "out" the WFanFraud promoters and briefly describe what happened and how anyone from MMA, wrestling owed money should contact the San Mateo and Daly City police and DA's. He's a stand-up guy and still wants to compete in UFC which probably will never happen. He really went after Joe Torre and Guiliani y'day before I ranted.