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Monday, November 5, 2007

Preview For Tonight's Edition Of 'WWE RAW'

Host: LA's sold-out STAPLES Center.

What to expect?: It's sweeps month, so, in an attempt to boost sagging ratings, they'll again be trotting out the same overused faces and overdone angles, and begin the hard-sell for this year's edition of the 'Survivor Series.'

- Steve Austin will be present, and they're teasing some sort of retaliation against Santino Marella. Since revenue is also down, it wouldn't surprise me to see them build to an Austin-Marella bout (or, in the very least, a physical confrontation) for November 18 (although, at this point, Austin's name doesn't appear to mean much to the company's bottom line).

- DX reunites, and teams to face Randy Orton & Umaga. Bor-ing.

- Before the pay-per-view, Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio will pair, and face Mr. Kennedy & Finlay.

- Speaking of things I'd rather not see, they're teasing more in the ongoing sagas of Beth Phoenix, and Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly.

Considering how long it's been since I've even watched this show, let alone covered it, they'd better impress the hell out of me.

If you don't hear more from me before the start of the show, look for my review, which should be posted at about 11:10 PM ET.