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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dreams Do Come True At Ringside Live! By Oliver Newman

I decided to make my way to Coventry today (on a very cold afternoon), to check out the Ringside Live Wrestling Shop which was a tremendous concept, to see if it was indeed a tremendous reality. Finding the place was an incredible hassle, Majik had said it was 2 minutes from the Belgrade Theatre but I can tell you now it isn’t, it’s not too far away and basically on a straight road by Argos. Another problem was I believed Ringside Live was a stand alone shop but it isn’t it’s part of Bishop Games the actual upstairs compartment of the shop.

The shop is fantastic and a true wrestling fans dream, although split up into two parts Wrestling and Fantasy it works quite well. There is a lot to keep wrestling fans well amused in their part of the shop, DVDs, T-Shirts Wrestling Figures, Masks, Books, etc and the added bonus of a DVD playing live on the screen.

Wrestling DVDS: TNA, 1PW (as recent as Underground 2), SWA at the moment, more to come.

T-Shirts: All kinds of shape and sizes from Small to XXL. Old School WWF, WWE, UFC, TNA and SWA thus far. Although I had came to browse I walked away with an Edge & Christian ‘Reeking of awesomeness since 1973’ T-Shirt for £5!

Masks: Japanese ones and free masks when you buy Rey Mysterio’s wrestling figure.

Books: HBK Heart Break & Triumph, Batista’s Book, Eddie Guerrero’s ‘Cheating Death Stealing Life’ Paperback and Divas & WWE Annuals 2008.

Wrestling Figures: Tons to choose from, MNM, Matt Hardy, Vince McMahon, etc.

Wrestling Gear: A number of different professional pieces of Wrestling Gear were on show as well.

TV showing a DVD live, I saw parts of Jeff Hardy’s TNA DVD and AJ Styles ‘Phenomenal’ even staying to watch the amazing Triple Threat match AJ Styles, Chris Daniels and Samoa Joe had at Unbreakable 2005!

Reason to visit Ringside Live:

BARGAIN BIN: Whoa what a fantastic selection of DVDS and T-Shirts all for £5 (it’s actually where I picked up my E&C T-Shirt), others to choose from inc Teddy Hart’s 1PW Shoot Interview, The Rock T-Shirts, Up Close with Bret Hart and many more.

My Thoughts:

The DREAM is very much a reality! The Ringside Live is as impressive as it sounds. Everything a Wrestling fan could want is there or will be there in the coming weeks, a tremendous array of items already and when Brit Wrestling Promotions send their DVDs along then even more choice will be had. With Chris Jericho’s ‘A Lions Tale’ and Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart’s ‘My life in the cartoon world of Professional Wrestling’ on the way, TRL should be very busy in the days and weeks to come! I would advise all Wrestling fans to visit The Ringside Live for themselves as it is a journey well worth making!

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