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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Courtesy of the New York Wrestling Connection:

The New York Wrestling Connection, is LIVE, Saturday, October 27, as the NYWC heads to returns to Blue Point, New York, as we present SHOCKTOBER! The venue is:

St. John's Orthodox Church
77 Montauk Hwy, Blue Point, NY
For additional information, please call 631-667-NYWC (6992)


Tickets are priced as follows, and are available right here at NYWCwrestling.com or at the door on the night of the event:

Advance Tickets (online): $10
General Admission (at the door): $12


"Superstar" Dickie Rodz vs Mike Spinelli (c)

When Mike Spinelli became the new NYWC Champion at Showdown in September, the power structure in the NYWC seemed to turn upside down. Dickie Rodz, who had held the title for longer than some can remember, was forced to relinquish the belt, and for the first time in over a year, the "Superstar" was no longer the most privileged athlete in the NYWC. But if Rodz has anything to say about it, his current position as a former champ won't last long. On October 27, Rodz will take on the new champion, Mike Spinelli, in a rematch that will determine who is most deserving of this truly prestigious prize. And thanks to a specific rematch clause in Dickie's contract, he won't have to face Spinelli in the rumored barbed wire match. So it will be strictly one-on-one, mano-a-mano for the NYWC Championship, only at NYWC Shocktober!


Bruno Marciano vs Papadon (c)

Over the past few months, perhaps the fastest rising star in the NYWC has been Bruno Marciano, the bruiser of few words from Little Italy. Recently, he defeated "Big Time" Tony Burma in a match that would determine the #1 contender for the NYWC Interstate Championship, and now, Marciano has been granted that match against the reigning champ, Papadon. In terms of experience, Papadon certainly has the upper hand, and the champ also has a distinct size advantage. But Bruno does have a victory over Papadon this year in a non-title match, and nobody can argue with his determination and guts. Does Bruno have what it takes to take home the Interstate title, or can Papadon fend off his opponent and continue to reign as champion?


Javi-Air vs "Yours Truly" Alex Reynolds (c)

After snagging the NYWC HI-FI Championship in August, Alex Reynolds has not only taken on a new personality, but he has altered the identity of the title itself. Dubbing his new belt the "High Society" Championship, Reynolds aims to bring the belt and all it stands for to a more gentlemanly level. Unfortunately for Reynolds, not many others are on board with his plan, and certainly Javi-Air (who Alex defeated for the title) is not much of a fan. Now, Javi will have his chance to not only bring Reynolds back down to earth, but take the title back in the process. However, the champ won't be taking his first challenge lightly, and when all is said and done, we may be witnessing the dawn of the "High Society" era.


Mikey Whipwreck vs "Big Time" Tony Burma

After several years as an NYWC competitor, commissioner, champion and all-around menace, it's no surprise that Mikey Whipwreck has generated a fair amount of bad blood here in the NYWC. In particular, Mikey's ongoing conflict with Dickie Rodz, "Mr. Entertainment" and his various cohorts has produced plenty of memorable matches and moments over the past couple years. However, Mikey has never entered the ring one-on-one with one of Vitko's most dedicated henchmen, and one of the current NYWC Champion's foes, "Big Time" Tony Burma. Last month, Whipwreck made an assist of sorts during the main event title match, which ultimately ended with Mike Spinelli holding the belt. Obviously, this did not go over well with Vitko, and now he hopes that Burma will help settle the score. Burma, of course, spent much of his career tagging with Mike Spinelli, and after watching his former partner reach the top of the mountain thanks in part to Whipwreck's help, there's no doubt Burma will be amped for this match.

All this and MUCH MUCH MORE will be coming your way at NYWC SHOCKTOBER... Saturday, October 27, 2007 at St. John's Orthodox Church in Blue Point, NY! Don't miss out on one minute of the action... GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!

* Additional matches to be announced. Card subject to change. *