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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FCW 11/13 Results From New Port Richey, FL

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

After a successful event for Jessie’s Place in Lecanto, Florida Championship Wrestling returned to Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey, FL for its November 13th event.

(1) Chris Gray defeated Bryan Kelly.

Gray demanded the “tossers” in attendance needed to bow down to him, Kelly decided to beat down Gray instead with several moves including a bodyslam that sent Gray to the floor. But when Gray re-entered he got dropkicked but hit Kelly with a forearm shot to the back. Gray hit a backbreaker like move to begin the softening process and a back suplex got him two. Gray went for the submission with a Boston or London Crab but Kelly powered out and got two. Gray quickly got to his feet but got hit with an atomic knee drop and an inverted one before a clothesline. Kelly hit an elbow drop and a Stinger Splash and a suplex thinking he had the pin, but Gray shifted his weight and was able to pin Kelly before he knew what happened.

(2) Tommy Taylor defeated Hade Vansen.

This was an all England affair and neither man wasted time, trying to soften the other up with chain wrestling. Things got a bit rough when Vansen refused to break clean and got in a forearm to Taylor’s jaw. But Vansen’s Alabama Slam was countered by Taylor into a victory roll like move and then a suplex for two. Taylor tried to loosen some of Vansen’s teeth with several forearm shots but nearly lost his head when a top rope move was stopped by Vansen, as he tripped Taylor off the top. Vansen got two with a vicious looking German suplex and went for the submission with a neck vise. Vansen didn’t get the tap out so he let the hold go only to hit some European forearms. Vansen went back to the neck vise but had to let it go when he raked the eyes. That allowed Taylor to get some air hitting chest chops and snapping off a huricurana. Taylor went up again and after fighting off Vansen, he hit a moonsault to get the pin.

(3) “The Professional” Mike Mondo defeated the debuting Nico Pappas.

Mondo seemed to take Pappas lightly and got taken down with single leg. Pappas went to the left arm but Mondo reversed only to be taken down with a waistlock into a front facelock but Mondo got to the ropes, begging for the referee to break the hold. Mondo decided if Pappas wanted to do amateur, he would get down and wrestle like he did on Long Island. Instead Pappas got several two counts before Mondo spilt to the floor to throw a tantrum. Mondo came back to the ring and said it was Pappas’ turn to ride the mat. Mondo was very trepidatious and decided enough was done so he kicked Pappas in the ribs and let loose with in your face moves including trying to rip open the youngster mouth. Mondo settled into a rear chinlock but Pappas got out only to be hit with a Russian legsweep. Mondo smacked Pappas in the head before going to the chinlock once more hoping to end the match. Mondo let the hold go but missed an elbow drop which allowed Pappas to get on the attack including a powerslam which got two. But it all came crashing down when Pappas missed a cross body block and Mondo hit a discus forearm shot to Pappas’ face for the pinfall win.

(4) “Super Fan” Chet Douglas & Kevin Kiley defeated “The Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne & “Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee.

Kiley and Douglas were both extra energized after getting their first wins in FCW last week. Douglas and Osborne began the bout with Douglas going for some chain wrestling and Osborne falling flat on his face as Douglas stomped both feet. Kiley tagged in and Osborne high tailed it to his corner to bring in Bowdee but Bowdee ended up on the mat in an armbar. Douglas tagged in and out working the arm but that ended when Osborne tried to make peace with Douglas via an autographed photo. It worked as Bowdee snuck up from behind the “Super Fan” and decked him with a double ax handle. Bowdee and Osborne went to work on Douglas but couldn’t get the pin even after a slam off the top rope, which allowed Douglas to sit up Undertaker style but his chokeslam was blocked. Douglas fought out of a chinlock and hit Osborne with a Rock Bottom before tagging in Kiley who was ready to fight. Douglas joined in but his Batista Bomb was blocked as Bowdee saved Osborne. But there was a communication breakdown and Osborne was hit by a dropkick intended for Kiley. Kiley quickly dumped Bowdee to the floor and rolled up Osborne for the pinfall win.

It was time for Happy Hour with “Handsome” Heath Miller. He talked about last week’s guest Billy Kidman and his match with Kidman later in the evening. His guests tonight were the FCW Divas: the Bella Twins (Nicole & Brianna), Lacey Von Erich and Maryse, claiming all four ladies were part of his entourage. Miller asked each of the ladies how they felt to be in the ring with him. Von Erich and Maryse both it was nice to be on the Happy Hour but were not too impressed by the “Handsome” one. When he got the Bella’s things got interesting, when they rejected Miller’s advance. When it looked like Miller was going to strike the Twins, Johnny Curtis came out to defend them. Curtis said Miller had lots of rich boy toys but he had no respect for the wrestling fans and the Divas. Miller felt things were not in his favor so he decided to leave but not before Von Erich kissed both men. That angered the Bella’s and all four ladies began to fight in the ring, who were broken up by Miller and Curtis.

(5) “The Natural” Nick Nemeth (w/Big Rob) vs. Dixon Cox.

Nemeth went for intimidation but Cox grabbed his nose threatening to break it off. Nemeth got out of the grip but walked back into it after escaping a side headlock. Nemeth escaped again but a dropkick to the face sent him to Big Rob for some alone time. Nemeth stalled for time as he told the referee his hair and tights were pulled but the referee wasn’t buying it. A test of strength was stopped by a Nemeth kick and Cox’s offense went flat when he missed a top rope bodyblock. Cox tried to recover as the ladies cheered him on but a right hand punch from Big Rob stopped that. Nemeth went to squeeze the life out of Cox with a body scissor but the crowd energized Cox as Big Rob’s attempt at a sucker punch was broken up by FCW Security Matt. Cox got excited after hitting a Pele’ kick and went up hitting a slingshot clothesline but got two. But not even Viagra could save Cox as Nemeth won with a rollup and a hand full of tights.

(6) Sheamus O’Shaunessy defeated Big Ryck Hertz.

This was a rematch from last week as both men faced off in a six man match. Both men tried to gain control using power but it was Hertz who hit O’Shaunessy with a ring shaking slam. But the offense was short lived as SOS raked Hertz’s eyes and drove his left shoulder into the ringpost. This allowed the Irishman to go to work on Hertz with an overhand wristlock, forcing Hertz to try and power out with the injured arm. SOS got the win after using wrist tape as a choking and a battle axe shot to the arm as the referee was tossing the wrist tape out of the ring. Hertz wasn’t too pleased at the outcome and fought with O’Shaunessy around the ring.

(7) Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated Steve Lewington.

These two men went on the attack with mat wrestling but it was DiBiase who got control with a clothesline that got a bit under the chin and a knife shot to the throat. DiBiase got two after hitting an in ring senton and a DiBiase fist drop. DiBiase went to the second rope and dropped his boots into Lewington’s rock solid abdomen. Lewington tried to fight back but DiBiase locked in an abdominal stretch. Lewington escaped and leveled DiBiase with clothesline and a running slam before going to the second rope for a flying elbow for two. Lewington went for another move and DiBiase got a powerslam for two. DiBiase went up top and it cost him as he missed a splash and Lewington hit a K5 but DiBiase’s momentum sent the referee to the mat. As Lewington tired to pin DiBiase a masked man came out and leveled Lewington with a slapjack. The referee recovered and saw DiBiase covering Lewington for the win.

(8) In a challenge match, “Handsome” Heath Miller defeated Billy Kidman.

Kidman had all week to get ready for this match and knowing it Miller went to work with a cheap shot at the bell. Kidman fought back with a huricurana and a sliding dropkick to Miller’s chest. Miller thought he had control but he couldn’t block Kidman’s head scissor which sent Miller to the floor. Kidman followed out with a top rope tope’ but got hit with a Hot Shot on a nearby bar. Miller tossed Kidman back into the ring and kept on the attack working over Kidman’s neck. But Kidman fought out of a neckvise, hitting Miller with a dropkick. Both men fought to their feet where Kidman got on the attack but Miller ducked a clothesline to hit a Rude Awakening for two. Miller went for the end but Kidman rolled him up for two. Miller fought back with a DDT for two which seemed to bring out the frustration in the “Handsome” One. Miller’s F5 was countered into a Kidman rib buster for two. Miller had Kidman rolled up but the referee saw Miller’s legs on the ropes, so Miller hit a power bomb also for two. Miller went to pick up Kidman but got tagged with an enziguri which sent Miller to the floor where he grabbed a drink. But when Kidman went to the ropes to grab Miller he got the alcoholic beverage shot into his face. Miller acted fast and hit Kidman with a Rude Awakening into a STO to win.

(9) FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Afa Jr. defeated Kofi Kingston.

This was Kingston’s contracted title shot after defeating Santino Marella at the last JCC event and he was ready even as Afa told him he needed to lay down. Kingston got right on the attack with three near falls including countering the Samoan drop. Afa went to the floor to clear the cobwebs and slow down Kingston. Afa came right back in and got hit with a drop toe hold into a body scissor two count which sent the champion to the floor once more. But Kingston got too close to the ropes and Afa pulled him to the floor driving Kingston’s back into the apron. Afa brought Kingston into the ring and the champ went to work on the injury but Kingston fired back with chest chops, so Afa fired back knocking Kingston to the mat. Afa hit Shock Treatment but Kingston kicked out at two. Kingston tried to fight back as Afa hit chops and he was able to hit a spear like move for two. But Kingston missed his patented legdrop and Afa reversed a top rope cross block to win the match with what looked like his feet on the ropes and his hands in Kingston’s tights.

(10) In a lumberjack match, “the Stamped Kid” TJ Wilson defeated Jake Hager.

Surrounding the ring as lumberjacks were: “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne, “Handsome” Heath Miller, Ted DiBiase Jr., the Giant Titan, “Super Fan” Chet Douglas, Steve Lewington, Kofi Kingston & G-Rilla to keep Hager from losing via countout like he did last week. Wilson wanted a handshake before the match but instead got a punch to the jaw. Wilson fought back and Hager slid to the floor only to be tossed back into the ring by the lumberjacks. Hager came back in but Wilson backdropped him to the floor where the lumberjacks were waiting. Hager came back in and tried to get control by tossing Wilson to his side of the ring but Wilson fought off the lumberjacks and skinned the cat back in the ring. Wilson went to work on Hager’s left arm with an armbar submission but Hager refused to submit. Wilson went for a springboard move but DiBiase and friends grabbed Wilson’s legs allowing Hager to hit a shoulder block. Wilson had no way of avoiding the move and his ribs felt the full brunt of the former Sooner football star. Hager went to work on the ribs with kicks and bodyslams but Wilson kicked out of the pin attempts. He even got some help from Miller who used his towel to choke out Wilson as the lumber jacks fought around the ring. Wilson fought to his feet out of a chinlock but Hager suplexed him to the ring apron and hit a running knee to the head. Wilson fell to the floor where he fought off the lumberjacks attack trying to get back in the ring where Hager was waiting. Hager locked the chinlock once more and Wilson fought out once more, hitting Hager with a Victory Roll and a leg lariat. Hager got drop on the bottom rope and Wilson hit a slingshot legdrop for two followed by a DDT. Wilson went for the Sharpshooter but got distracted by Osborne allowing Hager to hit a Hot Shot for two. Hager went for waistlock but Wilson went into a rolling pin for two but Hager fired back with a sideslam. Wilson countered a back suplex and hit a top rope blockbuster but Hager’s pals pulled him to the floor. The other lumberjacks came over and fought around the ring. Titan got away from the pack and as the referee was occupied, hit Wilson with a chokeslam. Hager slid back in the ring thinking he had the match won, but he got hit with a backslide that allowed Wilson to win.

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