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Monday, January 21, 2008

Combat-Hooligans.com Looks To Expand Its Online Staff

Courtesy of my man, Casey Trowbridge:

Do you have a passion for a combat sport such as: Mixed Martial arts, Boxing or Professional Wrestling? Do you think you have an interesting take and are looking for a good avenue to get your thoughts out to the masses?

Combat-Hooligans.com is currently looking for contributors in a wide variety of areas. These areas include but are not confined to:

Monthly Pay-Per-View Recapers: These would include WWE, TNA and Ring of Honor. We would prefer applicants for this position show a willingness or ability to learn to do live coverage of the show as it transpires over recaps of a show to be posted after they have concluded.

Weekly Television Recappers: Shows available include: Raw, ECW, iMPACT, The Ultimate Fighter, Smackdown and other combat sports programs on a national or regional level.

Opinion columnists/DVD/Book Reviewers: The only requirement for this position is a willingness to make contributions on a regular basis.


* All interested applicants should send an email to press@combat-hooligans.com with "staff application" in the subject header. You must also indicate which position/s you are looking to fill.

* Applicants must be able to produce a sample of their work upon request.

* Content that would be exclusive to combat-hooligans.com (www.combat-hooligans.com) is preferred.

* These positions are on a strictly voluntary basis, however they may also include benefits such as appearances on our weekly audio show and other potential perks.

* Applicants must either display a knowledge of Wordpress or a willingness to familiarize themselves with it.

About Combat-Hooligans.com:

Combat-Hooligans.com (www.combat-hooligans.com) is a combat sports website which primarily covers: Mixed Martial Arts, Pro Wrestling and Boxing with other sports periodically in the mix as well. The site was founded by Casey Trowbridge, Arthur Shimko and Euan Taylor and was launched on July 22, 2007.

In the 6 month existence of the site it has seen a steady growth in traffic every month. Traffic levels for the as yet incomplete month of January are more than double the numbers of November. The site has an aggressive marketing strategy increasing the odds of further future growth.