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Monday, October 8, 2007

Triple X 'X' Report By Oliver Newman

Date: Sunday 7th October 2007
Time: 4:00pm
Attendance: 60
Price: £7
Location: Jumping Jaks, Coventry Skydome, Coventry, West Midlands.

Gabriel Grey is your Ring Announcer for this evening. "If you want me to start the show, play my music" Grey shouts, whilst in the ring the fans jeer loudly "Don't boo me because at the end of the day, I'm F'N awesome!" Grey retorts.

'Mr Bad Attitude' Martin Kirby vs. Trip-El Ligero

Hilarious opening match, El Ligero became Trip-El Ligero (pretending he was Triple H) Ligero's Triple H mannerisms were spot on! Kirby's girlish screams also added a lot of comedy to the match. After all the comedy a pretty good match took place, with back and forth action between the two competitors. Funny moment when Ligero hit Kirby with a spine buster (Ligero went down like he had blown his quadriceps muscle!). Ligero's numerous attempts at the Pedigree, finally paid off in the end as a setup to Ligero's finishing move the springboard into a DDT for the 1, 2 and 3. Fun way to start the show!

Match Time: 12 minutes
Winner: Trip-El Ligero

Icons of Dominance (John Bull & Scott Grimm W/The Boss) & Omer Ibrahim vs. Sidekicks (CK Light & 'That 70's' Andy Shoes) & 'E-Train' Edgar Stryfe

The Triple X fans made their voices heard in this match, with chants of Grimm, Bull, Boss and Omer-S***! Good tag team action and the atmosphere surrounding it created an enjoyable match. Omer was his usual funny self "I don't like you, I'll bomb your house" whilst jawing with one of the Triple X fans, he wasn't really a team player though even almost showing the referee Bull and Grimm cheating. Omer finally had enough and gored both Bull and Grimm before leaving the ring, leaving CK, Shoes and Stryfe with a 3 on 2 advantage or so they thought. Stryfe out of nowhere attacked both Shoes and Light forcing the referee to throw the match out. Stryfe made his feelings know directly after the match "I'm always stuck in these F'N tag team matches". Stryfe turning his back on Light and Shoes came out of nowhere and produced a wow did that really just happen moment.

Match Time: 14 minutes
Winners: No Contest

Break in action

Zack Sabre Jr vs. Chris Stone

This match was as brutal as it was tremendous! Sabre's kicks were just incredibly brutal and at points you had to kind of feel bad for Stone. Sabre showed his entire repertoire of submission moves and the different ways of applying such holds (even at one point standing on Stone's face when he was locked in an armbar). Stone fought back though and went toe to toe with Sabre once more, even managing to hit A Stone's Throw (his finishing move) for a near fall. Sabre's offence was mostly centred around Stone's arm, that played heavily in the finale of this match with Sabre rolling through an attempted electric chair drop straight into the hyper extension of Stone's arm which caused the tap out. The match that I paid £7 to witness live, lived up to my expectations as both wrestlers put forth an outstanding contest that was well worth the price of admission alone.

Match Time: 17 minutes
Winner: Zack Sabre Jr

Cameron Kraze vs. Devilman

This was another match with a lot of comedy moments, once again the Triple X crowd made their dislike for Kraze known with chants of "S*** beard, no hair" ringing out at numerous points in the match. Devilman was the clear favourite of the fans (with numerous "Devil-man" chants). The action was back and forth in this match also, with Kraze using underhand tactics to his advantage and Devilman using his chopping ability (especially to the face) to reverse his fortunes in the match. Devilman had a little too much for Kraze in the end and finished the match with a hurricane DDT and a brain buster for the 3 count. Much to the delight of the Triple X fans!

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner: Devilman

Break in action

Jimmy Havoc vs. Anonymity vs. Shelf

After losing to Jon Ryan at the last show Havoc wanted to prove something to himself, and was setup against an unknown opponent (which happened to be a wrestler called Anonymity). Havoc brought Shelf to the ring with him and the referee turned the match into a triple threat featuring Havoc, Anonymity and Shelf! (Yes an in adamant object was a competitor in a wrestling match). The Triple X fans chants for "Shelf" were almost deafening, as the match was taking place. Havoc and Anonymity wrestled a quick paced match as Shelf looked on, Shelf even managed to get a near fall! After being dominated in the early going Anonymity fought back and looked scheduled to gain the upset win. At this point he left the ring and returned with two wooden chairs which he set up Shelf on, this allowed Havoc too much time and on the second attempt he gorilla press slammed Anonymity through Shelf and the chairs and with a DVD later picked up the win. What I'm about to say may shock you….but an in adamant object was the biggest star on the entire card!

Match Time: 5 minutes
Winner: Jimmy Havoc

Ashton Smith vs. Spud

The Triple X fans are fully behind Ashton, Spud is yet another competitor who falls prey to the Triple X fans creative chanting with "S*** hair, no fans and Jon Bon Dickhead" being heard at numerous times during the match. Spud controlled the early going, with Ashton only seemingly having a glimmer of a chance at winning the match, Spud made a costly mistake mid match and all of a sudden was on the back foot. At this point Spud leaves the ring and calls for a rock off! Spud's air guitar only raised crowd apathy while Ashton's dancing wowed the crowd, the rock off only posed as a distraction though as Spud attacked Ashton from behind regaining the advantage. The match began turning in Ashton's favour once more (as he looked for that elusive win in Triple X) and just as he had the match won, Spud rolled his leather belt around his hand and clocked Ashton with it winning the match. Another match that I thought had a lot of potential turned into a good match and with the ending, Ashton vs. Spud 2 looks to be on the cards and I'm all for that.

Match Time: 15 minutes
Winner: Spud
Winner of Rock-Off: Ashton

Damned Nation (Dragon Aisu & Majik W/Gabriel Grey) vs. Jexodus (Jekkel & Exodus)

Aisu walks over to me and steals my notebook away! Reading while he sits in the corner awaiting his opponents (he's obviously a fan! Well that's what I'd like to think). Fans are fully behind Jexodus and show their intense hatred of Damned Nation with "Aisu is a dickhead" chants. Jexodus control the early going of the match, with numerous quick tags cutting off the ring from their opponents. This all changes when Exodus is whipped into the ropes where Aisu is (Aisu trips and hangs Exodus on the ropes) allowing Majik to take over. Majik and Aisu take it in turns to rile up the crowd "Clap your hands if you're a retard" and numerous chinlocks at different points in the match (much to the crowds chagrin). Aisu and Majik look all set for the win but by this point they have made Exodus mad and he suddenly fights back and shows no ill effects to Aisu's half nelson suplex! Exodus finally makes the tag to Jekkel and the match is swinging Jexodus's way, Jekkel ascends the turnbuckle but Grey stops him, Jekkel then chases after Grey leaving Exodus alone with the Damned Nation. Exodus fights but is soon finished off with an elevated flatliner by Majik for the 3 count. Good way to end the show, this feud has been building up for a few months in Triple X and once again with how it ended I believe a rematch maybe in the pipeline and that is just fine by me.

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner: Damned Nation

Overall Thoughts:

Top to bottom another good show by Triple X, a lot of different styles meshed together and they worked well. Comedy (numerous hilarious moments during the show highlighted by Trip-El Ligero), Atmosphere (numerous creative chants by the Triple X crowd), great wrestling action (Chris Stone vs. Zack Sabre Jr) a truly shocking moment when Edgar Stryfe turned his back on CK Light and Andy Shoes, a rock off and the hottest rising star in Triple X Wrestling Shelf! This is the kind of show that should be seen by far more than 60 fans! Although Triple X is seen as being for an acquired taste if you're looking for good wrestling from top to bottom I say you should give Triple X a go.

Match of the Night:

Zack Sabre Jr vs. Chris Stone

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