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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Courtesy of Steve Rockamaniac:

What happens when you take New Jack, The Iron Shiek, and The Honky Tonk Man, sit them down in a hotel room, give them a bunch of alcohol and put a camera in front of them? Well you get the absolute trainwreck that is known as RF Videos Face Off Volume 2: When Worlds Collide.

While watching this DVD I was annoyed, disgusted, entertained and downright shocked all in one DVD, and with that being said Im still finding it hard to determine whether I liked or hated the piece, which I guess speaks volumes for the uniqueness that is Faceoff Volume 2.

In recent years, New Jack and The Honky Tonk Man have been no strangers to shoot interviews and documentaries, everytime they sit down they are bound to blurt out something controversial, so why not sit them down with the current king of controversial shoots in the Iron Shiek and see what happens? The result is like no other shoot interview as the three go through the same old shtick except this time they are together in a room, which unfortunately allows them to give a triple moon (yes moon as in butt) salute to Vince McMahon, Jeff Jarett and others. Shiek, of course, has to take it to another level and begin shaking his penis around in hopes of getting those he is shooting against to blow him, luckily his penis is blacked out by editing and Yes I know this sounds like im describing a gay porn, but there was a large amount of male nakedness in this shoot interview. That covers the disgusting part.

The annoying part of this shoot was the fact that often all three men are constantly yelling over eachother, and for the most part going through the same things they have ranted on before, specifically, Honky and Jack egging Shiek on to rant about Brian Blair, Ultimate Warrior and Nikolai Volkoff.

Although I must say that Shieks massacring of the english continues to entertain me, as does his accusations of his agent Eric Simms liking little boys, not to mention New Jack creating a new version of the jack in the box and threating Paul E with bodily harm.

The downright shocking part, and probably the only part that is an absolute must see is when the three men are asked about the Chris Benoit trajedy and rant opently about it. Specifically New Jack who goes off on a nearly 10 minute rant about Benoits actions, and the WWEs reaction to it. If there is one reason to see this DVD its this chapter.

This whole debacle climaxes with the hotel staff coming to the room and as youd expect they are kicked out of the hotel, somewhat ending the shoot early, but we are then treated to some more Iron Shiek footage, including he and Jim the Anvil Neidhart being interviewed for a radio show, and Shiek on the road with the crew from Howard Stern, specifically Beetlejuice, and seriously what can be better than The Shiek and a retarded black little person together?

This is far from a must buy, it may even be a waste of 20$, but if you have 20$ that your willing to spend on a crazy/stupid wrestling DVD then check this one out, specifically for the Benoit chapter, and more so if you havent watched many shoots with these guys before.

Face Off Volume 2: When Worlds Collide is now available from RF Video. For More Information check out www.rfvideo.com, and also check out all our other reviews at www.maineventradio.com/reviews