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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Bouncer Shows He Is The REAL Deal By Matching ROH Star Jimmy Jacobs At Future Championship Wrestling’s ’Anarchy At The Arena’ By Oliver Newman

Company: Future Championship Wrestling
Date: Saturday 10th November 2007
Time: 7:00pm
Attendance: 360
Price: General - £10 or a Party of 4 - £36
Location: The Glades Arena, Kidderminster, West Midlands.

Kris Godsize welcomes the crowd to FCW ‘Anarchy At The Arena‘, he also has the unfortunate task of telling the fans that Sterling James Keenan‘s flight was delayed and he won‘t be here.

Battle Royal for shot at Carl Mizzery
The Hunter Bros (Rodd & Todd) vs. Lord Graham Tomkinson vs. Jay Icon vs. The Masked Inferno vs. ‘Star Man’ Mark Clarke vs. ‘Red Tiger’ Axel Bowen vs. B52 vs. ‘Ladies Favourite’ Damien Grant vs. Blade

Icon tries to eliminate LGT but only receives chops for his trouble. Quick eliminations follow as Todd Hunter, Mark Clarke, Masked Inferno & Rodd Hunter are thrown out. Icon low bridges B52 sending him out of the ring, Blade follows shortly after (eliminated by Bowen). A big boot by LGT eliminates Grant from the Battle Royal. Leaving three men in the ring (LGT, Icon & Bowen) Bowen & LGT double team Icon with chops. Icon fights back with an avalanche splash on LGT & Bowen in the corner knocking Bowen and LGT down in a compromising position! LGT holds Icon but he manages to move causing Bowen to connect with a clothesline on LGT and with that Icon throws LGT out. It’s now one on one between Icon and Bowen for a match with Mizzery, Icon takes control with a clothesline/bulldog combination but can’t eliminate Bowen. Bowen recovers with a rake to the eyes, Icon returns with a top rope clothesline but is distracted by FCW Champion Saul Adams and that is enough to allow Bowen to pick up the win by bundling Icon out.

Match Time: 7 minutes
Winner: ‘Red Tiger’ Axel Bowen

Adams and Bowen continue the beat down on Icon until Doug Williams and the FCW locker room interject, Williams asks “What kind of Champion are you” (after attacking Icon 2 on 1) and challenges Adams to an FCW Title match tonight (Adams accepts), Williams turns to the crowd and states “I’m going to take the FCW Title Belt off that coward” the fans start a “Loser” chant directed at Adams and clap as Williams leaves.

My Thoughts:
Well that was rushed! 7 minutes given to a battle royal involving 10 men was strange and led to a pretty nothing contest as it was mostly blink and you’ll miss it eliminations. One man looked good in the Battle Royal and that man was Jay Icon who showed a great intensity and had the fans support in his losing effort. The Battle Royal’s job was to find a new opponent for Carl Mizzery and that was achieved as Axel Bowen won the match.

‘Second Coming’ Celt Kennedy vs. ‘The Wonder-kid’ Jonny Storm

Kennedy takes the microphone “Time for all you brats to go back to your seats otherwise you’ll go missing like that blonde child in Portugal” A kid tries to talk up “Can’t understand what your saying loser, sit down and shut up or go home”. Kennedy then turns his attention to Storm “This loser represents all of you people” Kennedy then challenges the fans Joel ‘Afro’ Allen (The referee) has heard enough and swipes the mic away.

Lock-up with Kennedy gaining control pushing Storm into the corner when the ref asks for a clean break he slaps Storm’s chest. Storm wins the second lock-up and pushes Kennedy into the corner, on the clean break Kennedy punches Storm in the face. The fans chant “Jonny, Jonny” Kennedy wins a third lock-up but his punch is blocked and Storm fires back with some of his own. Kennedy flips Storm into the air, Storm positions himself and hits with the hurracanrana and with a follow up low bridge Kennedy finds himself out of the ring. Storm hits with his patented top rope Japanese Arm drag “6-1-9” chant starts up but Storm is reversed whip and Kennedy levels him with a spear for a two count. Kennedy struggles to the top rope and misses the subsequent Senton. Storm quickly follows up with a dropkick landing Kennedy on the middle rope and connects with a 6-1-9, Kennedy falls in position and Storm hits with a jump up moon-sault from the second rope for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 15 minutes
Winner: ‘The Wonder-kid’ Jonny Storm

My Thoughts:
That was a good match. Kennedy who I had not seen before impressed me with his wrestling skills and his jawing with the crowd was hilarious at times. Storm brought his fast paced style to Kidderminster and it meshed well with Kennedy leading to a match the FCW fans enjoyed. A good solid wrestling match by both men.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. The Bouncer

The fans chant “Bouncer, Bouncer” Jacobs complains “I’m an international superstar!” the fans chant “Yankee, Yankee” at him. As Bouncer enters Jacobs leaves causing the fans to chant “Chicken” at him, “I’m not a chicken” Jacobs retorts. Lock-up Jacobs ducks out and leaves the ring once more, the FCW fans chant and clap for Bouncer. Jacobs returns stating he needs complete silence to wrestle. Headlock by Bouncer who quickly transitions into a wristlock “Should I break it” he asks the crowd, Jacobs puts his foot on the ropes to break the hold “Chicken” chants once more. Bouncer calls for the F-5 but Jacobs gets out and connects with a spear for a two count, Jacobs continues the attack with a Texas Cloverleaf but Bouncer struggles his way to the ropes. Jacobs climbs the turnbuckle and jumps off with a Senton but Bouncer gets his knees up, Jacobs attempts his finishing move the Contra Code but Bouncer skilfully catches Jacobs and turns it into an F-5 for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 15 minutes
Winner: The Bouncer

My Thoughts:
That was another good match, back and forth with chances for either man to win. Jacobs played the coward to perfection as the chants of “Chicken” signify, Bouncer went toe to toe with Jacobs wrestling wise also and looked impressive. The match had wrestling, brawling, crowd interaction and a tremendous finish (with Bouncer reversing the Contra Code into the F-5) to pick up a huge upset win, and in doing so proved to any doubters that he is indeed the real deal.


Kris Godsize announces that FCW will be back at The Glades Arena on March 8th 2008

3 Way Tag match for FCW Tag Titles
Swift Justice (’Bird of Prey’ Falcon & The Judge) vs. Pl4Y (Brandon Thomas & Kev O’Neil w/ Kelli) © vs. Gunns of Steele (Tommy Gunn & British Born Steele)

The kids at ringside fight over the plastic gun Tommy brought to the ring! Gunns Of Steele dropkick both teams out of the ring, but they quickly return and put a beat down on G.O.S. but G.O.S. fight back with dropkicks and then try a double leap frog but Gunn mis-times his and gets caught by Falcon. Pl4y beat on G.O.S. until they manage to fight back with stereo hurracanrana’s to take Pl4y to the outside, BBS follows up with a slingshot body splash. Judge hits Gunn with a back suplex and Falcon quickly follows up with a top rope leg drop for a two count. Falcon applies a nerve hold on Gunn as the fans clap, he sarcastically states “All of you are clapping for me”. BBS has seen enough and runs at Falcon who hastily exit’s the ring “You should show me the respect I deserve” he tells the FCW fans. Falcon follows up with a DVD on Gunn but once again can only get a two count. Falcon gets frustrated and tries to get a pinfall anyway he can with a number of consecutive falls in the next minute or so, but to no avail. Thomas knees Gunn and follows up with a club to his back, BBS interrupts with a back-cracker on Thomas allowing Gunn to hit a Senton on Thomas, Kelli interferes grabbing BBS by the hair. This allows Falcon to hit the Kryptonite Crunch on BBS, Thomas connects with a low blow on Falcon and throws him out of the ring, before pinning BBS for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 22 minutes
Winners and STILL FCW Tag Team Champions: Pl4Y (Brandon Thomas & Kev O’Neil)

My Thoughts:
That was a good old school tag match to kick off the second half of the show. All three teams looked impressive as the match progressed, Gunn took a hell of a beating but showed his incredible resilience by fighting back and finally tagging in BBS. Swift Justice looked solid and garnered a bit of hatred from the crowd, Pl4y proved to be the opportunists with the quick and cheap pinfall that ended the match. A couple of slight mis-timings stopped this match from being very good but it was still another good match on a solid card thus far.

‘Red Tiger’ Axel Bowen vs. ‘Dark Angel’ Carl Mizzery

Bowen endears himself to the FCW fans “Chance to prove yourself, you little freaks” during a posing match with Mizzery won, the fans even asked Bowen “Who are ya?” Bowen attacks Mizzery from behind, Irish whipping Mizzery but Mizzery leapfrogs over and takes Bowen down with a hip-toss and dropkick. Mizzery kicks Bowen’s leg and follows with a standing moon-sault, Bowen rolls out “In the ring” chants Mizzery. Bowen retorts “I’ll get in the ring when I’m good and ready”. Mizzery levels Bowen with a T-Bone suplex as the fans clap, Mizzery then jumps from the mat to the top rope but misses with his attempted splash. Bowen takes advantage and connects with a Black-hole slam for a close near fall, he can’t believe that hasn’t ended the match. Bowen pushes Mizzery in the corner and fights with him on the turnbuckle, Mizzery pushes Bowen off and hits with a Frog splash for the 1, 2 and 3 to a loud cheer from the FCW fans.

Match Time: 12 minutes
Winner: ‘Dark Angel’ Carl Mizzery

My Thoughts:
It was a disappointment that Sterling James Keenan’s flight was delayed, but this match was another good one and in the end I don’t think Keenan was missed that much (based on it). Bowen and Mizzery wrestled a pretty even contest as they both looked for ways to put their opponent away, it looked all over with the Black-hole slam but Mizzery fought back and showed his high flying skills ending the match with a Frog splash. Good match!

FCW Championship
‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams vs. ‘New Sensation‘ Saul Adams ©

Adams tells the fans to “Shut their little mouths” Bowen sneaks up behind Williams and smacks him in the back with a chair (before the bell has rang), Adams follows up by ramming Williams’s head into two separate steel ring posts and after choking Williams finally rolls him in and with that the match starts.

Adams goes straight for the pin but can only get a two count, Adams connects with a back-breaker for a two once again, frustrated he tells the ref to count faster. Bowen comes into the ring as Adams holds Williams but Williams moves and Bowen boots Adams, Williams follows up with a clothesline for a two count. Williams continues the offence with punches and a hip-toss before applying the wrist-lock and hitting an arm-breaker, Adams is able to reverse out with a snap-mere and head-lock but Williams skilfully reverses out of the head-lock and back into a wrist-lock of his own. Adams connects with a Blue thunder bomb and definitely gets a three count from the referee with the bell ringing, but the referee states he made a mistake and the match is restarted. Adams and the ref argue over the count, Bowen throws a steel chair in but Williams is wise to it and hits Bowen with a spine buster on the chair. Williams looks all set for the win when he attempts the Chaos Theory on Adams but Adams low blows Williams and Bowen gives him another for good measure. Adams once again connects with a Blue thunder bomb for the 1, 2 and 3.

The fans boo Adams and Bowen, Williams comes to and gets a measure of revenge with a double noggin knocker on the two men. Williams follows up with a clothesline on Adams and takes possession of the FCW Heavyweight Title, the fans clap for Williams as he leaves.

Match Time: 15 minutes
Winner and STILL FCW Champion: ‘New Sensation’ Saul Adams

My Thoughts:
That was a good main event, and a good way to end the show! Williams and Adams put forth good performances in a match that had run ins, scientific wrestling, cheating, the ref being knocked down and finally a pretty cheap finish. The cheap finish was ok though because the wrestling that had gone before it was of a good standard, the way the match ended it looks like Williams vs. Adams 2 could happen shortly and I’m all for that.

Overall Thoughts:
Jay Icon looked impressive in the throw away battle royal to start the show. Kennedy and Storm put forth a good match, Bouncer matched ROH Star Jimmy Jacobs in the match of the night, the 3 way tag was a good old school match, Misery & Bowen contested a back and forth match and Williams vs. Adams was a good match to end the show. FCW came to Kidderminster with an impressive card and even minus Sterling James Keenan delivered a night of good wrestling from start to finish to a crowd of 360 people which is an impressive feat in its own right.

Match of the Night:
Jimmy Jacobs vs. The Bouncer

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