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Sunday, December 2, 2007

World Combat League '07 Eastern Opener Results

by Art Shimko

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - A large crowd eager for a night of fast-paced martial arts combat witnessed the East Coast debut of the World Combat League at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ on Saturday night.

In the first match-up, the Miami Force defeated the 2006 WCL champions St. Louis Enforcers 145 to 121:

Round 1
1. Fernando "Cool" Calleros (Enforcers) defeated Remy Bonnel (Force)
2. Dusty "The Dream Killer" Miller (Enforcers) defeated Armin "The Bosnian Prince" Mrkanovic (Force)
3. Angie Woolum (Force) defeated Felice Herrig (Enforcers)
4. Kevin "The Hitman" Engel (Enforcers) defeated Roger Krahl (Force)
5. Issac Diomande (Enforcers) defeated Bob Stines (Force)
6. Craig "The Hammer" Oxley (Force) defeated Tim "Irish Pride" Connors (Enforcers)

Round 2
1. Remy Bonnel (Force) defeated Steve Demente (Enforcers)
2. Armin "The Bosnian Prince" Mrkanovic (Force) defeated Dusty "The Dream Killer" Miller (Enforcers)
3. Jessica Han (Enforcers) defeated Angie Woolum (Force)
4. Jose Sulsona (Force) defeated Kevin "The Hitman" Engel (Enforcers)
5. Mark Selbee (Force) defeated Mike Dean (Enforcers)
6. John Gruebel (Enforcers) defeated Craig "The Hammer" Oxley (Force)

WCL founder Chuck Norris presented St. Louis Enforcers with rings for winning the 2006 season championship.

In the second and last match-up of the evening the New Jersey Tigers defeated the New York Clash 140-135:

Round 1
1. Tommy "Lil Dragon" Bach (Clash) defeated David "Speedy" Gonzalez (Tigers)
2. Jason "Troubleman" Quick (Clash) defeated Chad Blevins (Tigers)
3. Cory Miller (Tigers) defeated Danny "Assassin" Abbadi (Clash)
4. John James (Tigers) defeated Dan "Son of a Preacher" Erickson (Clash)
5. Carlos Brooks (Tigers) defeated Mark "The Red Scorpion" Gee (Clash)
6. Munah Holland (Tigers) defeated Jennifer Santiago (Clash)

Round 2
1. Tommy "Lil Dragon" Bach (Clash) defeated Scott Mukkadam (Tigers)
2. Cory Miller (Tigers) defeated Andy Young (Clash)
3. John James (Tigers) defeated Dan "Son of a Preacher" Erickson (Clash)
4. Uriah Hall (Tigers) defeated Leo Valdivia (Clash)
5. Jennifer Santiago (Clash) defeated Munah Holland (Tigers)

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