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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bushido Promotions Announces New MMA Fight Platform

Courtesy of Bushido Promotions:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bushido Promotions is owned and operated by Master Michael R Butler.

Master Butler’s goal is to give back to the art in every way that he can and make it entertaining for all eyes that are watching. He is an outstanding Martial Artist and Instructor himself, and holds a sixth degree black belt covering numerous arts.

Master Butler has been actively involved in Martial Arts since he was 2 years of age, training and fighting amongst the biggest names in the industry. Master Butler competed for the first time in a sanctioned fight at the age of 6 years old and obtained his first black belt in Shuri-Te Shoa-Lyn Zu at the age of 11 years old. He was inducted into the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame in the year 2000 as Instructor of the year.

Master Butler has built relationships with and trained with many world renowned Martial Artists such as Grand Master Taika Seiyu Oyata, Grand Master and Soke Michael H Butler (his father), Master David A Valovich, Master Brad Lovell, Master Michael Babcock, Co-Founder of the IMAA and Author Master Philip Star, World Middle Weight Kick Boxing Champion Lafayette Lawson, Grand Master Michael Graves, Grand Master Dr. Michael Moore, and the late Grand Master Jerry Barber.

Master Butler is now offering Amateur fighters an opportunity to fight in ISCF sanctioned fights in the Branson, Missouri area. These fights will combine MMA fighting with shows in between the fights that highlight traditional Martial Arts.

The first show will be in Branson, MO on December 8, 2007. Fighters must be registered with both Bushido Promotions and the ISCF no later than November 28, 2007.

"I am excited to be working with fighters all over the country and even more excited to bring the tradition of the Art back to this platform" stated Master Butler

For more information, go to www.bushidopromotions.com and fill out the form or contact Master Butler directly at bushidopromotions@gmail.com

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