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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Peter Staniforth's New 'Foreign Object' Column

Foreign Object
By P.Staniforth

Well, it's been around 9 months or so, maybe longer, since I wrote an installment of this column. Scary really, considering I used to do this at the least once a month; for 8 odd years. What's really strange to me, is that seeing as I've got a whole new collection of colleagues, and friends in the business, since I started promoting; a lot of you won't have known I even did this.

For those of you who do remember, I'd rant on anything I wanted to; that I felt was right and usually wrong about wrestling - and then just shout to my friends who warranted it at the time. Classic behaviour for a 'wrestling journalist', bar the obligatory 'I hate WWE' speech that most generically go through the motions of!

Writing has always been some kind of a release for me, it's where I use big words instead of four letter ones....Which makes a change from my regular verbal nervous breakdown that borders on Tourette's on PTW shows when things start going against my plans!

I had serious doubts over whether I should bring my column back, it seemed okay when I'd added being a heel manager to my 'To Do:' list; but for some reason when I started promoting I had a feeling that maybe I shouldn't write a column anymore. But the way I see it, others still do, the most known I can think of being no less than Dory Funk Jr.

So I'm back....and I plan to pull less punches than before. Sure, it might not always be too good for kayfabe and that genuinely does bother and upset me; but then again there's nothing that me writing in character can do to save kayfabe when we have a whole internet wrestling community who constantly and consistently beat, punch, and maim kayfabe with their own ramblings.

Another reason I've brought this back, is because I'm sick of MySpace, FaceBook, Bebo, and all these 'social networking' websites where people just put up blogs (which is a word as ugly as it's content usually is); when they're drunk at 2am in the morning. I'm taking a stand for those of us who find that kind of thing annoying, and consider it something that's slowly eating away at the wrestling business.

My approach for this column from here on in, is similar to PTW's existence. You're with us, or you're against us. You care, or you don't. And with my writing, you'll either understand and respect that I'm speaking from the bottom of my heart and probably being far too honest and genuine in a business that doesn't particularly encourage it too often; or you'll never click the link again! And whichever way you go is fine by me, because that's what makes life great - choice!

Have a great Christmas, and New Year; and expect to see more of my writing once more! Feedback of any kind is accepted at peterstaniforth@hotmail.com, as always.

PTW Owner
Peter Staniforth.