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Friday, December 7, 2007

Alan Wojcik Reviews Wrestling Society X Season One DVD

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

This past year saw another wrestling promotion come to and unfortunately leave TV. It was called Wrestling Society X, a thirty minute long show featured on MTV. Ten episodes were filmed in late 2006 and nine aired over the past few months complimented by a WSX Overdrive web-based show with additional matches unable to be aired. Depending on who you talk to WSX was the best or worst thing to hit TV. Now you can be the judge thanks to Big Vision Entertainment’s release Wrestling Society X: The Complete First (and Last) Season.

I know I am supposed to be unbiased but I fall into the category of people that never gave WSX a chance when it aired on MTV. I didn’t like the musical acts taking precedence over wrestling and since I am not part of MTV’s current demographic I had little clue who they were. Plus when you put out an actual casting call for extras that needed a head shot to be considered, that is a red flag. But this DVD set is perfect for people like me. The bands are gone except for the commentary that I will address in a moment. The bad thing is the shows are in MTV format meaning the matches remain edited down, not in their full time lengths. Still you get Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal, Jack Evans vs. Human Tornado, Ricky Banderas vs. Vampiro, Scorpio Sky vs. Sean Waltman and That 70’s Team (Disco Machine & Joey “Magnum” Ryan) vs. D.I.H.F. (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) in a series of matches. Plus Filth and the Fury (Teddy Hart & M-Dogg 20), Keepin’ It Gangsta (Ruckus & Baby Slymm) Matt Classic (AKA Colt Cabana) El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado (El Generico), Arik Cannon, the Cartel, Vic Grimes and Youth Suicide. As I mentioned episode ten never aired in America but its here and you get the Exploding Cage Time Bomb match between Filth & the Fury and Team Dragon Gate plus the Cartel vs. Los Ponchos Guapos (Aaron Aguilera & Kaos) in a Piranha Deathmatch.

If you don’t like Kris Kloss & Bret Ernst you are in luck, because on all ten episodes you are able to enjoy alternate commentary from Dr. Keith Lipinski (talent scout, time keeper, creative team member) and Kevin Kleinrock (co-creator, producer, head writer). The alternate commentary is the best for wrestling fans who like behind the scenes info such as: how MTV made WSX staff a stunt coordinator at the tapings, the constant battle with MTV on length of matches and the blood factor, storylines that were going to be in the planned season two, the battles keeping talent on the show after taping the pilot before actually lunching the series thanks to them signing with TNA or WWE and why New Jack and Justin Credible were only in the pilot episode. Along with those men you get match specific commentary from Joey Ryan, Disco Machine, Johnny Webb, stunt coordinators Ron Rivera/Angel Chaves and Kaos.

Disc four has non-WSX matches from Combat Zone Wrestling’s traditional Cage of Death featured on another Big Vision release which features WSX’s Ruckus, Jack Evans and the Trailer Park Boyz “Spyder” Nate Webb plus footage Kaos from XPW taking Supreme on in a KOTM tournament match. Mickie Knuckles is also featured even though she had little airtime from a Queen of the Death Match DVD release. If you like Lacey or Lizzy Valentine (known to USWO fans as Valentina) you get music videos featuring both ladies as well as matches, Valentine vs. Morgan from another release and Lacy vs. Sara Del Ray (AKA Nic Grimes) vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. Daizee Haze from Shimmer! Volume 2. Also there is a featurette on ring announcer Fabian Kaelin and his transformation that is never explained on air by Kloss and Ernst, plus a never before seen script gallery (that’s right actual scripts from the shows) and music videos on Vampiro, the Trailer Park Boyz, That 70’s Team and Alkatrazz/Luke Hawx.

This makes a great Christmas present for the wrestling junkie in your life. For this and other releases you have trouble finding in stores, log onto www.bvdvd.com