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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

VPW 10/12/07 Official Results & Notes

Courtesy of Victory Pro Wrestling:

“The Glory of the Gold”

Everyone at VPW would like to thank all of the fans who came out to the show last night in Centereach, New York.

Just as the ring announcer was welcoming everyone to the show, Nick Noshus stormed the ring. Noshus made it clear that he was furious about being excluded from the title tournament despite remaining undefeated in VPW. He then began to insult “Firebird” Jorge Santi, his scheduled opponent for later in the night. Santi quickly ran out and a confrontation ensued.

Mack Daddy Flexx defeated “Masculine Marvel” Sabotage in the first match of the night, which was also a first-round match in the championship tournament. Despite Sabotage’s weasel-like tactics, Flexx was able to defeat his conniving opponent.

In one of the more intense matches of the night, Javi-Air defeated “The Good Guy” Azrieal. These two top cruiserweights had action in the ring, in the air and all around the ringside area. At one point Azrieal got frustrated and tried to head to the back for a time-out, but Javi-Air literally dragged Azrieal back to the ring. This was the second first-round match.

“The Best Body In The Business” Jason Static defeated Richie Tyler by submission to advance to the next round of the tournament. Some people have been referring to Static as the “Best Bully In The Business” because he’s been trying to bully Richie Tyler around all year.

Picking up right where the show opened, next up was Nick Noshus taking on “Firebird” Jorge Santi. Noshus was victorious for the second straight show, thanks once again to underhanded tactics. After the match was over, Noshus boasted that he could do it again at the next VPW event. Determined to defeat his rival, Santi eagerly accepted.

At this point in the show, Grim Reefer was still not at the building due to transportation problems. Several people overhead “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious and “Masculine Marvel” Sabotage laughing about how Grim Reefer was never going to make it to the show thanks to some “car trouble.” Grim Reefer was scheduled to take on Joe So Delicious in a first-round tournament match. VPW Officials made the call to give Grim Reefer more time to get to the show due to the important nature of the event. The alternative would have been to grant Joe So Delicious an automatic advancement into the next round.

A big six-man grudge tag team match came next. This match saw Xandar Page and Jay Delta, collectively known as Eclipse, teaming up with fellow member of “The Crew,” Joey Everlast to take on JMS and VSK, collectively known as Livewired, and their partner for the night, Nightmare. Of course Jack O’Hearts accompanied his men to the ring, but right off the bat, something seemed different about Jack O’Hearts. Despite telling the fans that he now had the best haircut that money could buy, he was actually wearing a wig to cover up his shaved head, which he received courtesy of Richie Tyler at the last VPW event. Fellow Crew member, Johnny Suburban also accompanied his guys to the ring. Having more experience as a unit, The Crew were able to successfully defeat their opponents.

Growing impatient, Joe So Delicious and Sabotage made their way down to the ring after the prior match. Delicious told the fans that there was no way that Grim Reefer was making it to the building, so he should automatically advance to the next round. Don Tony even came out in the aisle-way claiming he didn’t know where Grim Reefer was. While this was going on, Reefer came through the building’s front door, put down his bags and hopped over the rail into the ring. He immediately removed Sabotage from the equation and then went to work on Joe So Delicious. Don Tony tossed Sabotage over his shoulder and brought him to the back. Despite just arriving and despite wrestling in his street clothes, Grim Reefer was successful in defeating the much larger Joe So Delicious and therefore advanced to the next round of the tournament.

Moving along to the second round of the tournament, Jason Static was victorious against his long-time nemesis, Mack Daddy Flexx. Up until this match, Flexx was undefeated in VPW and surely a favorite to go home with the gold. Static had two aces up his sleeve as an insurance policy to make sure that he made it to the finals. Those aces were Sabotage and Joe So Delicious, his partners in “Best Bodies, Inc.” Just as Flexx was on his way to victory, Delicious and Sabotage ran down and distracted him. Flexx got his shots in, but the distraction was just enough to give Jason Static the opportunity he needed to secure the win.

The next match was the second second-round match in the VPW championship tournament. With not much time to rest following his first-round match, Grim Reefer was successful in defeating Javi-Air. The VPW fans were torn in this very close match since both wrestlers are huge fan-favorites.

Following that was the Jerry Fitzwater Show. As usual, Fitzwater sang his way to the ring. His guests were “Prince of Suburbia” Johnny Suburban and Jack O’Hearts. Fitzwater was intrigued by O’Hearts newest “hairstyle.” He even found what looked to be his car keys swallowed Jack O’Hearts’ “hair.” Despite losing to Richie Tyler at the last show, Suburban bragged that he could defeat anybody in the locker room and that everyone back there was dead. Maybe he should have chosen his words a bit more carefully because that brought out the Zombie and led to an impromptu match. The Zombie chased Suburban around like a maniac and eventually overpowered Suburban for the win. Zombie then took it upon himself to chase Jack O’Hearts all over the building and eventually pulled of the eccentric wig that O’Hearts had on.

Then came the grudge tag team match which saw Scotty Rio and Mr. Professional of VTG Enterprises defeat Major Intencity and Chopsaw. Vinny the Guido was extra pleased that his unit was successful. After incurring several losses, he assured his guys that since they were all on the same page now, nothing could stop them. This match had been building for months. Major Intencity defeated Scotty Rio twice in a row in singles matches and Chopsaw pinned Mr. Professional in an elimination match at the last event. Intencity and Chopsaw had the fans behind them, but it wasn’t enough. Vinny the Guido was correct in his prediction, as he cracked Major Intencity in the head with a chain while the referee was busy dealing with Chopsaw and Professional on the outside.

Finally up was the final round of the tournament to find out who would be the first ever VPW Champion. Grim Reefer and Jason Static have been feuding with each other on and off since September 2006. Going into this match, both men held victories over the other in singles matches. Both men went through some of VPW’s best and had hard-fought matches all night long. Static tried to gain the early advantage by having his buddies Joe So Delicious and Sabotage accompany him to the ring, but they were immediately informed that if they interfered or stayed at ringside, they would be fired on the spot. During the match, Static started waiving to the back for them to help, but nobody came out. He then walked towards the curtain and tried again, but he didn’t get the response that he desired. Instead, Static got the Zombie. Much like the last show, Zombie stalked Static at ringside. However this time, security was able to step in. It looked like Grim Reefer had the match won, but in the end, it was Jason Static that was victorious. Of course, like everything he does, Static broke the rules and held Reefer’s rights while he pinned him. Following the match, Joe So Delicious and Sabotage ran out to celebrate as Static was presented with the VPW Championship. Angry that the referee did not see Static hold his tights, Reefer assaulted the referee. Best Bodies, Inc. remained at Ringside to celebrate, much to the disappointment of the fans.

VPW will return to action in Centereach on Saturday night December 1, 2007. The original date of November 30, 2007 was changed due to a scheduling conflict with the building. VPW’s 2008 schedule will be announced shortly.

Stay tuned to www.victoryprowrestling.com for all things VPW. The site is under a true overhaul, but will be completed shortly.