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Sunday, December 30, 2007

12/22 Southern All-Star Wrestling TV Report

Courtesy of Larry Goodman:

Southern All Star Wrestling
Airdate December 22, 2007
Taped November 30, 2007 at the SAW Arena in Millersville, Tn

LAST WEEK…Mason Raige defeated Rig Brown with the Rack of Raige…Gary Valiant was “astin” Hammerjack for a match in Columbia…Lennox Lightfoot upset Kory Williams but Homicidal Tendencies then mocked his Indian heritage by painting his face with make up…Arrick Andrews overcame Paul Adams’ interference to pin Nore Havoc with the Dragon’s Curse and win the SAW Television Title Tournament.

Cut to Jack Johnson and Hot Rod Biggs at ringside with Andrews and 2/3 of the SAW BOD, Freddie Morton and Mike Sircy. Morton pimped for the Christmas Night show in Columbia with James Storm on the card along with all the stars from SAW (The promotion’s first attempt at running a show away from their home base). They were joined by Adams and Havoc. Sircy made a point of congratulating Andrews. Adams demanded a TV Title rematch for today. Sircy said that ain’t happening. “We do different business here in SAW.” Sircy said the BOD had decided that each week, a name would be drawn out of the hat to determine the number one contender and Andrews would defend his title. Adams said luck was on his side.

You know, I won an autographed Bucky Dent lithograph when he was in the third grade at Immaculate Conception School Penny Social, and in fourth grade, I won a Tonka truck with all kinds of barnyard animals in it, Sircy. I’ve been lucky all of my life.

Sircy asked Adams if that’s how he won the tickets to the Hanna Montana concert, but he fumbled the line. Sircy drew the name of A. M. Vision out of the hat. Adams said it was rigged but he felt pretty luck about next week.

SAW starts NOW!

(1) Arrick Andrews defeated A. M. Vision in his first defense of the SAW Television Title in 4:40. As Andrew and Vision locked up in a test of strength, Biggs said the names-in-the-hat gimmick smelled like a conspiracy cooked up by the BOD. Johnson swore it was legit. Andrews hit a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Biggs did the hard sell for Christmas night in Columbia. Andrews continued to dominate until missing huge on a guillotine legdrop. Vision tied Andrews up in the ropes and gave him a beating. Vision was looking for a back bodydrop when Andrews reversed him with a backslide for the three count.

At the desk, Vision said that was two in a row, and it didn’t happen often, so Andrews should enjoy it while it lasted. Vision challenged Andrews to a 2 out of 3 falls match on Christmas night in Columbia at the National Guard Armory.

“New Year’s 2000 and Hate” on January 4 at the SAW Arena in Millersville: “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant vs. Hammerjack in a cage, former WWE superstar “Ugene” Nick Dinsmore.

(2) Damian Adams beat Big Rig Brown in 4:40. Big babyface pop for Adams. The commentary made a deal out of Adams working Puerto Rico. Brown ran away from Adams bicycle kick. Brown did comedy bumps. He took a face first Flair. After 10 shots into the top turnbuckle, Brown added two more unassisted shots that Biggs attributed to “the momentum.” Brown dropped an elbow to the base of the neck and did a Fargo strut. Brown got serious with a sweet leg lariat for a near fall. Brown hit a textbook vertical suplex and set up for a superkick. Adams dodged it. Moments later, it was lights out with the bicycle kick.

NWA Top Rope returns to Lebanon at the Wilson County Fairgrounds on January 5 with Ugene vs. Kid Kash, Homicidal Tendencies vs. the Bomb Squad in a Tennessee Street Fight (fan brings the weapons), Boogie Woogie Boy (with Miss Boogie) vs. Hammerjack.

(3) Indian Nation (Lennox Lightfoot & Indian Outlaw) vs. Homicidal Tendencies (Kory Williams & Vic the Bruiser) ended as a double pin with the titles held up (10:40). Tendencies had feathers from Lightfoot’s head dress stuck in their dorags. Indian Nation hit the ring with fire in their eyes and laid a beating on Tendencies, who wanted out. Tendencies started walking towards the curtain, but Morton came out to block their path. It got physical to the point Morton picked up a chair to drive Tendencies back to the ring. Nation handed Tendencies their collective asses for the first five minutes. Tendencies got heat on Lightfoot and kept referee Ricky Bell out of position every time Lightfoot got a hope spot. They duped Outlaw and made the no tag switch. Williams jabbed a feather into Lightfoot’s eye. Williams applied his version of the Indian Deathlock and gave Lightfoot the Pork Chops. Hot tag and Tendencies were bouncing around for Outlaw. Bell got bumped and Senior Official Kurt Herron ran out to check on him. Finish saw Williams pin Lightfoot with a neckbreaker, while Outlaw simultaneously pinned Vic with a chokeslam. Bell raised Outlaw’s hand. Herron raised Williams’ hand. Tendencies left with the belts. Morton tried to sort out the “mass chaos.”

Things are just nuts here, Jack…The holidays drive you crazy, and this is proof positive. Depression sets in sometimes sure, Hot Rod, but we can talk about that later in private.

Valiant was once again Biggs’ guest in the Shop Talk segment. Biggs asked Valiant if he was going to accept Hammerjack’s challenge for a chain match. Boogie asked Biggs if had ever seen Valiant back down from anybody or anything. “Hammerjack, I accept your challenge. Come Christmas night, Boogie is going to drag you from pillar to post.”

Morton said they would settle the confusion surrounding the tag team situation at Christmas Clash – winner takes all.

(4) Ric Santel beat Hammerjack (with Charming Charles) when Hammerjack was DQed at 7:01 for using the piledriver. Biggs said after what they had done to Boogie, he was distancing himself anyway possible from Hammerjack and Charles. Santel took control with a tight side headlock. When Santel opened up on offense, Charles jumped up on the apron to distract. Santel ducked and Hammerjack almost nailed Charles. Santel cinched in the side headlock. The good times came to an abrupt halt, as Hammerjack flung Santel into the corner by the throat and leveled him with a clothesline. Biggs admitted to using some pretty despicable tactics himself, but you had to draw the line between the competition that exists in wrestling and the hatred between Valiant and Hammerjack. Hammerjack cut off a rally with a poke to the eyes and hit a quick sideslam for a near fall. Some wicked brawling left Santel down and almost out. Hammerjack with a kneelift and a lazy cover for two. Biggs said Valiant was going to get his hands on Charles to give him what was coming to him. Hammerjack hit a Michinoku driver for another two count. Johnson said Charles was one of those guys that could go through life getting away with evil. “It makes you question things.” Biggs said Ebenezer Scrooge couldn’t hold a candle to those guys. Santel made the big comeback and hit a impressive T-bone suplex, but Hammerjack rolled a shoulder. Charles hooked Santel’s leg with the cane to distract. Hammerjack hit the piledriver for the DQ. Hammerjack and Charles glared at Biggs from the ring.

Charles cut a promo for the chain match again referencing the Dickens classic. He said Valiant was going out of the Armory in a body bag.

Hammerjack accused Biggs of dogging him. Biggs said he was just saying what was right. Hammerjack slapped him. Biggs took his jacket off. Johnson reminded Biggs that he was on an announcer’s contract. Hammerjack jumped him from behind, bashed his head into the desk, and raked his forehead with the chain. Biggs was busted open. “Oh my God, they’ve tore him all to pieces. This is crazyness.” Hammerjack dragged Biggs into the ring and continued to beat on him. Biggs was a quivering mess with the blood splattering all over his white dress shirt. Hammerjack had Biggs set up for the dreaded piledriver when Valiant made the save.

Charles got on the mic. “Christmas night, Gary Valiant. Jingle bells all the way, pal!” Hammerjack promised to end Valiant’s career right there in Columbia.

Cut to the ring, where Valiant was begging for help and Biggs was unconscious with his head resting on the bottom rope.

It’s a bloody mess all around this area. We need a Haz Mat team to clean this place up…That is why you have to think twice about every confronting wrestlers. It’s not stuff for kids…Look at that. Hot Rod Biggs. Hot Rod Biggs busted wide open.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: Pretty compelling stuff as a go-home show for Christmas night in Columbia. They built up three matches and capped off the main event build with the huge blood angle at the end. The ironic thing is that despite the great promos, Morton didn’t have Charles booked for Columbia, and he ended up parting ways with SAW under less than friendly circumstances. Adams took credit for scripting Charles’ promos and also took the blame for doing so, knowing that Charles wasn’t booked. Adams said he figured Charles and Morton would work things out and Charles would be added. In any case, Christmas Clash was a success as they drew almost 300 paid, the biggest crowd in Columbia in quite some time. This show was all story. Biggs was strong in his role, constantly adding fuel to fire in growing hatred of Hammerjack. He looked like he was ready to die in the ring at the end. As is obvious from all the quotes, I enjoy Johnson’s work. I dreamt that Bert Prentice and Joe Pedicino took over as the SAW announce team and woke up in a cold sweat. There was no good wrestling to speak of, although I did enjoy Hammerjack’s brawling. The match that had potential (Andrews/Vision) only got five minutes, while Tendencies/Nation got double that amount to expose just how green the Indians (cough) are. Adams came across as the most natural and most over babyface they have. I’m assuming they can’t really push him due to limited availability. I agree with TVD that they can do something with Brown. He showed that he has some skills to go with the comedy, but the truck driver gimmick leaves me cold. The opening segment was hilarious. While drawing the number one contenders out of a hat does get Andrews over as a champion that will take on all comers, it’s hard to figure why a BOD would endorse that method. But hey, it’s pro wrestling and the story with Havoc looks like fun.