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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Tuesday, The Combat-Hooligans.com Audio Show Presents, Awesome Austin Creed

Courtesy of those wacky Combat Hooligans:

This Tuesday, October 30, the combat-hooligans.com audio show (www.combat-hooligans.com) will be joined by NWA Anarchy tag team champion, Awesome Austin Creed. Austin Creed may be better known to most as TNA's Rasheed Lucius
Consequences Creed.

While the interview will be taped, we encourage listener participation.

You can send any questions for Austin to audioshow@combat-hooligans.com

Check out our prior shows at: combathooligans.libsyn.com and don't forget to check out www.combat-hooligans.com for the latest in the world of combat sports.