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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Release: BSE Xtreme Xmas 2007

Courtesy of Blood, Sweat and Ears:

BSE: Xtreme Xmas '07
Sunday December 9th 2007
Raxx Entertainment Complex - Brampton, ON
Showtime 4pm

Peace on Earth. Good will towards men. Silent Nights. Holy Nights. Save that for Christmas Day. On Sunday December 9th, Blood Sweat and Ears presents Xtreme Xmas 2007 at Raxx Entertainment Complex in Brampton, Ontario. Opponents will be decked in the halls, hung up on the top rope, and a red nose won't belong to Rudolph. BSE closes out 2007 with an event that will heat up the night and bring Xmas cheers from the fans.

The BSE Suicide Six-Pack Champion, Franky the Mobster, puts his belt on the line against James Champagne, Kris Chambers, Vane, Pierre Shadows, and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. This will be the second time the TNA star will have a shot at the Suicide Six-Pack Belt. The first time was back on September 10th, when the inaugural match took place for the belt. Now, more than a year later, Christopher Daniels has another chance to claim BSE gold inside the squared circle. Some may ask why Kelly "Au Naturelle" Couture is not in the main event for the title. Kelly does have six months to use her option to enter into a Suicide Six-Pack title match, and has opted out for this event. When reached for comment, Kelly said "Rest assured, my fans will see me in the ring, fighting for the Six-Pack Championship in 2008. And I will become the first female champion in Blood Sweat and Ears."

Another clock that has been ticking since nearly the beginning of BSE's time, is counting down the final days 'til the final meeting between Don Paysan and Ash. Don Paysan won the Adrenaline Cup on July 29th 2007 in Brampton, Ontario, after entering the finals of the tournament disguised as TigerStar (who was injured following his semi-final match). Ash, thoroughly enraged by those actions, enlisted the services of "Bloodthirsty" Bob Kapur on October 28th at BSE Devil's Night. Together, their plan is to sue Blood Sweat and Ears for physical and emotional damages for the actions that lead to the loss of his Adrenaline Cup and Suicide Six-Pack belt. Ash has gone as far to put his own career on the line against Don Paysan, in exchange for his Adrenaline Cup. To add fuel to the fire, the match has been announced as a Last Man Standing contest. The only way to win is to deliver such a beating to your opponent, that they cannot get up after the count of 10. Ash claims this is the denouement in the story of their near two-year clash.

After a victory over the former tag team champions, the Suicide Kids, The All-Starters have managed to impress the right people and earned a title match against Tyson Dux and El Tornado. Although some would argue that perhaps the All-Starters rubbed someone the wrong way, and this is their punishment. Being fed to the lions. Every team that Tyson Dux & El Tornado have faced in the past, have suffered injuries and needed medical attention after the encounter. The All-Starters are young and strong, but they will need to bring their A-game and thensome if they are to survive in the ring against T'n'T at Xtreme Xmas.

Also in action, you will see Big Brian Youngblood, Anton Arakis, Kelly "Au Naturelle" Couture, Sebastian Suave, Mike Alias, Bat Martinez, Vlad the Penetrator and more!!

BSE is accepting non-perishable food donations for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Keep checking back to www.bloodsweatandears.com for more info.

Tickets are $15 GA
Showtime: 4pm

Raxx Entertainment Complex
370 Main Street (Hwy 10)
Kingspoint Plaza
Brampton, Ontario

For more information contact:
Arda Ocal