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Monday, December 24, 2007



Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling results from Villa Rica, GA, on December 23: The Eliminator over Josh Storm; Adrian Hawkins over Dark Star; Frankie Valentine & the Nightmare over Billy Love & El Mexicano in a street fight match; Tommy Rich over Inferno #3 in a hair versus mask match, but an unidentified individual in the Inferno’s corner quickly covered his head with a towel and ran to the dressing room, avoiding the revealing of his identity; and Bull Buchanan over the SECW Heavyweight Champion Super Destroyer by disqualification in a title match. It was reported that 300 were in attendance for this card.

There will be a special card on December 30, but we don’t have the lineup yet. However, we can report that part of the proceeds from the show will go to Bob Rogers. Rogers has been a longtime fan who has not only attended every SECW show since they began several months ago, but he also was a regular attendee at events promoted by Georgia Championship Wrestling at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium starting more than fifty years ago. Rogers is currently hospitalized at Crawford Long in Atlanta awaiting a heart bypass procedure as well as surgery on his femur. Physicians are currently having problems regulating his enzymes so that they can perform the procedures. It also appears the show will be the last at the current venue, as a move to the VFW Fairgrounds has been announced beginning January 6.


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1887: Greek George defeated Colonel Welch in Savannah. It was reported that Welch’s arm was broken during the match. It is unclear as to what venue was the site of this card.

1977: Bob Armstrong defeated Abdul Zataar (Ron Pope) to retain the Georgia Television Title at the WTCG Studios in Atlanta for the “Georgia Championship Wrestling” television program hosted by Gordon Solie. Armstrong had been the reigning champion since he defeated Jacques Goulet on December 9, 1977, in Atlanta.