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Friday, November 2, 2007

Site Update: What is happening with www.combat-hooligans.com?

Courtesy of whacky Casey Trowbridge:

This is a quick note explaining why if you click on www.combat-hooligans.com right now, you get a 404 page not found or a "this site coming soon" page.

Shortly, our site will be undergoing a redesign and we are switching from blogger to word press. I'll cut down on the technical jargon and simply say that we will eventually be redirrecting the url www.combat-hooligans.com to our new word press page and then it will be up to date. You won't need to change any bookmarks.

Why did we deside to switch? It is so we can do more of the things that we've wanted to do for the site with less of the hassle. Including putting up separate links pages for MMA Promotions, Wrestling Promotions, Etc.

Plus, word press gives us a lot of options we just didn't have before and we ultimately think it will be the best for everyone and continued site growth.

While the site at its new location is not ready yet, you can at least get a rough idea of what it will look like by clicking here:
See a preview of the new site

We're hoping to have the whole thing sorted out over the weekend.

Until then, keep checking chooligans.blogspot.com