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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crowd Reactions, Great Wrestling, Amazing Reversals, And A Finish Out Of Nowhere…..British Born Steele Vs. Marcus Kool At AWW!

By Oliver Newman

Company: AWW
Date: Friday 25th January 2008
Time: 8:00pm
Attendance: 90
Price: £5
Location: Irish Centre, Digbeth, Birmingham, West Midlands.

Stu Smith is your Ring Announcer for the evening. Smith has ripped his trousers and much to the delight/amusement of the crowd enters the ring Stacy Keibler style!

Marcus Kool vs. British Born Steele

The fans show their new found hatred for BBS with a chant of “BBS***”. Fast start to the match with punches and kicks by BBS but Kool after ducking an attempted clothesline rallies with a flying head scissors and continues the attack with arm-drags and a dropkick before shouting at BBS “Get up BBS***”. Kool quickly follows up with a flying forearm and attempted 10 punch before BBS skilfully reverses into a vicious turnbuckle power bomb! Kool is in the ascendancy until he slips on the ropes (missing his patented 6-1-9) the fans chant “You f***** up” and Kool laughs and continues the match with a brutal kick to BBS’s head. Back in the ring Kool attempts his patented Super-kick but BBS reverses into his patented Back-cracker but only manages a close near fall. “Lets go Marcus” chant starts up as BBS becomes frustrated, allowing Kool to Super-kick him from out of nowhere for the three count. Kool lines BBS up and successfully hit’s the 6-1-9 before taunting “BBS***” BBS goes bezerk slamming his fists on the mat after his latest loss.

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner: Marcus Kool

My Thoughts:
FANTASTIC Match! BBS and Kool gave probably the greatest opening match in the history of AWW. BBS has added a mean streak and a character to his impressive wrestling repertoire, Kool has been money for AWW since feud with ’Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine started a few months back. His high energy and athleticism wows AWW fans on a monthly basis. Add these two elements together and it created amazing crowd reactions, great wrestling, amazing reversals (especially missed Super-kick into the Back-cracker!) and the finish out of nowhere doesn’t hurt either man in the eyes of the fans. Fantastic booking and a cracking match!!

‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine vs. Lee Hunter

Lockup into a wrist-lock by Devine, Hunter reverses out and into one of his own. The reversals continue until Devine misses an arm-drag and Hunter dropkicks him. “Metro Faggot” chant starts up from the crowd, Hunter attempts a clothesline but smashes his arm into the steel ring post. Devine takes advantage of this by wrapping Hunter’s arm around the post on a number of occasions, “Lets go Hunter” chant starts up. An arm ringer and an arm breaker follow before a knee drop to Hunter’s arm. Cobra Clutch by Devine, Hunter quickly reverses out and into a back drop as the fans cheer him on. Hunter quickly follows up with a Tornado DDT but as the fans predict misses with the top rope splash. Hunter is able to recover and with a kick connects with his patented X-Factor on Devine but as he attempts the cover BBS (Hunter’s arch nemesis) returns to the ring and causes the DQ (via attack on Hunter).

Match Time: 9 minutes
Winner: Lee Hunter by DQ

Kool jumps in for the save and throws Devine out, Devine jumps back in and lays Kool out with a thunderous chairshot! BBS & Devine then drag Hunter outside where they attempt to mow him down with a Car, Hunter fortunately rolls away and to safety.

My Thoughts:
Pretty solid contest from both competitors, fans were unusually quiet. The match itself was a good technical affair with both men evenly matched it could have gone either way, Devine continues to show that egotistical-ness he has become renowned for while Hunter continues to show that he is the real deal in AWW. BBS’s interference was logical (given his hatred for Hunter) so I have no qualms about the ending, Kool’s attempted save works as well (based on his Hatred for Devine). If it were to happen Hunter vs. Devine 2 would be a rematch I would love to see somewhere down the road. Great all around booking by AWW management.

Nick Knight’s 5 minute Challenge
Nick Knight vs. ‘Slap-Head Superman’ Keego Ward

Stu Smith warns the fans “Nick Knight will go home if you keep abusing him”. Wristlocks are traded followed by hammerlocks, Ward changes the momentum with a school boy pin for a two count. “He pulled my trunks Ref” complains Knight a fan retorts with “Your mom”. Headlock/wristlock by Knight but Ward reverses out with a roll. “Ref he’s covered in baby oil” the fans start a “You’ve got stretch marks” chant. Knight recovers enough to slam Ward, quickly following up with a stalling suplex. Knight continues the assault with a clothesline and a face-wash before missing his patented tumbling splash, Ward returns with double knees but misses the follow up clothesline and is caught in Knight’s Cross-face Chicken-wing “Keego” chant starts up as the last 10 seconds of the match pass, the Ref rings the bell to the end the contest.

Match Time: 5 minutes
Winner by lasting the time limit: Keego Ward

Ward and Knight shake hands but Knight kicks Ward directly in the balls! Whilst sneering Knight adds “Welcome back Keego”. Ward returns to his feet “Goodnight Ladies and Gents I just got kicked in the balls”.

My Thoughts:
That was a good fun match. On a personal level it’s good to see Keego Ward back in an AWW ring and in all honesty a Wrestling ring in general. Knight’s 5 Minute Challenge is a breath of fresh air on a show full of athleticism, Knight was the powerhouse and Ward was not overhauled by that disadvantage at all. With the match going to the time limit (although Ward won) Knight didn’t lose any real face and with balls kicking aftermath, I have a feeling this rivalry is just beginning.

Queer as Folk (‘Real Man’s Man’ Jules Lambrini & ’Desirable’ Danny D) vs. Ronin & ‘Jamaica’s No1 Bobsledder’ Derice Coffie

Lambrini and D start with sexual innuendo with Lambrini spitting. D confirms “I’m not gay, just open minded”. Coffie is forced to hold Lambrini’s hand during lockup “Kill the faggot” chant starts up, with Coffie unbalanced Lambrini attempts a school boy pin for a two count. Coffie fires back with a leg trip and dropkick sending Lambrini back to his corner shouting “Get him back he is an animal” before tagging in D, Coffie takes the time to tag in Ronin. D lands on Lambrini’s ‘Jules’ Ronin follows up with forearms and head butts for both men and corner splashes putting his team in the ascendancy. More sexual innuendo between Lambrini and D before Ronin finishes off Lambrini with his patented Swinging Rock Bottom.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winner: Ronin & Derice Coffie

My Thoughts:
That was highly entertaining, Lambrini was fantastic in his role. Spud was character of the year 2007 in AWW, I think after that performance Lambrini could become character of the year 2008 in AWW. Lambrini’s antics were hilarious as were Coffie and Ronin’s reaction to them. The match was a good solid tag team affair with lots of comedy and was a nice change of pace from the wrestling and brawling that took place earlier.

Tommy Gunn vs. ‘Human Hate Machine’ Moralez

“He’s got sandbags” chant echoes as Moralez enters the ring, Moralez responds by jawing with the crowd. Gunn squares up to Moralez (showing no fear), but Moralez just pushes him down. Gunn won’t stay down and gets back in Moralez’s face, firing off forearms until Moralez catches Gunn running and lifts him into the air. “Don’t ever disrespect me” he shouts at Gunn whilst choking the life out of him. Moralez continues the assault with a kick to the back. Chops follow but Moralez becomes frustrated at Gunn’s fighting spirit “Tommy Gunn Die!”. Gunn fights back with a dropkick, leg lariat and an Enzuguri but Moralez cuts him off with a deadly Spine-buster and a vicious head butt before winning the match via a brutal club to the back of Gunn’s head! The fans admire Gunn’s tenacity and clap for him as he returns to his feet, beaten but not disgraced.

Match Time: 7 minutes
Winner: ‘Human Hate Machine’ Moralez

My Thoughts:
When I was beginning to write this I was thinking Moralez squashed Gunn, but after reading my notes back Gunn gave one hell of a fight against the much larger man! Moralez’s power vs. Gunn’s speed & athleticism led to a game of hit and run for Gunn, which was working ok and riling the big man “Don’t you ever disrespect me” comes to mind, but the Moralez’s extraordinary power was just too much in the end.

Non Title
Spud vs. Dan Ryder vs. Carnage

“1 inch pisser” chant greets Spud as he enters the ring, he retorts with “I have a bigger manhood than all of you!” Spud continues “I’m the rightful No1 Contender and will be AWW Champion”. Carnage enters to “F*** him up Carnage, F*** him up” chant, Spud warns Carnage to watch Ryder, “Kill the emo” chant starts up as Spud takes a walk.


Carnage brings Spud in, Ryder fires off punches and Carnage splashes Spud in the corner before Ryder delivers the 10 punch and a leg lariat. The double team continues on Spud as all three men fight around the Irish Centre, with Spud having a bin put on his head! Back in the ring Spud catches Ryder coming in and quickly throws him out “Chop” chant starts up directed at Carnage. Carnage decides for a clothesline/back elbow combination. Ryder attempts a hurracanrana but Carnage catches him and sits down in a power bomb for a close near fall. Ryder fights back and hits an RKO on Carnage but misses the follow up 450 splash, Carnage recovers and delivers a devastating Carnage-Bolt for the three…..NO! Spud rolls back in and throws Carnage out and gets the pinfall win on No1 Contender Dan Ryder!!

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner: Spud

“You and Me Carnage for the AWW Title vs. My Career” proclaims Spud. Carnage puts Spud right “Although you pinned Ryder, he is STILL No1 Contender”. Ryder takes the mic “How about Carnage vs. Spud vs. me in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match” the fans go crazy at that! Spud backtracks “Fine, but my career isn’t on the line” Stu Smith makes Spud agree and makes the match at Aston University official.

My Thoughts:
A good main event to end a pretty good show! This match incorporated athleticism (Ryder’s moon-sault to the outside on both men), brawling around the Irish Centre, cheating via Spud and a cheap ending which was satisfying result in terms of storyline development. I never saw a TLC match in the making and I was as shocked as the fans when I heard the announcement being made. Spud’s career being on the line is the interesting dynamic in this match, Carnage has been unbeatable in title matches and there is no doubt that Ryder is hungry for AWW Gold it should be a cracking contest!

Overall Thoughts:
BBS vs. Kool was a fantastic match, Devine vs. Hunter continued both Kool vs. Devine and Hunter vs. BBS storylines so job done! Great to see Keego Ward back, contesting an even contest with Nick Knight. Tag match was hilarious and Jules Lambrini could be huge for AWW, Gunn showed great fighting spirit against Moralez in an uphill contest. The main event told a great story and the announcements that followed added a great feel good factor to the show. 90 people on a Friday Night isn’t a bad attendance figure and kudos to AWW management for an incredibly well booked show!

Match of the Night:
British Born Steele vs. Marcus Kool

Next Show:
Friday 15th February 2008
Walsall Supporters/Sadlers Club,
Bescott Crescent,
Doors open 7.15PM
Show starts at 7.45PM.
Tickets £5.00

Card Thus Far:
Mad Dog Maxx vs. Mat Mensa

Wrestlers who 2008 is going to be a big year for:

Zack Sabre Jr - In my eyes the best wrestler in the UK will be a name on everyone’s lips this year as his star continues to rise, even more so after his titanic clash with ‘The best wrestler in the world’ Bryan Danielson upcoming in March.

‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine - Devine has showed all the doubters that his back injury is long behind him with some incredible performances vs. British Born Steele in AWW last year. With a great character and incredible wrestling skills, 2008 could be the year of the Metro-Sexual.

Sykes - Fantastic matches with up and comer Kris Navarro brought Sykes to a lot of people’s attention (including mine). He has an intensity unmatched by anyone I have seen in the UK, with fantastic wrestling skills to match. I see Sykes’s career going from strength to strength in 2008.

For more information on AWW check out their website: www.aww.org.uk or

If you would like to contact me: www.myspace.com/brummieol