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Monday, November 5, 2007


Courtesy of Georgia Wrestling History's Rich Tate:


Bill Behrens’ NWA Notes will be updated today at http://nwawrestling.com/bbnotes.

NWA Anarchy results from Cornelia, GA, on November 3: Derrick Driver, Steven Walters & the World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) over the Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase, Brandon Phoenix, Adam Roberts & Don Matthews) at 12:39; Talent & Money (J.T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) over the Regular Guys (Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith) at 3:59; Billy Buck over Todd Sexton at 3:36; Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis over the Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) by disqualification at 12:09; Jesse Emerson versus Chris King ended as a no contest at 2:32; the Devil’s Rejects (Shaun Tempers & Azrael) (w/ Reverend Dan Wilson) over the Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) at 6:51; in an inter-gender match, Melissa Coates over Aaron Lee at 2:15; a match between Tony Santorelli and Wes Grissom never happened, as Grissom and Todd Sexton brawled outside the ring before an actual match could even get underway; Truitt Fields over Patrick Bentley (w/ Reverend Dan Wilson) to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Title at 7:55; and a main event between Mikal Judas and Iceberg never happened, as confusion set in when Jeff Lewis, Phil Shatter, and Jeff G. Bailey came to the ring, turning into a chaotic brawl. It was reported that over 200 were in attendance for this card. Larry Goodman wrote a report for this show which can be found at http://www.georgiawrestlinghistory.com/showreports/2007/027.html.

Anarchy is back in Cornelia, GA, on November 17, at the NWA Arena, with matches getting underway at 8:00 PM. Call (706) 768-9071 for more info. Advertised: Wes Salvatore Rinauro versus TNT (Tony Santorelli & Todd Sexton); the Devil’s Rejects versus Truitt Fields & Slim J; Mikal Judas versus Iceberg; Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis versus the Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young); Jeff Lewis versus Phil Shatter; Chris King, Billy Buck & Jesse Emerson versus the Anger Alliance; Talent & Money versus Derrick Driver & Steven Walters. Also scheduled to appear is Kory Chavis.

All-Star Wrestling Network results from Fort Valley, GA, on November 3: Damien over Azrael; Brokishi & Q-Ball over Simply Irresistible; Paul Warfield over Ron Stalker; Simon Sermon over Rick Michaels in a loser leaves match; Genocyde over Leon McMichael & the Cowboy to retain the AWN Tag Team Title; the Russian Kodiak over Billy the Kidd; and J-Rod & the Slaughter Pit over K.I. Elite (Shawn Hunter, Jake Slater & Mike Stratus). Chick Donovan also appeared.

AWN will be back in Fort Valley, GA, on November 10, at the Wrestleplex, beginning at 8:00 PM. Email wardpromo@aol.com for more info. Advertised: J-Rod will defend the AWN Heavyweight Title versus Shawn Hunter; Amien Rios versus Iceberg; Ron Stalker versus Chick Donovan; Killer Instinct versus the Slaughter Pit in a handcuff tag match; the Cowboy versus the Russian Kodiak; Paul Warfield versus the Nightmare; and Shock Value (Brokishi & Q-Ball) versus Leon McMichael & Iron Will.

Georgia Wrestling Federation results from Summerville, GA, on November 2: K.T. Hamill over Korrupt; Adam Blood & Kevin Ages over Luke Patterson & James Cody; Chris Lightning over Jay Bird; the Gangsta Nation (Josh Frost & G-Smooth) over Brian Rivers & Tommy Rocker; Josh Stone over Frankie Valentine; Da Jag over Chris Pain, Silas Con, and Matt Maverick, Jr., in a four-way match; Chip Hazard & Stupid over Chris Ganzer & Talon Williams; and a main event between Chad Stevens and Josh Frost ended in a double countout.

As we reported last week, the AWA announced some major changes in its organizational structure, whereas it appears ties with some affiliates may be severed. Although AWA’s Dale Gagner never responded to us, we did get some comments from Jody Peterman, promoter of AWA World-1 South, based in Georgia, about how it may affect his promotion: “I have helped the AWA Worldwide run shows in Louisiana and Wisconsin and I am contracted to assist in several shows in 2008. I am a promoter member of the AWA and I don't see that changing.”

Ultimate Christian Wrestling, who recently taped its first DVD, has announced a second taping, which is set to take place on January 12 at the National Guard Armory in Canton, GA.


Congratulations to Austin Creed, who was recently named as the October Wrestler of the Month by our partner site, GeorgiaWrestling.tk. Creed just did an interview with the Combat Hooligans at http://combat-hooligans.com/2007/11/04/combat-hooligans-show-14-with-awesome-austin-creed.

At the last All-Star Championship Wrestling card in Carrollton back in September, it was announced that the main event on the November 8 card would be a six-man tag match with Tommy Rich, Jake Roberts & Brad Armstrong versus Bobby Eaton, Greg Valentine, & the Masked Superstar. It was recently announced that five of those guys are to appear on November 8 (Armstrong not mentioned in advertisements), but the match lineups don’t mention a six-man tag, but rather singles matches with Rich versus Eaton and Roberts versus the Superstar, and no opponent named for Valentine. Even if Armstrong isn’t scheduled or appearing, his only real involvement in the build up to the six-man was making a save at the last show, so why not go ahead with the announced match? Again, we don’t know for a fact that Armstrong isn’t going to be there, or that this six-man event has been nixed, but if it was the cliffhanger for November 8, why is it not even mentioned? ASCW puts on a great show, but after a nice debut in May, they followed that up with an unannounced June cancellation that saw many fans make their way to the venue only to find it locked; a cage debacle at their return show in July, and now may not follow through on the main event as announced at the September show. Despite its flaws and minor inconsistencies, they do put on a nice show, but with a noticeable drop in attendance between the last two events, it may not be wise to ignore what had been built up as a nice main event later this week, especially considering five of the six guys are apparently going to be on the show.

We would like to mention that Slam! Wrestling has recently featured a couple of stories that may interest fans of Georgia wrestling. Bob Kapur wrote about Jimmy Rave and his recent move to TNA which can be read at http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/2007/10/29/4615930.html. Kapur then paid a visit to Abdullah the Butcher’s local eatery, and you can read about his experience at http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/2007/10/24/4602912.html.


1917: Strangler Lewis, managed by Billy Sandow, and Constant LeMarin wrestled to a draw at 80:00 at the Liberty Theatre in Savannah for promoter Max Bauman. Lewis injured his shoulder in the match and the referee refused to render a decision. The headlock was barred for the match.

1937: A match between Jack Bloomfield and Sago Hayamaka was ruled a no contest at the Spring Street Arena in Atlanta for promoters Frank Bettis and Cleve Roby.

1943: Albert Mills defeated Vic Holbrook at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Sammy Friedman.

1948: Herb Welch defeated Bill Canny to retain the World Junior Heavyweight Title at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. Welch had been the reigning World Junior Heavyweight Champion as recognized by the Nashville, TN, office since he defeated the Green Shadow on July 6, 1948, in Nashville.

1963: Bob Morrow, Ronnie Hill & Lonnie Brown defeated Al Galento, Luke Graham & the Inferno by disqualification in the main event at the Macon City Auditorium for promoter Fred Ward. At the time, Ward was not affiliated with the Atlanta office of Georgia Championship Wrestling. He had split from his partnership in July 1963. It is said that the reasons were over booking fees to use the talent sent in by the Atlanta office. The partnership was renewed and resumed in March 1964.

1965: Eddie Graham defeated Dale Lewis in the main event at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. Lewis had put up $1,000, betting he could not be pinned within the first thirty minutes. Graham got the win, but not the money, as he failed to defeat Lewis in the allotted time.

1968: Bill Dromo defeated Dale Lewis in the main event at the Macon City Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Fred Ward.

1971: Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller defeated Big John & Mr. X in a Lumberjack Match at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. During the match, Gunkel removed X’s mask, but since he could not be identified, and he continued to wrestle in the area as Mr. X without the mask. He reportedly required eight stitches to close a wound he suffered during the match over his left eye.

1974: Georgia Heavyweight Champion Luke Graham, managed by Rock Hunter, retained the title when his match with Ox Baker was ruled a no contest at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for All-South Wrestling Alliance promoter Ann Gunkel. Graham had been the reigning champion since he won a tournament for the vacant title on October 8, 1974, in Atlanta. The tournament also included Crusher Verdu, Jonathan Boyd, Norman Charles, John Foley, the Spider, the Missouri Mauler, El Mongol, Ray Candy, Carlos Colon, Charlie Cook, and Bearcat Wilkerson. Also, Chief Bold Eagle & Chief Little Eagle defeated the Royal Kangaroos to win the Georgia Tag Team Title. The Kangaroos had been the reigning champions since they defeated Ray Candy & El Mongol on May 25, 1974, in Atlanta.

1974: Ron & Terry Garvin, managed by Jimmy Garvin, defeated Danny Little Bear & Mr. Wrestling #2 in the main event at the Macon Coliseum for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Fred Ward.

1976: Ole & Gene Anderson defeated Bob Armstrong & Mr. Wrestling #1 to retain the World Tag Team Title at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Paul Jones. The Andersons had been the reigning champions since they defeated Dino Bravo & Mr. Wrestling #1 on June 28, 1976, in Raleigh, NC.

1979: Tommy Rich defeated Killer Karl Kox, managed by Bobby Heenan, by disqualification in the main event at the William Bell Auditorium for Georgia Championship Wrestling promoter Charlie Harbin.

2005: Bruce Biggins defeated T-Money to retain the UCW Heavyweight Title at the Harvest Church in Athens for Ultimate Christian Wrestling.

2005: David Young & Chris Stevens defeated John Bogie & Mike Foxx to retain the GCW Tag Team Title at the GCW Sports Arena for Great Championship Wrestling.

2005: Slim J defeated Justin Ramey to retain the Anarchy Television Title at the NWA Arena in Cornelia for NWA Anarchy.